Monday, May 12, 2008

As the world races to war a reminder the Planet Can not sustain it! Every day a new reminder!

While I watched the first plane hit the twin towers I started singing R.E.M.'s It's the end of the world as we know it! every Day a New Reminder:

I knew that was no coincidence! as I sat in front of the TV and watched the next plane hit. when the hero's brought the next plane down I was wondering what is next and immediately started singing to myself it's the end of the world as we know it. That was a given! However Bush and MSM's first response was the "terrorists" will never change the way we live! Remember? I knew that was an irresponsible statement as usual and nothing would ever be the same again. Of course as time went by the Government, MSM, and everyone, realizes that everything has changed and not just because of so called terrorism. By and large I blame the vast majority of it on Bush because of what he has done to us and around the world under the guise of fighting terrorism and playing the witless victim while all along being the instigator.

Witless the entire world can believe but more of that shortly. I have been trying to alert people to Bush since before he was elected and to no avail. for more than 35 years I have been trying to get people to realize not only that the environment was changing but that our society was going the way of the Roman Empire. I must admit I never foresaw that a US President would be purposely leading the way and bringing the entire world with us. Every day our situation becomes more obvious. We have some here in our circle of Bloggers who want to believe everything will be okay and I respect that and try to keep reality on my own site. one can be hopeful and keep trying to make a difference but you must be real. in College Psych I tested out as a realistic Optimist or an optimistic Realist if you will!

Having said that! Of late the price of oil has sky rocketed having gone up $100 per barrel since Bush got in and started his war mongering. Also in his creation of our new dual economy society he has enriched the wealthy to the tune of Billions while worsening the plight of average Americans many of which are losing their homes, health insurance, and savings while the stock market keeps rising proving that there are two economies despite denials. To top it off the entire countries infrastructure is failing and nothing is being done. Not just Katrina, California's wild fires, Minneapolis's Bridge catastrophe, absolutely every single episode Bush says how much he cares and the Government will be there to help while they do nothing and all would be lost if it were not for volunteers and average Americans coming together!

Anyway with everything else you have the entire world having problems with militaristic leaders and a clamping down on whoever is against the designs of the Government however ill they are under the guise of fighting terrorism and sadly that includes us as the world takes sides and prepares for the next world war poor Bush is instigating while playing the poor victim! While we are living in this facade of a Democracy watching this facade of an election we watch developing water wars and food wars around the world. It is just beginning to hit home! As we watch gas climb towards $4 per gallon It has affected the way average Americans live. It is now determining if and where they go for vacation. What they will eat, If they can even take a frivolous trip, absolutely every aspect of their life as it has for many years for Europe and much of the world while the second economy that Bush says does not exist is doing well and will never have to do without. this will only lead to future mayhem and division here in America and it gives me angst for our situation in the future knowing we can be imprisoned and totally controlled if we are perceived as being a danger to the Government! I hear of rice rationing but do not see it as a problem yet but this is just beginning. It will get much worse soon.

The entire situation will ramp up I expect this fall before we can have this facade of an election! As you know, I believe Bush attacked Iraq so he could get into the middle east with the goal of going after Syria and Iran. Both are coming soon! the excuse to be able to attack Iran as we know is on going and has been ramped up of late in an effort to accuse Iran of fueling the problems bush created in Iraq. We found out yesterday that General Petraeus will take over for Fallon as CentCom Commander this September. His installation is the key to when Iran will be attacked. Now today we are hearing about the efforts to link Syria to nuclear designs too!

* The senseless race to world war at a time when the life sustaining ability of our planet is waning is mind boggling and makes one believe bringing about The End Of Days is indeed the goal. Otherwise someone has to be able to live here. It is very concerning knowing the lies Bush used to justify starting a war with Iraq and that it was done so he could get our military into the middle east with the ultimate goal of helping Israel create a new middle east order while starting a war with Syria and Iran. This is going to ramp up quickly as Bush is running out of time. It will lead to world war and fuel and food shortages we have not seen for years and who knows what else. I merely advise you to look at everything that is happening here and around the world and put it all together as a whole and just be prepared for what may come!

* This morning would seem as good a time as any to size up the truly global reach of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Its many branches are dealing with disasters from Myanmar, where a cyclone killed at least 28,458, to the Missouri, Oklahoma and Georgia where tornadoes killed at least 23 people over the weekend. And the major earthquake in western China seems likely to add another site to the list, less than a month after Red Cross relief workers were dispatched to another part of China in the aftermath of a destructive typhoon. The organization also recently responded to a huge pile-up on an Austrian highway and an explosion of an ammunition stockpile in Albania.

In each case, the humanitarian organization, which proudly says it is the worlds largest, works through one of its national societies, which number 186: in Egypt, Estonia, El Salvador, and so on. The branch societies fly a cross flag in most countries, but a crescent in the Muslim world. (Separately, the International committee of the Red Cross focuses on military conflicts.) A recent Red Cross news release on the situation in Myanmar, which the organization says is is accepting more and more aid shipments, cited local roots as the core of its disaster response, including thousands of Burmese volunteers who pitched in after the cyclone struck:

Local volunteers –- fluent in the local language, culture, and landscape –- can often be overlooked and considered dispensable. Time and time again, however, they are the ones on the front lines, saving lives, preventing diseases, and rebuilding communities after the wake of tragedy.

growing world disaster

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Utah Savage said...

