Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pick a crisis, we're full of them, The world in crisis, without a doubt you can add to the list too!

This morning I set out to update not just the situation in Pakistan but the worsening growing situation in the world in crisis!
Watching the situation in Pakistan I was monitoring it to see how the situation would pan out. I see that once again Musharraf says he will take off his uniform and will hold elections February 15th. That is not enough for Benazir Bhutto who promises to have 1 million protestors out on Friday and another one on Tuesday. I would have to say she will not be marching Tuesday as she will be arrested and then Pakistan will really be in crisis. Bhutto supporters and protesting lawyers have now been joined by students and Musharraf is increasingly isolated. It is only a matter of time before Pakistan erupts and intervention is forced upon us because of the dire danger of Pakistan's nukes getting in extremists hands.
We are watching the world erupt in growing crisis that will get much worse. Knowing that I saw a story that Growing tensions between Russia and the former Soviet republic of Georgia reached a new stage Wednesday as Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili declared a nationwide state of emergency and expelled several Russian diplomats. If approved, it would place media outlets under government control, and clamp down on demonstrations.

Tens of thousands of Georgians began protesting against Saakashvili last Friday, seeking to oust him. "This bloody action of the government will cause the new wave of the mass protest in this country, which may lead to the end of this government," an opposition leader said. Protesters accuse the president of corruption, authoritarianism and failing to tackle poverty. Saakashvili has denied the charges, and accused Russian leaders of fomenting the political crisis. But the Kremlin dismissed Saakashvili's actions and comments as "anti-Russia hysteria," according to the Russian news agency Interfax. georgia State of emrgency BS

Knowing that Georgia is pro western and seeking closer ties and UN membership I am sure Russia is behind this but watching the world descend into a future of absolute chaos and knowing that countries are scrambling to gain absolute and total control as they jockey to fight a world war once again and at a time when man and the planet can no longer survive it, watching Chavez trying to dismantle their Constitution as Bush is doing to us and that Venezuela was declared in crisis, I decided to research the growing crisis situation!

Knowing the myriad of crises we are facing I decided to make a little list as it all adds up to only one thing, to let you focus on whatever you thought important: I decided not to list the widening crises in the middle east as the entire world watches it unfold daily. There is such a horrendous list of crises I realized it would take a day to read so I just focused on the issues that are contributing to our future and the world in growing crises!

To add to the growing world war crises. Russia suspends arms control treaty
'World water crisis

World energy crisis

Growing World economics crisis

emerging world liquidity crisis

The coming first world Debt crisis

World aids crisis widens and spreads don't forget the growing, old and hideous new Diseases!
World Hunger Crisis

World poverty crisis

The Book, the worlds Real environmental crisis

** It all adds up to future world crises, something we have discussed numerous times. we watch powerless as we watch this crisis develop and unfold and we are powerless to stop it. Instead of fixing the problems we ignore and worsen them as the world races to war once again. Believe in him or not Nostrodamus gave us two roads to choose from as we travel into the future. One to peace and prosperity and one to war, chaos, and world destruction. You can see which one we are headed down. Please give me your two cents.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Anok said...

I just wrote a whole long post about another possible crisis, which starts with oil, and ends with much of what you have already listed.

Damn its a scary world right now.

By the way, did you also read about the neo-nazi uprising in Russia as well?

While Putin was placing flowers on graves, Russian neo-nazis were listening to a white supremest from Texas speak.


jmsjoin said...

No I didn't hear that I don't think but I will check it out when I start preparing for today. I was just going to get you a link to my story on The assassins mace. I just accidently googled it. very interesting but let me get you the link to my putting it in perspective.

jmsjoin said...

Here you go Anok
just one on the assassins mace

Anok said...

Thanks for the write up, I'll be reading it in a bit. Here is the article I read about the Russian Nationalists:

Russian Nationalists Stage Moscow March
What united the marchers was their opposition to nonwhite migrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia.
By Mansur Mirovalev , Michael R. Gordon , New York Times News Service Published on 11/5/2007
Moscow — A white supremacist from Texas lifted his black cowboy hat into the air as he stepped forward to address thousands of Russian nationalists at a rally Sunday in Moscow.

“I'm taking my hat off as a sign of respect for your strong identity in ethnicity, nation and race,” said Preston Wiginton, 43, exposing his close-cropped head to a freezing drizzle.

“Glory to Russia,” he said in broken Russian, as the crowd of mostly young Russian men raised their right hands in a Nazi salute and chanted “white power!” in English.

