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Update: a nasty bit of Iran?, another touch of Russia and India, then back to Pakistan, us and the future of the world!

Yesterday we discussed The breakdown in Pakistan that will not be stopped and that Russia was strengthening ties with India as a bulwark against the US when Bush finds it necessary to go after Pakistan and further this developing world nightmare.
welcome to World war three
First I have a friend from Iran that I asked for an opinion. You know I am very critical about the America we have turned into and I am very critical of everything that constitutes today's America. We are certainly not the moral standard, most definitely under the Bushmaster. anti American diatribe and the thought that we all believe what we hear which is bull and the reason we blog, and that we pass judgment on other Religions and not our own. No one is above being held accountable. Bush has perverted Christianity and our Democracy as he accuses the so called Islamists of doing and I am sickened that there are those that fall for his crap or those that are bias enough to say all Americans do.
Anyway I thought I would run this right wing Fox story by you all and give me your thoughts on it. Mohsen Yahyavi is the highest-ranked politician to admit that Iran believes in the death penalty for homosexuality after a spate of reports that gay youths were being hanged. President Ahmadinejad, questioned by students in New York two months ago about the executions, dodged the issue by suggesting that there were no gays in his country. I wondered how Iran could be the only country in the world without gays, now?

Sharia’s Victims: Homosexuals Farbod Mostaar and Ahmad Chooka sentenced to death. Iran said Chooka had kidnapped, knifed and raped a student. A woman called Soghra was sentenced to stoning for adultery and being an accomplice to her husband’s murder. Two men executed in public after being found guilty of a homosexual relationship. A newspaper said they were convicted of sodomy, rape and kidnapping. — Zhila Izadi, 13, sentenced to stoning after becoming pregnant with her brother’s child. Malek Ghorbany sentenced to stoning for adultery. Leila Qomi sentenced to stoning for adultery and assisting a man who killed her husband. He received 100 lashes. Jafar Kiana stoned for adultery. His female lover Mokarrameh Ebrahimi sentenced to the same fate.Source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office documents.
Inequities are not right regardless of country and we have more than our share! That said, maybe this is okay in Sharia Law but it does not seem like something that the rest of the middle east wants any more than the rest of the world wants Bush's perverted brand of so called Democracy. you read it and tell me
That said I see that Pakistan without a doubt is going to implode as protesters in Karachi meanwhile reportedly opened fire on two police stations in protest as Bhutto remained under house arrest in Lahore, according to The Associated Press. "It's time for him to leave," said Bhutto in a phone interview with CNN Tuesday morning, as Pakistani riot police arrested her supporters.Bhutto's remarks were welcomed by another former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif.
Speaking from Saudi Arabia, he called for the divided opposition to join forces against Musharraf, who declared a state of emergency and suspended democracy earlier this month. "What I'm hearing on TV, her statements today that she has cut off all her links with Pervez Musharraf and wants him to resign from both offices, I think it is a positive development and a step toward achieving the objectives of the opposition," he told AP by telephone.
Bhutto's comments marked the first time she had called on Musharraf, who is both president and army chief, to completely give up power. please read the whole story

As you know, Bhutto is back under house arrest to keep protestors off the streets but it will not work and will only get much worse until Bush gets the excuse to intervene. Bhutto says she would rather be in jail in her homeland than be deported which I can only see as furthering the breakdown. Anyway you look at it Russia has reiterated the fact that India can rely on Russian help.
Daily India: Russian President Vladimir Putin is a man of few words. He isn't given to effusive sentimentality. He was very comfortable during his two-hour-long meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who like his host, has a sphinx like exterior but packs a deadly punch when needed. Putin delivered the 'solar plexus' blow yesterday when he pointedly remarked on Russia being a reliable partner for India.Putin has fast emerged as a leader of a nation that has eschewed democracy, renounced Communist ideology, integrated with the rest of the world, opened its markets to foreign investors and castigated the US on international politics. Read the rest please

I end with what I said yesterday. Sounds to me like sides are continuing to form as this slide to world war is turning into an avalanche that will not be stopped whether it happens before or after Bush leaves. It is not a good future the world is repidly creating for itself and Bush has more to say about that than Islam or anyone else!

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