Friday, November 02, 2007

I had to reboot my system, I am frazzled, bear with me!

I have been working on my computer all day (11 hours) trying to fix a config problem between windows and verizon. I will have to wait until tomorrow to discus the latest BS with Bush and his damn antics, He is threatening no Attorney General if He doesn't get his way.
Hell that would be a good thing from what I can see. Nothing is an improvement over what we had.
Anyway I had to set my computer back to day one and I lost everything except for what I had on my site. I will be a little slow getting back up to snuff but I will be writing.
if anyone reads this can you pass the word at least to Dusty, enigma, Robert Rouse, Anon, okay I better stop, I will get the rest. Ha, at least I can send and recieve!


Brother Tim said...

I feel your pain, Brother. Been there, done that. I might recomend also archiving your site to a hard CD. I do this about every 3 months since I had a problem with Blogger a few years back.

an average patriot said...

brother tim
I am no good at this. My nephews set this up for me. One is tech support and a couple more rebuid and repair pc's but they went back to Vegas.
I don't even know how to burn or use a disc or whatever you call it. I have to call them and get some help eventually. Anyway I atleast hope I can send an email. That was the whole problem in the first place, Take care!