About 5,000 nationalists turned out for the Russian March, held for the third year on National Unity Day, a holiday the Kremlin created in 2005 to replace the traditional Nov. 7 celebration of the 1917 Bolshevik rise to power.

The Kremlin has tried to give the holiday historical significance by tying it to the 1612 expulsion of Polish and Cossack troops who briefly seized Moscow at a time of political disarray.

But extreme nationalists have seized on the holiday, reflecting a rise in xenophobia. More than 50 people have been killed and 400 injured in ethnically motivated attacks this year, according to the Sova rights center.

Rights activists say the extreme nationalist sentiments are a natural outgrowth of the Kremlin's attempts to rebuild a strong Russian state.

President Vladimir Putin, who celebrated Sunday's holiday by laying flowers at the monument to Moscow's 17th century liberators, told the military cadets and pro-Kremlin youth group members who accompanied him that there are people in the world seeking to split Russia and divide up its natural resource wealth.

“Some believe that we are too lucky to possess so much natural wealth, which they say must be divided,” Putin said, speaking near the monument on Red Square. “These people have lost their mind,” he added with a smile.

Pro-Kremlin youth groups and the liberal Yabloko party also held rallies Sunday, in part to counter the nationalist march.

“This holiday is a gift for the most reactionary and dangerous group — the nationalists,” Yabloko deputy chairman Sergei Mitrokhin told a crowd of about 1,500.

Thousands of pro-Kremlin youth activists marched through central Moscow and gathered near Red Square to sew together a “blanket of peace,” symbolizing harmony among Russia's numerous ethnic groups.

The nationalists, who were kept away from the city center, marched along an embankment of the Moscow River to a small square, waving banners that read “Russians, stand up,” “Russian order or war,” and “Tolerance is AIDS.”

What united the marchers was their opposition to nonwhite migrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia.

“Russia will be white,” said Alexander Belov, leader of the Movement Against Illegal Migration. His last name, based on the Russian word for “white,” is a nom de guerre.

“Our ultimate goal is our race and nation. Nation above all,” he said, rephrasing the Nazi slogan “Germany above all.”

A top immigration official down played the significance of the Russian Marches.

“This is just an outbreak of national identity feelings, which is noticeable worldwide, and it has affected Russia too,” said Vyacheslav Postavnin, deputy director of the Federal Migration Service, the Interfax news agency reported.

In the first Russian March in 2005, thousands marched through central Moscow, some shouting “Heil Hitler.” The march horrified many Muscovites, and the following year it was blocked by police.

“The first Russian March was unexpected good luck, the second one was about overcoming the resistance of the authorities, and the third one is already a new Russian tradition,” said Konstantin Krylov of the nationalist Russian Social Movement.

City authorities approved Sunday's march but ordered it held on the river embankment away from the city center. Hundreds of police lined the route.

Nationalist marches also were held in other Russian cities.

In St. Petersburg, about 500 people rallied at Revolution Square in front of the Winter Palace. Police detained 12 men who attempted to break into a Chinese restaurant, the Regnum news agency reported.

General Astronomy said...

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili declared a state of emergency

jmsjoin said...

Damn Anok! The entire world is experiencing a rise in nationalism not all religious related. What is happening in Pakistan is a sign of the future around the world.
We will be okay but it will get pretty bad and nothing is going to stop it. Every damn piece of the world want their own autonomy but it will as I said only lead to total world chaos and war and it is still just unfolding and setting sides.

Anok said...

I totally agree with you Jim. I keep setting out to write about one thing or another - but then I pick up the newspaper or read a blog and I'm off on another tangent of world domination vs world destruction and corrupt politics.

As far as the nationalist thing - the article sent shivers down my spine when I read it. I don't know why exactly, but it hit a nerve. More so than It really should have.

My latest rant is about Pakistan though. Not really Pakistan, but the US - Pakistan relationship.


znamenski, thank you for the link.

jmsjoin said...

I don't have to tell you, that Nationalisty article you sent, sent shivers down my spine too as well it should. It is spreading around the world.
With the increase in Islamism, religious Nationalism, and their desire to have all lands back that were once theirs it is only going to worsen.
Couple that with the fervor Bush has unleashed with his world wide interference and militarism and you have a very nasty recipe for the future.
You are right of course to be concerned and focusing on Pakistan. I have been too if you look at some of mt past posts. Bush can take on the entire mess from the Gulf with the navy and what is happening in Pakistan is merely a sign of the future and the bedlem that will spread around the world uncontrolled.