Monday, May 05, 2008

60 Minutes Pat Tillman - We'll never know What Really Happened To Pat Tillman!

Keith Olbermann tells the rest of the terrible lie!

Pat Tillman was a heroic face of the war on terror - an NFL star who left behind a $3.6 million contract and his new wife to fight for his country after the attacks of Sept. 11. When he died in Afghanistan on April 22, 2004, the Army told his family he'd been killed by enemy fire after courageously charging up a hill to protect his fellow Army Rangers. But as Katie Couric reports, that story didn't hold up. He had really been killed by friendly fire, shot accidentally by his fellow soldiers. For the past four years, his family, led by his mother Mary, has been searching for answers about what really happened, beginning the day she heard the news from Pat Tillman's wife Marie.

"And she answered the phone just the way she always does. Her voice sounded just the same. And I just sort of breathed a sigh of relief, like, 'Oh, you know, everything's fine.' And I said, 'What's wrong, what's wrong?' And she said, 'He's dead.' And I said, 'Who's dead?' And she said, 'Pat's dead.' Within minutes of that, the Army had sent a soldier, a young, female soldier, to come tell me about what had happened," Mary Tillman remembers. Asked what the soldier told her, Tillman says, "She said that he was shot getting out of a vehicle. He was shot in the head getting out of a vehicle. And that's basically all she knew." Eleven days after his death, Pat Tillman’s family held a memorial service in their hometown of San Jose, Calif. At that time, Tillman's family was led to believe that he was killed by the enemy, which was reinforced when the Army awarded him a Silver Star for his "gallantry in action against an armed enemy." They were told his convoy had been ambushed and he had charged up a hill, forcing the enemy to withdraw and saving the lives of his fellow Rangers. "Was there any solace in the story the military told you about how courageous Pat had been?" Couric asks. "Well, of course. But what's interesting is the story itself seemed so contrived, even then, even before he knew that it was contrived. It had this contrived feel to it," Tillman says. Asked why, she says, "Well, you know, the soldier, you know, running up the ridge line, firing at the enemy. You know, saving his men. It did sound kind of like a John Wayne movie." Then, about a month later there was a stunning announcement: the Army had been investigating his death and determined that Tillman was killed by his own men. Please read the interview or watch it

Like everything else in this mis-Administration the truth will never be known about who killed Pat Tillman either! I remember quite a while back hearing that he identified himself many times saying "it's Pat F#@ing Tillman stop firing and who ever shot him was point blank. It may have been the facade of an accident but it was no accident! Of course the Rights disinformation juggernaut tried to spin another lie in their favor so they could glorify their war mongering! Remember Pfc Jessica Lynch? She even admitted they lied about what happened to her so they could make her appear a hero in their mis cause! This underhanded lying will never stop and that my friends is the new truth!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


TomCat said...

Great vid, Jim. Keith Olbermann did an interesting piece on the GOP cover-up of the death of the poster child for BushWar that implicates Bush himself in the cover-up. Here's the link:

an average patriot said...

Thanks Tom
That scum! I'll never forget when in better times Bush bragged that he is involved with everything.
Like everything else in this mis-Administration the truth will never be known about who killed Pat Tillman either! I remember quite a while back hearing that he identified himself many times saying "it's Pat F#@ing Tillman stop firing and who ever shot him was point blank. It may have been the facade of an accident but it was no accident!
Of course the Rights disinformation juggernaut tried to spin another lie in their favor so they could glorify their war mongering! Remember Pfc Jessica Lynch? She even admitted they lied about what happened to her so they could make her appear a hero in their mis cause! This underhanded lying will never stop and that my friends is the new truth!
On a lighter note stop by Robert's you will be impressed. I knew he would be ringside!

an average patriot said...

Got carried away! I will watch that now. Always interested in what he has to say!

an average patriot said...

Thanks Tom
That is pretty good. That must be what I watched before because that is how I remember it. Three close shots that's murder period! I included the video with mine as they should be watched together to get the whole picture. Thanks again! Hope you drop by Robert's!

Weaseldog said...

Just letting you know I keep dropping by.

I'm in anger overload right now. As I agree with everything you've written, there isn't much to say beyond, 'Me too.'

On another note, I've been enjoying garden fresh spinach, snowpeas and artichokes.

My weeds are taking over my main garden. I put some effort into pulling them over the weekend, but I have the flu and didn't have the energy to finish. They aren't so bad that they are causing a problem yet.

