Saturday, May 10, 2008

Myanmar suffers with China and Russia okay as Russia warns and throws military power parade!

Russia accuses NATO of attacking its Bombers while expanding, preparing for war with Georgia and parading military might Soviet style, war getting closer!
Amidst growing tensions between the US, NATO, and Russia, we have Russia expanding around the world most notably South America and the Arctic shelve. They are threatening war with Georgia and not only threatening most presumably Bush with their recent parade showing off their military might and latest hardware we are getting closer daily to WW3: Russia's air force chief has accused NATO fighters escorting Russian bombers on patrol flights over neutral waters of violating safety rules.

Col.-Gen. Alexander Zelin said on Saturday that NATO aircraft were approaching Russian bombers too closely and too often, creating risky situations."They approach our strategic bombers at unacceptable distances and at unacceptable intervals, conduct various maneuvers around them and violate flight safety rules in every way," Zelin was quoted by the Interfax news agency as telling reporters Saturday. No one answered the phone at the Air Force's press service Saturday.

An increasingly assertive Moscow is seeking to showcase its military might and clout in the international arena. During Friday's Victory Day parade, Russia displayed tanks and missile launchers on Red Square for the first time since the Soviet era, evoking the Cold War. Russia's military spending has increased eightfold to an annual $40 billion during the past eight years, thanks to the nation's oil bonanza. Analysts, however, say the armed forces still suffer from the problems that have dented its capability and prestige since the Soviet collapse.

Zelin complained that NATO F-15, F-16 and F-22 fighter jets regularly "attack" Russian bombers over the Arctic Ocean."It is not a misuse of the word 'attack' because our partners are training for combat actions, reaching the point of an attack," Zelin was quoted as saying. "I must confess that this is quite unpleasant and even dangerous. Naturally, we rehearse our counteractions." There was no immediate comment from NATO. Russia itself has been the subject of similar disputes. In February, Russian bombers flew over a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Pacific, prompting the U.S. to scramble fighters to escort the Russian aircraft. In September last year, Russian jets were accused of violating Finnish airspace. Russia said the jets were flying over neutral territory. Russia furious over NATO air attacks

You know I believe it is almost exclusively due to Bush's instigation around the world with his rapidly increasing cockiness and encroachment into others territory but as our economy increasingly fails we are getting rapidly closer to confrontation with Russia, China, and Iran, and the frightening scenario of ending our elections so Bush can head his instigated Forever Wars. I am dismayed that I was listening to the so called experts say Russia is not much of a threat! What the Hell is up here?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


D.K. Raed said...

Seeing those tanks & weapons being paraded around Red Square sure brought back some bad memories. Under Putin, Russia has regained so much of its national pride, they are now wanting back some of their former empire, too. They won't hesitate to back up Iran if McClusterf*ck goes in.

I'm sure Bush-Cheney wish they could have a similar arrangement w/McC to what Putin has w/Medvedev. Does anyone think Meddie is not a putinpuppet?

There are a lot Russians telling jokes about Putie and Meddie.
In one, the two leaders go to a restaurant and Mr Putin orders steak. "Yes, sir," says the waiter, "and the vegetable?" Mr Putin replies: "The vegetable will have steak too."

(smile while you can) ...

an average patriot said...

Hi Red
Yes it is very disconcerting and I blame it all on Bush. Russia is selling Sobs, missiles, and tanks to at least Chile , Building all over and weaponizing South America, planted their flag 2 1/2 miles below the sea claiming the shelf off Canada below the Arctic, Reopened their long closed sub base off Syria thanks to Bush, Threatening our planes and ships as we threaten theirs, threaten war with Georgia, Kosovo, etc now the parade. Yes Bush is bringing this about and this is just the beginning.
I was stunned today to hear Russia's threat discounted by so called experts. It really kills me that Bush purposely created our mess here in the middle east and around the world and he will cry the victim and have to stay in office and fight what he started. Just watch and relax but be warned and prepared. I am a realist not a pessimist!

an average patriot said...

Hi Red
I was just checking that out out5. Absolutely 100% everything is related. I just noticed what you said about Medvedev and Putin. Yes as the PM Putin is still in control. The entire worlds leaders are trying to stay in power for life to take on Bush in the future. I think you know despite what the slime says he is doing the same think as we continue with this facade of an election in this facade of a Democracy!
Red you're okay! It is people like you and our kids and grandchildren I feel for. I was talking to TomCat yesterday and he feels the same way but tries to remain positive!

Brother Tim said...

Can you blame 'em?????????????

Bush is a loose cannon. As my grandpappy used to say, "The boy's gettin' to big for his britches". The world is starting to band together out of survival instinct. It's the natural order of things. America can either change it's foreign policy, or suffer defeat at the hands of the world.

You know I'm right, Jim.

Larry said...

Those Republicans claim that Reagan brought down the Soviet Union and what a great thing that supposedly was.

Will they now brag about the fact that Bush and his arrogance has caused Russia to rise to power and dominance.

an average patriot said...

