Thursday, May 01, 2008

Of Course 5 years later Mission still not Accomplished: It will never be and Bush ensured that as the real goal of attacking Iran gets closer!

CIA Director Michael Hayden said Wednesday that Iranian policy, at the highest government level, is to help kill Americans in Iraq, the boldest pronouncement of Iranian involvement by a U.S. official to date. Hayden made the statement in response to a student question while delivering the Landon Lecture at Kansas State University. "It is my opinion, it is the policy of the Iranian government, approved to highest level of that government, to facilitate the killing of Americans in Iraq," Hayden said. "Just make sure there's clarity on that."

In recent weeks, U.S. officials have ratcheted up their complaints that Iran is increasing its efforts to supply weapons and training to militants in Iraq. Military commanders in Baghdad are expected to roll out evidence of that support soon, including date stamps on newly found weapons caches showing that recently made Iranian weapons are flowing into Iraq at a steadily increasing rate. Another senior military official said the evidence will include mortars, rockets, small arms, roadside bombs and armor-piercing explosives — known as explosively formed penetrators or EFPs — that troops have discovered in caches in recent months. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the evidence has not yet been made public, said dates on some of the weapons were well after Tehran signaled late last year that it was scaling back aid to insurgents.

Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said the U.S. prefers to resolve the issue through other pressures, but that it has the combat capability to strike Tehran, if necessary. Hayden also said the recent Iraqi offensive in the southern Iraqi city of Basra should stand as a clear indication to Iraq's neighbors that it intends to be a credible force in the region. He added that such activities boost the credentials of the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government. CIA Director Hayden Says Iran Wants Americans in Iraq Killed

That isn't enough, it gets much worse. An Israel Cabinet minister says Iran could have nuclear bomb technology in 2008, at least a year earlier than previously believed. Shaul Mofaz, a former defense minister and military chief, said in a speech Wednesday at Yale University in the United States that Iran could have the knowhow to build nuclear arms within months, his spokeswoman Talia Somech said Thursday. Despite international sanctions meant to persuade Iran to stop the program, Tehran is steadily progressing with its pursuit of nuclear technology, Somech cited Mofaz as saying.

Mofaz is in the U.S. holding talks with American intelligence officials. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office would not comment on Mofaz's new assessment of the Iranian program. Iran denies it is trying to build bombs, insisting its program is meant to produce energy. But Israel, the U.S. and other countries are skeptical. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threatened to destroy Israel. A recent U.S. intelligence assessment maintains Tehran stopped developing a bomb in 2003. Israel insists Tehran continues to aggressively pursue nuclear weapons. Israeli Minister: Iran Could Have Nuclear Bomb Technology Within Months

That really peeves me because we know Bush will not accept even a nuclear knowledgeable Iran and we expect an attack on them to come before our elections. This is too timely and comes at a time when things are continually getting worse in Iraq and the death toll is climbing and speeding up as we expected.

As we watch the death toll rise: There have been 4,371 coalition deaths -- 4,063 Americans, two Australians, 176 Britons, 13 Bulgarians, one Czech, seven Danes, two Dutch, two Estonians, one Fijian, one Hungarian, 33 Italians, one Kazakh, one Korean, three Latvian, 22 Poles, three Romanians, five Salvadoran, four Slovaks, 11 Spaniards, two Thai and 18 Ukrainians -- in the war in Iraq as of May 1, 2008, according to a CNN count. (Graphical breakdown of casualties). The list below is the names of the soldiers, Marines, airmen, sailors and Coast Guardsmen whose deaths have been reported by their country's governments. The list also includes seven employees of the U.S. Defense Department. At least 29,911 U.S. troops have been wounded in action, according to the Pentagon. US and coalition casualties back to the Revolutionary war
I don't think I have to remind you but in attacking Iraq Bush guaranteed that mission will never be accomplished let alone after 5 years. Remember the carrier "mission accomplished"

* As you know, this mess was doomed from day one and nothing will change that. Iran will be attacked and the entire middle east will be embroiled. Thanks to Bush's insistence of putting the Missile Defense System at Russia's door step and his provocation for ex Soviet Satellites to join NATO this too is going to continue to erupt because of Bush as he blames those reacting to his instigation for causing the trouble, in fact Russia is moving troops in as I write this. How the hell does he get away with this? You know how this is all going to end at home, in the middle east, and around the world, as Rodney Dangerfield Bush cries poor me and blames everyone else for what he has purposefully done and he will happily appear forced to fight his Forever war. If we are lucky enough to get rid of him whoever follows him will be forced to deal with the nightmare future Bush has set in place! Just remember how bad everything is getting right now for average Americans and just imagine how bad it is going to get soon. The attack on Iran is sadly only a small part of the whole and your sacrifices are just beginning!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Minnesotablue said...

