Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bush urges more mideast Democracy. Not enough death and destruction in his failed Democratization Program! Story soon!

First a brush up! On march 10th in Regard to Kosovo and the failed Democratization of Southwest Asia and everywhere else Bush has interfered I wrote that The Pandora's box of independence is open and Bush is holding it ajar. Just look at this! Since 1990, 33 new countries have been created. The dissolution of the USSR and Yugoslavia in the early 1990s caused the creation of most of the newly independent states.You probably know about many of these changes but a few of these new countries seemed to slip by almost unnoticed. This comprehensive listing will update you about the countries which have formed since 1990.Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Fifteen new countries became independent with the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. Most of these countries declared independence a few months preceding the fall of the Soviet Union in late 1991.ArmeniaAzerbaijanBelarusEstoniaGeorgiaKazakhstanKyrgyzstan

LatviaLithuaniaMoldova,Russia,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan,Ukraine,Uzbekistan,Former YugoslaviaYugoslavia dissolved in the early 1990s into five independent countries.Bosnia and Herzegovina, February 29, 1992 Croatia, June 25, 1991

Macedonia (officially The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) declared independence on September 8, 1991 but wasn't recognized by the United Nations until 1993 and the United States and Russia in February of 1994, Serbia and Montenegro, (also known as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), April 17, 1992 (see below for separate Serbia and Montenegro entries)Slovenia, June 25, 1991

Other New CountriesNine other countries became independent through a variety of causes.March 21, 1990 - Namibia became independent of South Africa.May 22, 1990 - North and South Yemen merged to form a unified Yemen.October 3, 1990 - East Germany and West Germany merged to form a unified Germany after the fall of the Iron Curtain.September 17, 1991 - The Marshall Islands was part of the Trust Territory of Pacific Islands (administered by the United States) and gained independence as a former colony.September 17, 1991 - Micronesia, previously known as the Caroline Islands, became independent from the United States.January 1, 1993 - The Czech Republic and Slovakia became independent nations when Czechoslovakia dissolved.

May 25, 1993 - Eritrea was a part of Ethiopia but seceded and gained independence.October 1, 1994 - Palau was part of the Trust Territory of Pacific Islands (administered by the United States) and gained independence as a former colony.May 20, 2002 - East Timor (Timor-Leste) declared independence from Portugal in 1975 but did not became independent from Indonesia until 2002.June 3, 2006 - Montenegro was part of Serbia and Montenegro (also known as Yugoslavia) but gained independence after a referendum.June 5, 2006 - Serbia became its own entity after Montenegro split.February 17, 2008 - Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. 33 new countries since 1990

The new Country Independence movementIt is too late to worry about or use the excuse of concern over opening the Pandora's Box of countries dissolving because of desires for regions to become autonomous! our intervention has this so called Democratization program which is actually a shaping of sides in the upcoming new order Forever War. It will not be avoided but concern should be focused on Peace in the future and the opening the nuclear war Pandora's Box in defense of this failed Democratization program.

You already see the total failure of his entire middle east Democratization program but all of it will soon get much worse. Anyway Bush hasn't caused enough damage yet! SHARM EL-SHEIK, Egypt — Israel got glowing praise from U.S. President George W. Bush earlier this week, while on Sunday, the Arab world got a stern lecture on the need to spread freedoms and isolate state sponsors of terror that he said are holding the region back. "Too often in the Middle East, politics has consisted of one leader in power and the opposition in jail," Bush said in remarks prepared for delivery before the World Economic Forum on the Middle East. "The time has come for nations across the Middle East to abandon these practices, and treat their people with the dignity and respect they deserve." Bush Urges Mideast Leaders to Advance Democracy

* Whatever they did it worked for them! I do not like that Bush has interfered wherever he can as he looks to create World War three while appearing the well intentioned hapless victim! Bush is going to make damn well sure there is so much world turmoil he is by hook or by crook stay at the helm as his friend Putin did. We are in serious trouble!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Utah Savage said...

Serious trouble indeed. I have this feeling he's going to drop the big one on Iran just to see what happens before he leaves office. No matter who becomes our next President, it's a win win for him and his cronies. His place will be assured in the history books as our worst president ever, and we will be fuck for damn near as long. That'll teach us a lesson for handing him those all time low approval ratings.

an average patriot said...

He is going to drop something before the elections. I figured the attack on Iran or come reason to take total control or steal McCain in to finsh his mess, Something but I hope not nuclear though I expect that eventually. Someone has to be able to use the resources.
I thought that would be a deterrent but it seems they are willing to use eco suits or something but unless mutual destruction is the goal they should be concerned because that fallout would blow right here. Unfriggenbelievable! Worse, we are not just imagining!

DivaJood said...

Oh, you guys are taking the dim view of this. I look at 33 new countries and think of the TOUR possiblities. Really. Amenities include personalized flak jackets.

Distributorcap said...

do you think bush will ACTUALLY encourage democracy in his favorite country -- Saudi Arabia, you know the ones is bed with dad via Carlyle, the ones he helped whoosh out of here on 9/12, the ones he winks and nods at when he asks for more oil

what is he gonna do - invade them? what about some other bastions of democracy like Egpyt, Jordan, UAE, Yemen, Libya.

even they all just laugh behind his back - they know he is just a paper tiger.

but i do fear bush will do SOMETHING to revive his destroyed legacy -- and that could be iran.

the man is flat out -- insane and delusional. (golf anyone?, nazi discussion in the knesset?)

an average patriot said...

You're funny and tours by reinforce IED resistant vehicles. Private security optional!

an average patriot said...

I actually do not think Bush wants democracy anywhere! He uses perverted Religion to follow his agenda and he uses the facade of Democracy for the same reason. Using his rove taught 3D Politics (deceitful, deceptive, divisive, Politics) he causes division wherever he can creating it if he can to follow his new world(dis)order agenda. Saudi Arabia and Egypt were two of the original goals in the plan set up in 1996.
Syria and Iran are just next. 9/11 was allowed to happen so Bush could amass the power to do what he needed to get into the middle east and instigate war around the world for his new order or whoever the hell is behind the chief idiot.
If it is feared they can't guarantee President McCain the attack on Iran will be before the facade of elections. The alternative is even worse! We have to do something!

Larry said...

Only this crowd would claim bringing freedom is done by killing and occupying a foreign land.

an average patriot said...

Right on! They ae not! Saying they are is merely a tool as is the excuse of fighting so called terrorists merely to actually fight and emplace what they think will be their new order. This is just beginning my friend and as you know this entire mess is just beginning and getting closer!

Brother said...

This is all bullshit. These people are idiots. These people who comment probably haven't served a day for their Country, or even give a shit for that matter.

You still have my phone or email?

Let's talk - not politics.

Brother said...

Side note.

I believe in the good of this Country and its intent to do the right thing.

an average patriot said...

okay Brother!
You know I do and we will be talking. it's always interesting and a pleasure. I have been trying to refrain from checking in on tc!

an average patriot said...

Like you I believe in the good intentions of America but it is primarily average citizens and well intentioned Dems and independents. I have lost all faith in the main line Repug party. Just give me a bit I'll be calling bud!