Saturday, May 17, 2008

Obama Blasts McCain Bush over underhanded tactics challenges to Defense Debate. More to come!

While America, the middle east, and the world fails McCain, Rove, and others try to derail Obama to keep this purposeful obvious failure going!

First I just want to say I am stunned I hear so much dead wrong idiocy coming from the right and I am always stunned that no one publicly refutes it! While You see Bush's economy he purposely set up to fail and is happening at the same time as the rest of messes in the world, Bush gets credit for stopping the filling of our oil reserves that at 97% are probably the fullest they HAVE EVER BEEN IN PREPARATION FOR WAR, the food and water wars are just beginning,the environment is failing as the world ramps up to worsen it in a war that will not be survived as you and I need it.

I have to laugh! Not only does Bush talk to China under those conditions but He is in Saudi Arabia who is letting Egyptians kill themselves for a loaf of bread and beheaded a record number of people, and both of those countries are ultimate targets. Yesterday we discussed Bush's appeasement idiocy while in Israel. You know Bush spoke of a senator wanting to speak with the Nazi's instead of being specific he said it in a way it could be misconstrued as Obama, there is a film of McCain saying we should talk to Iran, and what about Prescott Bush's funding of the Nazi's and worse? The hypocrisy! Anyway it really bothers me Not that the chief scum says that crap because that underhanded scummy crap is standard but that Obama, Pelosi or no one else speaks out and lets everyone know the guy he was talking about was a Republican and that is the danger in them.
Also that pork project McGoon keeps talking about also belongs to a Republican. What the hell is wrong with these idiots? Do I have to teach them public Speaking and Debating?

Anyway having said that today we find things are snow balling to fast to keep track of! Hillary won by a landslide in West Virginia. Before she could gloat Edwards came out for Obama, and before we had a chance to dwell on that the chief idiot had to throw himself in the middle of this with his Nazi appeasement comments in Israel of all places. That guy peeve me but that idiot has awoken a hornets nest of activity not only from angry Democrats as we discussed yesterday but others are crawling out of the walls and this is Obama's chance! First Former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee apologized Friday for cracking an off-color joke at a National Rifle Association meeting about a gun being pointed at Barack Obama. Huckabee Apologizes for Joke About Gun Aimed at Obama

First I have to say something I learned as a little kid and that is the truth is often said in jest! That said Rove the mouth has been injecting his ignorance in regard to the bitterness and guns comment. These idiots are going to jump loud and long on anything they possibly can creating division where there is none as divide and conquer has always worked for them. Speaking of that Whether he meant to or not, President Bush, in his comments Thursday opposing diplomacy with despots, unleashed a torrent of GOP ire as prominent Republicans took the opportunity to pile on Barack Obama — treating Hillary Clinton as all but an afterthought. The two-day food fight over foreign policy could be a preview of things to come, as Obama moves closer to wrapping up the Democratic nomination. Presumptive GOP nominee John McCain is already preparing for a general election fight against the Illinois senator, and their differences on diplomacy seemed to serve as a potent rallying cry for both Democrats and Republicans.

After Obama blasted both McCain and Bush on Friday for a failed go-it-alone policy in the Middle East, Republicans ripped Obama for his willingness to meet with nations like Iran without preconditions. The intense focus on national security was reminiscent of the 2004 presidential race between Bush and then-Democratic nominee John Kerry. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said he thought Bush “hit the nail on the head yesterday in Jerusalem. And today, the nails started to complain. It’s not just naïve. It’s dangerous for our country.” Bush touched off the firestorm with his address to the Israel Knesset on Thursday, when, without mentioning Obama by name, he criticized politicians who would negotiate with terrorists and radicals. He called such positions a “foolish delusion” and the “false comfort of appeasement.” Obama and other Democrats took it as an affront to him, and immediately lashed out at Bush and McCain. Obama said Friday that kind of comment is “exactly the kind of appalling attack that’s dividing our country and that alienates us from the world.”