Just read some headlines on THE HUFFINGTON POST stating John McCain claims Mission Accomplished isn't Bushs fault. Didn't read the entire article, it's just more propaganda

Karen said... is running a great ad against McCain regarding tomorrow's anniversary. I've posted it over at my place.

an average patriot said...

Of course you know McCain will lie as the fool still wants Bush behind him and stupidly thinks this can be won. Wrong! No matter how many times bush denies the truth or tries to change the meaning of what he said. You know what he meant.
Any fool knew this would last in the absolute best case scenario for many, many years. That said bush will in every instance try to influence and alter the true reality of the nightmare future only he the sole decider is totally responsible for.
You remember the coverage when Bush said that and you know he never denied what he meant until it was obvious he was dead wrong as usual. Take Care!

an average patriot said...

All Right Karen! I am just now starting to go around so I will be by soon. Thanks!

TomCat said...

Considering the current price of oil and the current distribution of wealth in the US, Bush has accomplished HIS mission: No Millionaire Left Behind!!

an average patriot said...

No kidding Tom! His 2 economies become more obvious every day as average Americans are suffering and many say things are great, they are happy, and despite all the negatives to most the damn st6ock market keeps going up showing that mission is accomplished!

Brother Tim said...

"Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said the U.S. prefers to resolve the issue through other pressures, but that it has the combat capability to strike Tehran, if necessary."

Mullen is just another water-carrying toadie for the King Kong wannabe. He's a lunatic! A guy with a .22 cal pistol has the 'combat capability' to strike Tehran..........winning is another story.

And Shaul Mofaz is a scum-bag Zionist. The Zionists, and their Western chapter, the Neocons, are doing all they can to convince the populaces of both America and Israel that it is imperative to strike Iran.

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threatened to destroy Israel."

Another super-size crock of BS. I have asked, literally, dozens of people who parrot that Zionist/Neocon line, to show me when he said that or anything similar. What he repeatedly says is: "We want to eliminate the Zionist regime". The Zionist regime is NOT Israel; ask any Orthodox Jew. It is akin to you and I saying we want to eliminate the Neoconservative regime here. We are NOT saying we want to wipe America off the map.

I'm so tired of all the lies and semantic games being played by my government, that I'm growing weary.....maybe a better word is 'enervated'.

an average patriot said...

Hey Brother!
You know where this is all going and how this is going to end. you're funny emotions are so ratcheted up a 22 would do it and I'd love to see mullins storm the Border and get it going. I have to laugh!
They are brain dead but we will all pay the price for it. They have to believe they can take care of Iran from the gulf by air. Another carrier battle Group is on its way.
Many things in America and in the middle east are comming to a head all at the same perfect time for Bush to go after Syria and Iran and stay in power. It's coming!

Brother Tim said...

This is kind of off-topic, but the post I put up on And, yes, I do take it personally today might be of interest to you.

Weaseldog said...

Let's hope the Iranians continue to label all of their weapons in block lettered English, so that we can easily identify them.

And those copper armor penetrating devices? It's a good thing that only Iran can make them. I once had a notion that the copper could come from salvaged power lines and that any small machine shop could make them. But what do I know? All I have to go by is that notion that had the ancient Greeks had access to explosive materials, they could've made them too.

an average patriot said...

No problem Brother you know I will be over to check it out as soon as I get situated!

an average patriot said...

No problem Brother you know I will be over to check it out as soon as I get situated!

an average patriot said...

That's funy! I said the stuff would be showcased as soon as we finish putting on the ID's. It is sick how all this underhanded crap is so obvious and we are powerless to do anything about it!

Dave Dubya said...

The real tragedy in all this is both Clinton and Obama talk like Iran is a big threat to us. Right.

The brainwashing of America continues.

an average patriot said...

I know dave
Sadly no matter who gets elected I am afraid the war mongering attitude is going to continue. It seems to be the new mentallity and will not change with Bush.
I am afraid the standard and foundation has been set for whoever is to follow Bush and this war crap is just beginning along with all the rest of it.

TomCat said...

I'm not happy with Clinton and Obama on this either, but that's a swamp we need to drain after we get rid of those GOP alligators.

an average patriot said...

your right Tom!
We have to get rid of the right first and then start self policing. I am afraid that the stage has been set and not only are lies the new truth but war is the new peace far into the future!