I know you are right! I would like to say better yet you know you are right but I have to say sadly we both and Larry too know you're right!

an average patriot said...

As I try to tell the Relentless Liberal, the bringing down the wall was the beginning of the end! Reagan started it, Bush is bringing it to a head, and McGoon will finish it. If his election is in doubt or looks like it can't be stolen again Bush will attack Iran first and stay in power.
There are numerous reasons for him to "be forced" to take control and they are growing every day.
You know, I was looking at what the junta is allowing in Myanmar in the Delta and it dawned on me, who the hell is Bush to criticize? He did and years later is still doing the same thing with Katrina and getting away with it!

betmo said...

i agree jim- that the war mongering of the american government has escalated tensions and re-armament around the globe- and is a big reason that we see russia on the rebound. i don't know as i see it as a bad thing. i mean it isn't what i would call a reason to celebrate- but i can't blame them. we have seen the allying of russia, china, iran- and i really think it means that these folks want to dominate the world as major superpowers. unfortunately, for them the era of superpowers is over. with the plight of the world hanging by a thread- starvation and water shortages abound around the world- with ecosystems collapsing and the weather patterns all out of whack- there will be wars for sure but there will be bigger problems than that. there won't be resources or people to enable superpowers- and this puts america pretty much on equal footing.

an average patriot said...

Hey Betmo!
Glad to see you out and about. I agree and it is very confusing these emotions you feel over all of this! I sometimes feel guilty. Under normal conditions you would think it a good thing that Russia is ramoing up but it is not because of Bush and the mindset he has set in motion.
This is only going to end one way because whoever is behind this war mindset is not going to relent once Bush is gone. This is just starting, will not be stopped, and will have to be reacted to by whoever is elected. Happy Mothers Day Betmo!

Brother Tim said...

Betmo is right, one of Bush's 'successes' is creating a mighty triumverate out of three former mortal enemies, China, Russia, and Iran.

Although they may have superpower ambitions, I don't believe they want to dominate the world. I think it's a basic survival instinct.

landsker said...

Hello Jim,
Yes, "Russia" is rising as "America" falls.
Forgive me for the "cut `n paste", but here is a short piece from the Times of London, which seems to lay out the future in financial and social terms.
Reading between the lines, it is fairly apparent that Russia has not only a growing capital wealth and budget surplus, but also the "unshakeable" political and social support of the rest of Europe......
From The Sunday Times
March 30, 2008
Bridge-building Vladimir Putin wants tunnel to US
Nicola Smith and Chris Hutchins

VLADIMIR PUTIN, the Russian president, is to raise plans for a tunnel to link his country with America when he meets his US counterpart, George W Bush, next Sunday.

The 64-mile tunnel would run under the Bering Strait between Chukotka, in the Russian far east, and Alaska; the cost is estimated at £33 billion.

Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea football club and governor of Chukotka, has invested £80m in the world’s largest drill but has denied that it is linked with the development.

Proposals for such a tunnel were approved by Tsar Nicholas II in the early 20th century but were abandoned during the Soviet era. If finally built, the tunnel would allow rail connections between London and New York.

A Kremlin spokesman confirmed last week that Putin seeks to build “a real bridge” between Russia and America when he meets Bush at the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Officials in Washington and Moscow view the talks as an opportunity to ease expected tensions about this week’s Nato summit in Romania. Clashes are expected over America’s planned missile defence system in eastern Europe and whether to allow Ukraine and Georgia into Nato.

Russia said last month that it would have to aim its own missiles at Ukraine if it joined Nato and hosted military facilities.

While Russia cannot block Nato membership, allies know that boosting links with the two former Soviet states would strain ties with Moscow – ties that are already damaged over the independence of Kosovo and the US missile shield.

Although Nato’s 26 members agree in principle that the future of Ukraine and Georgia lies within the alliance, some are wary of angering Russia, which provides a quarter of Europe’s natural gas. .............

That would be some project... but then the Chinese and Germans have linked their railroads too, so why not Old Europe and The Americas?

an average patriot said...

You know you are right and that is just the obvious. You know the 135 NAM will be there too and many are in our backyard.
Bush has instigated the entire world and they are joining forces to respond. He is happy as a pig in shit and will appear the victim as usual while WW has been his goal all along so he can enforce what he thinks will be his new world order. With the rest of the world wanting something different you know how this is going to end and our future is in serious trouble!

an average patriot said...

Hi Bud! Yes I did at least one post on that tunnel and it would be a good idea if unity was the real goal but it is not. The Missile Defense System along with the purposeful NATOizing of Russian satellites is all designed to instigate WW3 while using the facade of looking for peace as cover.
No one in the world is as stupid as Bush. They all see what is happening and it will not be prevented. If Bush doesn't get this entire mess going and the election isn't stolen again, and we can keep Obama from being assassinated, He will have hell here and around the world to deal with thanks to the ass hole Bush!