Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When I heard Bush's remarks on Iran were edited Knowing we can trust no one I couldn't figure out the truth or who it really benefited. Help! plus...

White House criticizes NBC News' editing of Bush interview ???

Omitting the president's sentences is called 'deceitful.' He was answering a question about whether his comments in Israel on negotiating with terrorists were directed at Barack Obama. The White House criticized NBC News on Monday for what aides to President Bush called "deceitful" editing of an interview in which Bush was asked whether comments about the president of Iran were directed at Sen. Barack Obama.

Bush aides were angered by the way the president's answer was portrayed when correspondent Richard Engel asked about his address to the Israeli parliament last week.Bush had mentioned the president of Iran in the speech and said: "Some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along." Obama, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, considered that an attack on him. The White House denied it.

Engel asked Bush if he had been referring to Obama. As it appeared on “Nightly News” on Sunday and the “Today” show#24696422 on Monday, Bush's response was: "You know, my policies haven't changed, but evidently the political calendar has. . . . And when, you know, a leader of Iran says that they want to destroy Israel, you've got to take those words seriously." NBC deleted the following passage between those sentences: "People need to read the speech. You didn't get it exactly right, either. What I said was that we need to take the words of people seriously."

Bush counsel Ed Gillespie, in a letter to NBC, said that "this deceitful editing to further a media-manufactured story line is utterly misleading and irresponsible." The unedited Bush interview#24696309 is on the network's website, NBC noted, saying the reporting accurately reflected the interview. Gillespie said: "It's simply absurd for people to have to log onto the Internet and stream video to get accurate information from NBC News."
In NBC's nightly newscast Monday, anchor Brian Williams noted that the White House objected to the editing. who does this really benefit

The White House launched an unusual attack on a national news network yesterday for its editing of an interview with President Bush, whose controversial speech comparing negotiations with Iran to the appeasement of Nazis has prompted debate in Washington and on the presidential campaign trail. In a letter to NBC News President Steve Capus, presidential counselor Ed Gillespie complained that a report on the "Today" show distorted Bush's remarks last week to the Israeli Knesset and did not include the president's objections to questions from reporter Richard Engel.

"This deceitful editing to further a media-manufactured storyline is utterly misleading and irresponsible," Gillespie wrote, adding that NBC should air Bush's responses "in full." NBC News said in a statement that the story "accurately reflects the interview" and questioned the White House's criticisms. "NBC News, as part of a free press in a free society, makes its own editorial decisions," the statement read. The dispute illustrates the reverberations from Bush's speech on Thursday, in which he compared those who seek talks with Iran and radical Islamic groups to those who gave in to the Nazis before World War II. "We have an obligation to call this what it is -- the false comfort of appeasement," Bush said. he forgot to mention his Grandfather Prescott being complicit with the Nazi's and he forgot to mention the Senator he was talking about was a Republican.

Although Bush did not mention Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.), the remarks were widely seen as an attack on the Democratic presidential front-runner, who has said he would be willing to talk with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions during his first year in office. The presumptive GOP nominee, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), said yesterday that Obama's willingness to talk with Iran reveals "inexperience and reckless judgment." "It is likely such a meeting would . . . fail to persuade him to abandon Iran's nuclear ambition, its support of terrorists and commitment to Israel's extinction," McCain said. Obama fired back that McCain was mimicking the policies of the Bush administration in which "anything but their failed cowboy diplomacy is called appeasement." "For all their tough talk, one thing you have to ask yourself is 'What are McCain and Bush afraid of?' " Obama said in Billings, Mont. "I'm not afraid we'll lose some propaganda fight with a dictator. It's time to win those battles, because we've watched George Bush lose them year after year after year."

The sparring provided a likely preview of a general-election fight to come between McCain and Obama, even as Obama's Democratic rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.), continued to prepare for primaries today in Kentucky and Oregon. "We're going to keep fighting for the nomination," Clinton said in Prestonsburg, Ky. The Obama campaign, which won the endorsement of five superdelegates yesterday, including Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.), sees the calculus differently. With the pledged delegates Obama is likely to win today, he will have won a majority with only three contests left. He must win more superdelegates to officially claim the nomination.

Who benefits from this editing that to me seems useless? I refuse to believe that any MSM can do that and still be allowed to be involved. I did just see an article saying Barack proposed legislation on restraining the Media if he is elected and that is way overdue in this increasingly underhanded environment! I also am dismayed that Hillary just flat out refuses to go away. I also heard that Obama picked up another 25 Delegates. It is only a matter of time. We must get this going between Obama and McCain sooner than later. I firmly believe it will be to our benefit and draw more people to Obama making an underhanded move to stay in power by Bush or to steal the election for McCain not impossible but much more consequential! Please give me your input on any or all of this!
James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Larry said...