James, this is an incredibly good piece. Thank you for writing it. I have an old friend who is a history professor, now retire, who says we are in the tipping point of the fall of the Roman Empire. On the way down. He is amazed that it took only eight years of the worst American government in our nations history to accomplish it. But why? That is the real question for us. I'm old and so all of this will not effect me terribly much except in the frew short remaining years of my life, but you, those of you who are so young, it's you I worry about.

an average patriot said...

Thank you! I have done hundreds and hundreds, Contacted every Politician, MSM, everyone but been able to get through to no one of consequence. I think I am starting to get a few though!
Your friend is right! We were on the road of the Roman Empire as it is the normal end of the life cycle of a civilization. Bush has merely put it on the fast track along with the rest of the world!
on my web site you will find Bush uncovered/A Doctrine of Fact, life Cycles, etc. That will explain everything! Larry can tell you some too! I wrote a Manifesto to the World but to most it is sobering so I keep it here unless someone wants to see it.
It has to be updated as things are moving quickly but it is dead on. Bush as you witness has things on the fast track so I stopped writing to try to keep up with his mess. The world is ramping up to take him on. It gets a lot worse but I tend to try and keep it to myself because most mistakingly think everything will be fine.
Much of this has taken on a life of its own thanks to Bush or whoever the hell is behind him.
I will shut up but first there is tons involved in this all of which I have written on numerous times but you know about the one world economy Bush has been setting up, you know about the denied NAU well there is going to be a new currency too why do you think our has been purposely destroyed along with our America, well to cut it short the goal is for a one world Government to run the one world economy in the future but you know most of the world will fight it. Great Future!
You just relax Utah you have a lot of time left. It is my sons and their kids that bother me and that this happened on our watch. Speak of the devil, my EOD son just called from Iraq. He finally got there yesterday after the airlines went belly up and all kinds of other problems. What a mess he has to face if he survives these just beginning wars1 A change in the Presidency will change nothing.

Anonymous said...

I'm just concerned about the future generations. If now, we are in a state of crisis, I wonder the type of life our kids and their kids will have.

an average patriot said...

welcome! I don't know if you saw my response to Utah but is is our kids and grandchildren that concern me. One of my sons just called me from Iraq. I feel for him and his brothers. If they survive Bush's Forever wars present and future, they will be choked by his future debt, and worsening environment. Just relax but then reality gets even worse despite what the idiots want you to think!

Brother Tim said...

"I hear of rice rationing but do not see it as a problem yet..."

Easy for you to say, but to a Louisiana Boy, who eats rice with almost every meal (yes, even breakfast) it is devasting.

Strange that you posted that video today. I posted one also, albeit a bit different. ;)

Larry said...

The enemy within is far more dangerous than the enemy outside.

an average patriot said...

Brother that is funny!
I hear what you are saying! It is not a problem here yet but like fuel, electricity, and everything else, It will be. I was listening to the chief idiot on the news when I was drinking my coffee. He was talking about the fuel problem and how it took a long time for this to happen and it will take a long time to fix.
That A.H. he did it and like everything else it will get worse and it will not be fixed!

an average patriot said...

Larry you're entirely right!
I remember I did a post highlighting what Washington and Lincoln foretold. When Washington was older and trying to quell his soldiers from revolting against the Government he said if we ever go down it will come from within!
It's happening as you know! We must come together as we did in 1776 or we are lost only this time the enemy is within!

an average patriot said...

I almost forgot, I reposted that video because it is getting more obvious every. It is not good despite what the idiots say about seeing better days. Bull, wake up! There is a real world out here and it will never be the same.

Weaseldog said...

Prices have always gone up during war time.

Even Sun Tzu wrote about this effect. He told us that an extended occupation will always bankrupt the invading nation. He argued that at all costs, occupations must be avoided.

If we look at two more recent models...

The Romans didn't build fortifications, like the Green Zone. They built outposts. They encouraged self rule. Their soldiers and functionaries mixed and lived with the local population.

During the crusades, the Christians built castles and fortifications. They invaded and were driven out, over and over. Richard the Lion-Hearted bankrupted England to pay for his war hobby.

We are following England's example. Building castles in foreign lands, and bankrupting the homeland.

Naj said...

The end of the world has been our self-fulfilling prophecy .. it is not surprising me a bit; and I am not any less to be blamed for this; as I too have gleed over every new car engine, every new architectural master piece, every new technology ... so what goes around, comes around ... now some dudes like the Bushes and the Clintons and the Cheneys make millions with it; some others wish they did too :)

an average patriot said...

Hi Wease!
You are right! Bush is doing everything possible to fail and destroy America as he endeavors for whoever is behind him to create a new world order.
I am still gathering information and I have written about it before but I am going to illustrate again that we are wasting our time and money trying to help a failing world and better start helping our failing nation and now!

an average patriot said...

Hi naj!
Glad to hear from you! as you know, I am trying to keep my unbelievable reality right here and not bother you or anyone else with it until they are ready to see and discus it. Thanks gfor getting back in touch with me!
I won't get started on things as you see what is going on.
I am putting together an update on a recurring theme America will ignore and that is that we better stop wasting our time and money around the world and come home and take care of our failing America that is purposely being ignored and for a reason. It is a long topic and is so obvious it is disgusting!