Monday, November 05, 2007

Musharraf will dictate the future of the world as it's erupting into total chaos as expected!

What Musharraf did will dictate the future of the US and the world as it's erupting total chaos as expected!
We are witnessing the beginning of total Financial meltdown and total world chaos that many denied but it is now happening and is too late to stop! I will spare you the links today but I have been saying for years now that the second great depression is coming as soon as reality sets in. Today I heard so much bad news for our financial future that I have been to no avail trying to get the country to realize the brevity of, that it is beginning to happen and we know what that alone will mean for the US and the world. Bush's House of cards is collapsing and it will encompass the entire world as it erupts into unstoppable unavoidable. uncontrollable war.

I am also right now listening to the chief idiot who is in a meeting with Turkey's President. The dumb ass is saying he has to make Iraqi's realize the blessings of Democracy. Yeah like we do, right! I also heard Kosovo is erupting again and Turkey wants our troops to secure Northern Iraq to protect them. Yeah right, our troops have nothing better to do as they are fighting around the world and when they get a break from Bush's wars they must save the country from natural disasters turned crises.

Anyway In the same breath Bush says Musharraf must take off his uniform and return to Democracy as Musharraf like Bush, says he is fighting terrorism while trying to steal total power for life. I have tried to tell people for years that Bush's societal and middle east breakdown will spread throughout the entire world, to no avail. Now it is happening and it is beyond any control!
We watch on a smaller scale but no less disheartening Myanmar and you better realize it will eventually spread throughout the entire world. Remember Tianaman square, Tibet, Georgia, Venezuela,our own loss of rights as Bush tries to secure the total control he criticizes others for doing.
Musharraf is now cracking down to keep his grubby hands in power using the excuse of fighting terrorism. Sound familiar? As you know, in actuality he feared losing his power and once he arrests all opposition and stacks the system in his favor he says he will reinstate a Democracy. actually opposition will only spread and he will have the excuse to have to keep the order in effect. Watch those damn nukes! Right now thousands of lawyers are protesting but opposition will spread into total chaos and spread around the world. I wrote a couple of stories highlighting the fact that though he will of course deny it, Bush with 3 carrier Battle groups in the Gulf and the Charles De Gaulle guarding the mouth is ideally situated to attack Iran and Pakistan from there without additional ground troops as is the plan!

The total world breakdown Bush initiated is getting under way. in America we are no longer a Democracy or a Government of the people for the people by the people facilitated by society.As you know, we are now a Government of the Politicians for the affluent by the legal system, all facilitated by the media.Nothing will change that until we enmasse protest Congress and all our Representatives. Threaten them with their jobs and hold them accountable as has not been done. As you can see the world breaking down that to me Bush set in motion with his middle east breakdown that will soon really get going, is well underway and if we are able to succeed here it will mean nothing until the entire world gets involved as countries around the world have been set into motion and our now beyond our control. Peace and order lovers around the world must rise up or we will not be successful in stopping this. Bono and other great people are wasting their time unless we can stop what is happening around the world as there will be no future. It is even worse than Gore, Rep. Olver, Sen. Leahey, or Nader realize. I have been trying to get people to realize for years and they are waking up, but?

Putin, Chavez and those that do not already have it are pursuing to the growing angst of their citizens, life time presidency and absolute control in order to fight this. Not just us but countries around the world are experiencing a loss of what rights they had as those in charge are amassing control so they can prosecute this upcoming world war.
When I first started telling people of the total financial and structural collapse of America and that bush was doing it on purpose people were peeved saying no President would do that. I said it would spread throughout the entire world and it is. they called me a hysterical pessimist and just laughed.
No one is laughing anymore as the total collapse has begun and it can no longer denied or laughed at unless you are one that wants it! Only the average citizens of the world coming together enmasse against their perspective Governments can turn this around and stop it. As I talk to people every day who think I am some kind of a nut and realizing most do not realize what is really happening or do and can not be bothered, I can not see that happening nor can I see Bush being deterred by mass protests unless we are able to get respected people on our side. We must do something!

James Joiner
Gardner MA


Naj said...

Hi Jim,

Here's a scholarly look at your favorite cabal!


an average patriot said...

All right Naj!
I have had major computer problems and lost everything. I have been very busy and am slowly recovering so I thank you for getting in touch.
My favorite cabal, Thanks I can't wait!

an average patriot said...

Of course they are right! I have to laugh because I call it Bush's Forever war as you know. I just want to say it is not all ineptitude but percieved ineptitude. Bush has to create world war in order to implement his new order which none of us will like. Attacking Iran wull give the chief idiot the reason to get it started.