Keith Olbermann played the unedited version and it made Bush look worse than what they had shown after the edit.

Bush and his ilk will do anything to get his soulmate in and continue the trek to the war of all wars.

Thus evidenced on the recepted army radio broadcast where Bush said he will attack Iran before he leaves office.

And the wars rage on.

Larry said...

Its coming Jim:

Jerusalem Post

The White House on Tuesday flatly denied an Army Radio report that claimed US President George W. Bush intends to attack Iran before the end of his term. It said that while the military option had not been taken off the table, the administration preferred to resolve concerns about Iran's push for a nuclear weapon "through peaceful diplomatic means."

Army Radio had quoted a top official in Jerusalem claiming that a senior member in the entourage of President Bush, who visited Israel last week, had said in a closed meeting here that Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were of the opinion that military action against Iran was called for.

The official reportedly went on to say that, for the time being, "the hesitancy of Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice" was preventing the administration from deciding to launch such an attack on the Islamic Republic.

The Army Radio report, which was quoted by The Jerusalem Post and resonated widely, stated that according to assessments in Israel, the recent turmoil in Lebanon, where Hizbullah has established de facto control of the country, was advancing an American attack.

Bush, the official reportedly said, considered Hizbullah's show of strength evidence of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's growing influence. In Bush's view, the official said, "the disease must be treated - not its symptoms."

Brother Tim said...

'Tho I have a hard time putting it in words, I feel Clinton and McCain are on the same team. THAT is the real reason Repugs want Clinton on the ticket, not that she will be easily beaten by McCain't.

an average patriot said...

You got it Bud! I seem to get chastised by a couple here every time i speak to the inevitability of the terror before us but it is all a foregone conclusion and our fight has yet to begin!

an average patriot said...

There will be no peace as you know and the attempt to have war with Iran which is why Iraq was attacked is a long ago foregone conclusion but there are many who do not want to hear the truth and deny it!
Iran will be attacked before the elections. Israel might wish for a peaceful conclusion but forget it. Iran will not be denied and this war is a given whoever finds the excuse to get it started!
War between Israel and Palestine is a given too as Hezbollah is in control as far as i am concerned. You are right it is getting closer and that includes this entire mess here, there, and around the world. Hold on my friends!

an average patriot said...

You know Hillary is a NeoCon in Dem disguise and they do want her nominated because they know they will beat her but I firmly believe Obama is a given and the nightmare scenarios that can happen are mind boggling and none of them good but something dire is going to happen and all involvement will be denied. Unfriggenbelievable!

Weaseldog said...

Did you watch the whole interview? I linked to it on my blog.

He seemed to be saying that he'll attack Lebanon too. He said we are going to bring them a democratic government.

He also argued that the democratically elected government of Hamas in the Gaza strip will be replaced with a democratic government that he and Olmert approve of.

Then he explained how he makes these decisions. He said it was his beehive theory. He explained that you don't leave a beehive alone, thinking that if you do, they won't attack you. You bust it open. Then if they try to swarm you, then that proves that they were out to get you.

In essence he is arguing that anyone who defends themselves, their family or their country is a terrorist.

The man is paranoid, ignorant and insane. He sees demons everywhere.

an average patriot said...

I just commented but something happened. Quickly Bush is an idiot. Lebanon along with Syria and Iran are givens. Do a search on my site if you want you may be surprised. There will be no peace period and that to is just starting.
That beehive theory is standard mindless Bush reasoning. Leave the friggen bees alone they won't bother you!

Weaseldog said...

I know what you've been saying Jim.

This is just the most unhinged interview I've ever seen Bush give. I swear he gives Jeffrey Goines a run for his money.

When asked if we were going to attack Iran, he said that all options are on the table.

That sounds like he is saying "Yes, we are going to attack Iran, we're just looking at all of our options before we begin the attack."

Weaseldog said...

He also said that he and Olmert are going to give Lebanon a democratic government.

I don't see how he can be any clearer.

an average patriot said...

It friggen pisses me off. As usual it is all obvious as they openly lie and could care less how obvious it as as long as they get their way. In your face! AAARRRGGGHHH!

Naj said...


I think whatever ranting Bush does nowadays is just inconsequential. Even Israelis are not taking him seriously; guess what? they are 'appeasing' Syria and Hamas!

Bush seems intent on making a mockery of America!

an average patriot said...

Hi naj
I caught that! You know, there has to "appeasement" or conversation whatever you want to call it. Bush gets to appear the damn wall but somebody has to stop this. you just saw my replies to you. Bush the scum will get this mess going one way or the other or McGoon will finish it. I can only shake my head again. This is just sickening watching this underhanded crap seeing the truth and being powerless to stop it or the lies!