My pole beans and squash are flowering. So it won't be long before the veggies will be rolling in.

I let my chicks out for a couple of hours and lost one. I think one of my cats got it. Can;'t be sure though. A chicken hawk made a flyby yesterday. It had the songbirds and chickens in a tizzy. Bluejays followed it away, harassing it.

an average patriot said...

He Wease!
Yeah you know, It is not good despite what the idiot says nor will it be!
Glad your garden is reaping. fresh peas like everything are great right out of or in the garden huh? I still prefer any kind of swiss chard because it is tastier and prolific. You cut it down and let it keep growing back.
I don't mean to laugh but you're feeding the local wild life have a chick surplus do you? You have to watch them until they are to big to take. My buddy just brought me a flat of pullets from the farm he works on. I prefer double yolkers he brings but eggs to are getting expensive so I appreciate everything! Stay in touch and take care!

an average patriot said...

sorry man! Hope you feel better soon! I heard one of the fools on WBZ this morning say eggs are expensive because of ethanol which I still don't believe and chickens lay more eggs in the summer. What? Chickens were my major in High School. There is so much to chickens and eggs I have to laugh. People obviously do not have a clue!

PoliShifter said...

I got the 60 Minutes interview on my DVR and will be sure to watch it tonight.

I just wish more people gave a shit about this.

an average patriot said...

I know man! They aren't very long and well worth watching. I remember hearing what is on Olbermann's and without a doubt one of our own drilled him and up close to have a pattern like that! He was killed on purpose for sure and like the rest of this set up we'll never learn the truth. When it is hit once again it will be dismissed as conspiracy theory!

Brother Tim said...

Man, that is sooooooo cool. Who taught you to embed videos like that? ;)

an average patriot said...

You riot! Didn't I tell you I know everything! I'm innocent! Give me a kiss, you know you're the man Brother! If it wasn't for you...

TomCat said...

Will do!

Karen said...

Pat Tillman story is sad. Can't understand why he forfeited a football career to fight in Iraq, such a waste.

an average patriot said...

I respected him greatly and believe if I didn't know everything today was a lie I would have done the same thing. Two of my sons have but did not give up multi millionare careers.
He was murderered plain and simple but once again we will never know the truth! My fiance doesn't think so but Tillman was one good looking guy!
Just one thing! He gave up his career for Afghanistan after 9/11 but was outspoken and against Iraq!

Dave Dubya said...

I'd like to share a post from last August about Tillman. This was back when my blog was 2 months old.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Two Soldiers And The Other “N” Word

It’s not that the behavior of our government has never reminded me of a certain totalitarian German regime of the last century. It’s the fact that reckless accusations of some person or group being Nazis are thrown about with little sense of accuracy or restraint.

A good example of this hysteria can be found in the words of one Bill O’Reilly. Apparently he was very upset at some fleeting post by a reader of the anti-war liberal website called the Daily Kos. Old Bully O’Really went so far as to accuse them of being a “left wing Nazi hate site,” and “like the KKK. It’s like the Nazi Party.”

So are we to think that Nazis are those folks who oppose a militaristic regime? Are Nazis the people who protest against leaders that attack a sovereign nation based on fear-mongering and outright propaganda? Are Nazis opposed to unprovoked war? Are Nazis the radicals who want our Bill of Rights restored?

Or are Nazis just people who don’t like O’Reilly? Doesn’t this all seem more than just a little backwards here? Since when have Nazis become anti-fascist?

On the other hand, we can see more than one similarity between the methods of the Bush Administration and those of the Third Reich. Both regimes seized power undemocratically. Both regimes lied to their citizens. Both regimes initiated a war of aggression. Both regimes regarded anyone who dissented as enemies. Both accused political opponents of defeatism. Both regimes spied on their citizens. Both regimes turned their militaries into a police force to be used against their own populations. Both regimes claimed the authority to indefinitely incarcerate its citizens on secret evidence.

Another characteristic of a totalitarian regime is its elevation of every person in uniform to the status of hero. This is true of Germany in the Second World War and it is true of the US Government in the Glorious War for Bush’s Re-Election. Er, I mean Operation Iraqi Freedom.

We all need to respect and support our fellow countrymen in the armed services. They didn’t start this mess. However, calling them all heroes leaves the meaning of the word “hero” so much emptier. What is left to distinguish those who do perform above and beyond the call? As the vets often say, the heroes are the ones who don’t come home.

