Friday, May 09, 2008

With Aid confiscated we're feeding the Military will we go to war to help the people again!

I wanted to discuss the soon to come to a head perfect storm created by Bush so he could seize control and it is imminent. However I found it more critical to discuss Myanmar as last weeks threats of helping the people by force and feeding the Junta are becoming more of a reality!

A top United Nations official says he is "furious" over the Myanmar's government's refusal to allow the organization to distribute aid flown in for cyclone disaster victims. In response, the U.N. suspended future flights but then later Friday said it would resume emergency airlifts on Saturday. Two planes that landed Friday morning in Rangon carrying 38 tons of high-energy biscuits, medical kits and other items were seized by officials at Yangon International Airport, said Tony Banbury, Asia director of the U.N.'s World Food Program.

The cargo is enough to feed 95,000 people, he said. "We off-loaded the food, and then the authorities refused us permission to take that food away. "We were told we needed a special letter from the Minister of Social Welfare. We hand-delivered a request to him. The answer back was 'No, you can't have the food.' "That food is now sitting on the tarmac doing no good." Under U.N. rules, the organization must control and distribute its aid supplies. "I'm furious. This is unacceptable," Banbury said.

"The World Food Programme has decided to send in two relief flights as planned tomorrow, while discussions continue with the government of Myanmar," spokeswoman Nancy Roman said Friday. As many as 6 million people lived in the Irrawaddy Delta, the low-lying region that bore the brunt of the storm. More than 2,000 square miles of land are under water.The Myanmar government says last week's cyclone killed 22,000 people, but the top U.S. envoy in the country says the death toll may exceed 100,000. Thousands are without food, shelter and clean water, and aid workers say boats and helicopters are needed to reach remote areas. What's next in Myanmar?

* As the delivery of aid supplies lags, the possibility of diseases such as malaria rises, medical authorities say. I now hear that come Monday more shipments should be allowed in but without feet on the ground I absolutely expect the masses to be allowed to suffer disease and starvation as we are now supplying the military. I heard earlier that China urged cooperation from their Junta allies but told us hands off until they were ready. The UN says they have the right to go in to help forcefully but I only see war coming out of that. Do we air drop and start anarchy there? This is just one more growing crisis in the worlds tumultuous future!


an average patriot said...

tracking Myanmar as we feed their Junta!
Watching Lebanon erupt!

Keeping an eye on Russia and Georgia threatening war!

Watching Bush veto us into oblivion! Just hold on!

Larry said...

This castrophe has fallen into the hands of the power elite and their surrogate Bush, who will use this to instigate conflict to war with several countries in the mix.

Karen said...

Myanmar=power and greed at the suffering of their people.

an average patriot said...

You are right! It is very troubling that China is Myanmars greates ally and they are not helping the people but telling us hands off!
Even worse we are bragging that the Junta who just voted themselves more power will not let us in to help the people but they are letting our food and supplies in to feed the military. Unbelievable!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
I think you probably just saw my response to Larry but I keep forgetting to say that I absolutely expect to see the death count from the entire Tsunami region to be dwarfed because their rice producing region is still under water and the rice will be dead. Couple that with the lack of medical supplies and care and the lack of Governmental concern for the people you have a catastrophe that just got under way with the storm!

Minnesotablue said...

I can't think of an answer to this problem. If we can't get in how can we help?Think of the starvation, disease and despair of these poor folk.
I will never understand mans inhumanity to man. So very sad.
I commented on your past post today as I just now saw it.

an average patriot said...

Darn I was going to do an update because I am willing to bet it will dwarf the Tsunami because if they can't grow rice they starve and the fields will die as they are still under water. Plus disease will be rampant.
We hear that planes will be allowed in but what good is that? That merely feeds the military and the people die because we can not get boots on the ground
I am hearing air drops or threats of going in uninvited but China and Russia are warning against it. I opted to mention that along with Russia accusing NATO of attacking their bombers and their recent military parade and warning.
Along with what the chief idiot is doing in the middle east and our just beginning problems hare again I just say no surprises here just be prepared! you care, Hope your daughter is well! Yes I have MS too but totally different results!

D.K. Raed said...

I think your thoughts on the perfect storm that might allow Bush to seize permanent control and what is going on in Burma today are related. Have you read Naomi Klein's, "The Shock Doctrine"? It's almost like the Myanmar Junta are following that game plan (and why not? it works so well. a shocking disaster used to enable permament sweeping changes).

an average patriot said...

I am sick because I have tried to wake people up for years. Absolutely 100% everything with Bush is a set up and the world is preparing to unite and take him on. Remember our condition and it does get a lot worse. This is still all just developing. Thanks, I will check out the shock Doctrine. It sounds familiar in fact I might search for it in past posts. Thanks again!