* Arguing that McCain and Bush have no room to talk when it comes to foreign policy, Obama said he would not directly engage terrorist groups like Hamas but defended his proposed policies of holding direct talks with sponsors of terrorism like Iran. As Republicans lined up at an NRA meeting to slam both Clinton and Obama for what they described as their lax defense of the Second Amendment, they weaved in several responses to Obama’s diplomatic positions. Former GOP candidate Mitt Romney said if Barack Obama were to meet with “some of the world’s worst actors” as president, it would “bestow upon them the dignity of the office of the president of the United States, giving them a propaganda bonanza.” The Republicans also used the meeting to skewer Obama as an elitist politician who would curb the gun rights of ordinary Americans. (I mean cut the crap) “Barack Obama may believe there is an individual right to bear arms in the Constitution. He would simply like to make it impossible for you to exercise that right,” former Bush adviser Karl Rove said. McCain said that if either Democratic candidate is elected, “the rights of law-abiding gun owners will be at risk.” Obama, who has supported tough gun restrictions, said Americans who use their guns legally to hunt or protect their families have nothing to worry about if he is president. “They have got the same play book every election and guns is going to be one of those issues,” Obama said of his Republican critics. “And I understand that it has been effective for them in the past.” But if the two-day furor over Bush’s remarks in Israel were any gauge, gun control likely won’t hold a candle to foreign policy as an issue that can galvanize Republicans against the Democratic nominee, and vice versa. Republicans Go to War With Obama Over Foreign Policy Views

Happily Obama is striking back! Sen. Barack Obama linked Sen. John McCain Friday with what he called "the failed policies" of the Bush administration, accusing the presumed Republican presidential nominee and the White House of "bombastic exaggerations and fear-mongering" in place of "strategy and analysis and smart policy." Obama blasts Bush, McCain over 'attacks'

Also Senator Barack Obama responded sharply on Friday to attacks on his foreign policy, linking President Bush and Senator John McCain as partners in “the failed policies” of the past seven years and criticizing them for “hypocrisy, fear peddling, fear mongering.” Obama Says Bush and McCain Are ‘Fear Mongering’ in Attacks

Now he's talking! Sen. Barack Obama also pushed back Friday against President Bush's implicit criticism of his approach to foreign policy, condemning his administration for not capturing Osama bin Laden and blaming its Iraq war policy for strengthening and emboldening Iran. An animated Obama, cheered on by a crowd gathered on the floor of a livestock arena, said he would be delighted if the presidential race turned into a conversation about which party is better suited to guide the nation's foreign policy."If George Bush and John McCain want to have a debate about protecting the United States of America, that is a debate that I'm happy to have anytime, anyplace, and that is a debate I will win because George Bush and John McCain have a lot to answer for," the Democratic front-runner said. Obama challenges Bush and McCain to debate on foreign policy

* I have been saying all along that I can't wait until it is one on one Obama against McCain because the real McCain will be highlighted and he will defeat himself. While in that debate I hope he asks Obama how he can make the mindless guarantee that The Iraq war will be over by 2013 I know it will never happen but I would love to see the sarcastic idiot join the debate and embarrass himself and McCain. That would be a debate worth watching as long as bush and Mccain covered their faces!

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Larry said...

With Bush losing two wars and driving the economy near Depression, if the American people cannot see Bush and McCain want more of this for a reason, then America will get what it deserves and it won't be pretty.

an average patriot said...

I am afraid you are right! I am afraid many will believe the new set of Republican lies and as I keep saying, McCain is already a given. Just how they are going to slime him in is the issue! It will not be pretty and it will dwarf the great depression and world war 2 combined! Take care and stay in touch!

DivaJood said...

Patriot, I waffle between despair and hope. Really, with an approval rating below 20, it seems impossible that Bushco can manipulate a win for McCain. Furthermore, I hope that most people really would recognize an October surprise as something this administration either failed to prevent, or, worse, permitted.

That's today.

There are days when I think that we are at the end of our way of life.

an average patriot said...

I know Diva!
It is insane! Bush could care less about the approval rating and obviously McCain doesn't either. He is still running on how successful the unstoppable failed Iraq is.
The right reinvented themselves which means they created a new set of lies. They will create division for their divide and conquer agenda and many will believe their crap. If attacking Iran doesn't come first there will be an allowed so called terrorist attack in America again so they can again fear monger their way in again. Isn't it terrible we even think this way but it's true?