Let’s take a look at two soldiers who wore different uniforms but shared the honor of being heroes. These two soldiers were loyal, even when their countries invaded and occupied nations that did not attack their homelands. They grew to reject the belligerent and authoritarian leadership forcing their people into unjust war and national disgrace.

The two soldiers died and were honored with extravagant and patriotic memorial services. The memorials were used by the governments to bolster support for their wars and to distract the people from the ugly truths emerging from the conflicts.

The first soldier was Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox. He was a brilliant leader of the German Wehrmacht in Europe and Africa during WWII. He was the youngest man ever to be promoted to the rank of Field Marshall. His famous Afrika Korps was victorious until abandoned and unsupported by Hitler.

Realizing Hitler was destroying his country, Rommel joined those who were conspiring against the dictator. They understood there was no way to legally arrest Hitler, so they determined it was necessary to assassinate him. After von Stauffenberg’s bomb failed to kill Hitler on July 20, 1944, Rommel was soon implicated.

He was given the choice to commit suicide or face trial and execution. To protect his family from reprisals, Rommel chose the former. Desperate for a hero to present to the public, the Nazis told the German people Rommel had succumbed to war wounds and was given a lavish public memorial.

The other soldier was a brave and patriotic young man named Pat Tillman. Foregoing a lucrative professional football career, he volunteered to join the army to defend his country after the attacks of September 11th. When Bush decided to invade Iraq, Tillman thought it was wrong and illegal, and that it was not part of the war against those who attacked the US. He began to talk about his opposition to the invasion. He even suggested to others that they not vote to re-elect Bush.

Tillman was killed on April 22, 2004 while serving in Afghanistan. The American people were told that he died fighting the enemy and was to be posthumously promoted to corporal and awarded the Silver Star. While leaders in the Pentagon and White House knew the official story was not true, he was given a splendid hero’s memorial service that was televised to the nation.

This was just the event needed by the administration to boost patriotism and support for the war in Iraq. As we remember, it was in April of 2004 that things started to turn very bloody in Iraq. The Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr urged his Mehdi Army to rise up against the American occupiers. Our casualties increased and the chaos worsened.

Only later did Tillman’s family and the nation learn that Pat was killed by “friendly fire.” There was no battle with the enemy and he was killed by either one of his comrades or some other unknown figure. The army medical examiners suspected that it was possible Tillman was murdered. He was shot three times in the forehead from close range with an M16 rifle.

The reports were a whitewash, complete with army officers boasting that they shook off further criminal investigations.

I am sorry to admit that I can even consider it possible that this man was killed, or even executed, by some shady rogue element in the field. It is sad to conceive the very idea that some private Blackwater mercenary goon or government spook silenced a high-profile outspoken military man of conscience.

No matter how Tillman died, his sacrifice was profanely and obscenely exploited into a shameful betrayal of all that is noble in our nation’s character.

One would expect this kind of treachery from Nazis. It is deeply painful to see these fascist tendencies in our own leaders.

an average patriot said...

hey Dave!
I visit you daily but don't see much new there. I figured you were busy and i have seen you around. The likenesses are not just coincidence. Bush or whoever is behind the idiot is emulating and improving on every Fascist regime in history. I was just talking to bbc today trying to get him to realize the Nazi connection and that it was not theory. It might have been in the comments on this post. Anyway Tillman was murdered. Why did they not get the rounds and match them to the guilty rifle? F this crap!

Minnesotablue said...

The whole Tillman cover up makes my blood boil. He gave up a great football career to serve his country, was killed and then his death covered up by Bush. I can only hope that Bush is made to suffer for all his misdeeds, if not here, in hell!
I faithfully listen to Air America and Ed Schultzevery day and I gotta tell you he is one great radio personality. He has covered this extensively and also all the crimes of the Bush Administration. Just praying that we can continue to get more of the Progressive talkers on air to continue to expose the lefties agenda and specifically the Bushies. Keep up the good work friend.

an average patriot said...

Thanks! The whole thing is sick because the beginning to end lies are so blatant and obvious and they don't care as long as they get their way!
I have to laugh because your sentiments about Bush applies to his Father and if Grampy Prescott was held accountable for his Nazi activities during WW2 we wouldn't be in this mess. Take care!