Dave Dubya said...

Check this article from Counterpunch.

Secret Bush "Finding" Widens War on Iran


Six weeks ago, President Bush signed a secret finding authorizing a covert offensive against the Iranian regime that, according to those familiar with its contents, "unprecedented in its scope."

Bush’s secret directive covers actions across a huge geographic area – from Lebanon to Afghanistan – but is also far more sweeping in the type of actions permitted under its guidelines – up to and including the assassination of targeted officials. This widened scope clears the way, for example, for full support for the military arm of Mujahedin-e Khalq, the cultish Iranian opposition group, despite its enduring position on the State Department's list of terrorist groups.

Similarly, covert funds can now flow without restriction to Jundullah, or "army of god," the militant Sunni group in Iranian Baluchistan – just across the Afghan border -- whose leader was featured not long ago on Dan Rather Reports cutting his brother in law's throat.

Other elements that will benefit from U.S. largesse and advice include Iranian Kurdish nationalists, as well the Ahwazi arabs of south west Iran. Further afield, operations against Iran's Hezbollah allies in Lebanon will be stepped up, along with efforts to destabilize the Syrian regime.

All this costs money, which in turn must be authorized by Congress, or at least a by few witting members of the intelligence committees. That has not proved a problem. An initial outlay of $300 million to finance implementation of the finding has been swiftly approved with bipartisan support, apparently regardless of the unpopularity of the current war and the perilous condition of the U.S. economy.

Until recently, the administration faced a serious obstacle to action against Iran in the form of Centcom commander Admiral William Fallon, who made no secret of his contempt for official determination to take us to war. In a widely publicized incident last January, Iranian patrol boats approached a U.S. ship in what the Pentagon described as a "taunting" manner. According to Centcom staff officers, the American commander on the spot was about to open fire. At that point, the U.S. was close to war. He desisted only when Fallon personally and explicitly ordered him not to shoot. The White House, according to the staff officers, was "absolutely furious" with Fallon for defusing the incident.

Fallon has since departed. His abrupt resignation in early March followed the publication of his unvarnished views on our policy of confrontation with Iran, something that is unlikely to happen to his replacement, George Bush's favorite general, David Petraeus.

Though Petraeus is not due to take formal command at Centcom until late summer, there are abundant signs that something may happen before then. A Marine amphibious force, originally due to leave San Diego for the Persian Gulf in mid June, has had its sailing date abruptly moved up to May 4. A scheduled meeting in Europe between French diplomats acting as intermediaries for the U.S. and Iranian representatives has been abruptly cancelled in the last two weeks. Petraeus is said to be at work on a master briefing for congress to demonstrate conclusively that the Iranians are the source of our current troubles in Iraq, thanks to their support for the Shia militia currently under attack by U.S. forces in Baghdad.

Interestingly, despite the bellicose complaints, Petraeus has made little effort to seal the Iran-Iraq border, and in any case two thirds of U.S. casualties still come from Sunni insurgents. "The Shia account for less than one third," a recently returned member of the command staff in Baghdad familiar with the relevant intelligence told me, "but if you want a war you have to sell it."

Even without the covert initiatives described above, the huge and growing armada currently on station in the Gulf is an impressive symbol of American power.

Armed Might of US Marred By Begging Bowl to Arabs

Sometime in the next two weeks, fleet radar operator may notice a blip on their screens that represents something rather more profound: America's growing financial weakness. The blip will be former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin's plane commencing its descent into Abu Dhabi. Rubin's responsibility these days is to help keep Citigroup afloat despite a balance sheet still waterlogged, despite frantic bail out efforts by the Federal Reserve and others, by staggering losses in mortgage bonds. The Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund injected $7.5 billion last November (albeit at a sub-prime interest rate of eleven percent,) but the bank's urgent need for fresh capital persists, and Abu Dhabi is where the money is.

Even if those radar operators pay no attention to Mr. Rubin's flight, and the ironic contrast it illustrates between American military power and financial weakness, others will, and not just in Tehran. There's not much a finding can do about that.

an average patriot said...

The attack on Iran is now imminent. As soon as Fallon's replacement is on line it will happen. Certainly before elections then watch the chief idiot stay in power.
I know at one time we had 3 carrier Battle Groups in the Gulf so I was caught off guard the other day when it was in the news that we were moving a Second in just as a warning to Iran. Warning my ass! How dare them move those carriers around without telling me!