Saturday, November 10, 2007

It is with mixed emotions that I Commemorate our Veterans knowing Bush is scum and Ron Paul is right Bush is a tyrant!

It is very confusing as I am right now watching a CNN special on an American Combat Hospital in Iraq. one of the doctors was working on a little girl whose parents were murdered for collaborating with Americans and the little girl was shot. The Doctor just said, her parents were killed but at least we could be here to help the child but I have to agree with him as he said but then again if we weren't here it would not have happened.

Bush's warmongering and illegal war will bear much fruit in future wars long after he is gone. As most of you know, two of my sons are in this mess and I consider them veterans already. One in particular who has hell they both have been in combat zones multitudes of times already.

First As Veterans Day approaches and the nation honors those who have served in the armed forces, let’s not forget the many thousands who joined the ranks of the homeless. An estimated 195,827 military veterans slept on the street or in a temporary shelter on any given night last year. Somewhere between 44,000 and 64,000 were homeless for long periods, according to a report by the Homelessness Research Institute, an advocacy group in Washington.

In Florida, an estimated 18,910 veterans were homeless during the year, a little more than one in a hundred of the state’s veteran population, according to the report, which the group released in conjunction with Fannie Mae, the giant housing lender.``Those who have defended our homeland should have a home to call their own,’’ said Daniel Mudd, head of Fannie Mae.Veterans make up about one-fourth of the nation’s homeless population, though only 11 percent of the total population.The homeless reflect a long and sorry history of post-war wanderings by soldiers whose wounds afflicted the mind or body or both.

I am sickened hearing the constant abuse of our wounded, and all veterans as both sides play politics with their funding. A proposal that would increase veterans benefits awaits the president’s signature, but it raises benefits only 2.3 percent, an average of an extra $215 per veteran, per year. It seems like little help. Yet the total cost of around $590 million can aid us to put into perspective just how many veterans are quietly among us, some struggling for survival. Many of them have serious medical conditions that are a direct result of their service to our country.
The president has threatened to veto the $750 billion appropriations bill that includes $65 billion for veterans affairs, calling the inclusion a “cynical ploy” by Democrats. Bloomberg News reports that Democrats, by combining several bills, “are forcing Bush to accept a $10 billion increase in domestic spending for education, health care and job training.” The alternative, to veto the measure outright, would mean a veto of legislation that would benefit active military and veterans, not a politically expedient move.

But Mr. Bush isn’t above politicking on the subject for his own purposes, saying in a recent speech to the Heritage Foundation that “this is no time for Congress to hold back vital funding for our troops,” playing on the nation’s fears for even more losses in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are some in government who are truly trying to do something of benefit to our veterans. But we are saddened that in some cases, these men and women who have given so much to our nation have become to some of their fellow Americans nothing more than a photo op or used to make a point for a political party’s use.
With all that said, we propose that we forget all the politics for the moment. On Sunday, stop at 11 a.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month and think of those who have fought over the last 200-plus years so that you can go to a job of your choice and worship or not as you please. Because of them, you can go to your public library and read at your discretion both the positive and the negative forces that exist in the world. You can speak out when you see a wrong without worry there will be a knock on your door in the night.That’s what they fought for, the people we honor on Veterans Day, that we could all live free. Don’t forget them. Despite Bush our Debt must be honored

Knowing the idiot is playing politics with our wounded and veterans and he is once again guilty of what he is accusing others of just so the underhanded two face can wage his wars. I was appalled yesterday hearing the chief idiot smugly say how proud he was for doing what he is doing and he doesn't think about the nay sayers as he does what he wants. Our soldiers are fighting and dying and he is destroying America and the world and the beehive is proud of what he has done!
Knowing he is destroying all order and there are many wars coming long after he is gone in his created Forever War I am sickened that this warmonger who avoided fighting for his country is speaking in honor of our veterans and those that are sacrificing in Iraq because of his illegal war.
** 2007 has turned out to be the deadliest year of Bush's illegal war in Iraq and knowing this is just the beginning of the idiots Forever war and the world is preparing to fight this for a long time in the future ensuring a very tenuous future at best I am sickened that this two faced idiot smugly says he is doing a great job and doesn't care what we think.
Good Luck in the future and Happy Veterans Day!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


two crows said...

Hi, James--
This is so important I'm trying to get it out on every avenue I can.
Right now, it's Monday, November 12, noon Florida, USA time.
On the History Channel, there's a program airing: Band of Bloggers.
The viewer is taken to Iraq in real time -- the troops are taking videos of their raids and other experiences and blogging them online as soon as they return to base [at the 'Internet Cafe']

THESE experiences aren't prettied up with editing and flags and lovely music in the background. Please see this if you can. And pass it on.
November 12, 2007

an average patriot said...

Thanks two crows!
I'm glad I saw this. i must have missed it but I will check out the History channel to see if they are going to show it again they usually do. I don't see it happening but I wish they'd get them out before my EOD son goes sometime this spring. Take care!