Sunday, November 18, 2007

Attacking Iran is why Iraq was attacked so Democrats waste their time, Chavez warns against the attack as Iran says the pressure is illegal!

Hell, the UN and the rest of the world were powerless to prevent Iraq from being attacked. They couldn't stop the idiots Cheney and Bush from lying until they found an excuse to attack Iraq so they could get our military back into the middle east and they will not leave. they will find the excuse to attack Iran per their original plan. This plan was formed in 1996 before Bush was elected to push it through.
It is Cheney's job to push it through and they will not stop. They continue to be committed to their basic plan: Destroy Iran and Syria, and make Israel the dominant power in the region. When I was googling looking for this report I found many in reference to helping Jordan and Turkey which is interesting in light of what has been transpiring of late with Turkey but here is the Perle Wurmser Report I wanted to show you. A clean break
They will not leave period and even if they did the damage has been done and the middle east breakdown will commence embroiling the entire middle east then encompass the entire world. It will not be stopped now despite a threat by Democrats,Chavez to hit us where it hurts, our wallets and our gas tanks, and the UN. Also remember that monstrous monument to this middle east failure Bush is building in Iraq. There is no end in sight and the exorbitant cost is approaching 3/4 of a Billion dollars.
Anyway, I find it laughable that anyone thinks Bushco will listen to them but A Democratic senator on Saturday accused President Bush and congressional Republicans of hindering his party's attempts to chart a new course in Iraq even though U.S. troops are fighting violence "they cannot possibly resolve." They don't get it but Bush wants a permanent presence in the middle east and doesn't want the problem resolved. He just needs an excuse to stay there until the middle east explodes!

Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pennsylvania, said increased troop levels ordered earlier this year to give Iraqi politicians breathing space to meet political and diplomatic goals have not had the intended result."That means our troops are fighting for a peace that we seem more interested in achieving than the Iraqi politicians do themselves," Casey said while delivering the Democrats' weekly radio address. read the wasted concern
The Iraqi Politicians do not want unity they want their own separate Autonomy. They need us to leave so they can go after each other but Bush will not leave until he furthers this mess and we are forced to continue fighting!

Chavez is even adding his two cents. In his opening address of a rare OPEC summit, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned the United States on Saturday that oil prices would further surge if the U.S. contemplates an attack against his country or Iran. The summit of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries opened Saturday in Saudi Arabia, with heads of states and delegates from 12 of the world's biggest oil-producing nations listening to a recitation from the Quran.

After the quotes from Islam's holy book, Chavez warned that the U.S. should not target OPEC members for foreign policy reasons. "If the United States attempts the madness of invading Iran or attacking Venezuela again, the price of oil is probably going to reach $200, not just $100," Chavez said. While Iran has been in a standoff with the U.S. over its nuclear program, left-wing Chavez is a bitter antagonist of President Bush.
"We are witnessing constant threats against Iran. I think OPEC should strengthen itself in this capacity and demand respect for the sovereignty of our nations, if the developed world wants a guaranteed supply of oil." It was the third full OPEC summit since the organization was created in 1960. Chavez's whole story

Meanwhile Western pressure on Iran to halt its uranium enrichment program has no legal basis and will not prevail, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said Sunday in the wake of a U.N. report that Tehran sees as a major political victory. "If threats and adventurism are aimed at depriving the Iranian nation of its legal nuclear rights, they will never succeed," Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told reporters.
"I do not see any legal basis for illogical and unrealistic endeavors" against Iran's nuclear program, Hosseini said. On Thursday, a report by the U.N. nuclear watchdog concluded that Iran has been generally truthful about key aspects of its nuclear history, but warned that its knowledge of Tehran's present atomic work was shrinking. please read the whole story

* Bush's pressure on Iran is working as any idiot would have expected, they are going further underground with their efforts and it is just a matter of time before Bush can scare enough people to find his excuse to attack. Despite all the threats from here and around the world and advice to the contrary he will ignore all good advice once again as he did to get in the middle east by attacking Iraq.
He will once again ignore all good advice so he can attack Iran and further what he thinks will be his new middle east and world (dis?)order. Remember, at the same time, Pakistan is preparing to erupt and the world is rallying to go against Bush!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Holly said...

Hey Patriot does this mean that that chavez is going to sttack us because bush is going to attack iran that sounds like a war all over

Holly said...

Hey patriot lydia told me you have lots of info on bush trying to cause a world war is that what this is

an average patriot said...

I think it is next week that Chavez goes for his life time Presidency to become another Castro. The world is preparing to fight this just developing world war.
Anyway the rest of our South american neighbors are very concerned with Chavez's ties to Iran, Russia, and others.
If we have this war that I firmy believe is unavoidable we will be facing the 193 non aligned Nations of which Venezuela is one along with Russia China, Iran and everyone else Bush has alienated.
take care!

an average patriot said...

Yes Holly I am afraid it is what it is all about. Bush attacked Iraq to get into the middle east and once heattacks Iran or if intervention in Pakistan comes first this will really get going.
It will not be avoided or controlled regardless of who is President as too much has been set in motion. there is much information and you can go through some of my recent past posts.
I have been trying to wake people up for years now but can't get anyone to listen. It is now out of America's control. Everything Bush has done is designed to goad this. That is why the bullying give me what I want Politics.
Once things get started Bush's pundits will ask for a Constitutional Amendmant to keep him in control of his wars. it gets worse but i'll stop there. YYou take care and stay in touch!

Gryphen said...

Hey patriot it looks like you and I are playing the same song.

I feel your frustration at how blase everybody is with this potential holocaust just over the horizon. I agree that Iran has been in this administrations sights since the day they sat down in the oval office, or even before.

I have seen signs that the MSM is waking up to this probability but hey are so damn slow!

Well keep up the good work Patriot, I for one appreciate it.

Larry said...

Doing the Right Thing
A. Alexander, November 18th, 2007
Doing the right thing, being a good and decent human being and nurturing the best part of our common humanity are not easy things to practice. Taking care of those who cannot care for themselves, exercising patience and understanding, practicing tolerance of those somewhat different from us, and accepting our interdependence requires great and sustained effort. Attempting to live a life and to build a society constructed upon such principles can be difficult and exhausting. On the other hand, allowing our darker human qualities -- fear, racism, anger, self-seeking, selfishness, indifference, greed, vengeance, and violence -- to rule our lives and society is easy ... it requires no effort, no thought and no self-sacrifice. And, too, these dark traits are simple to cultivate and easier still to manipulate.

Mister Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld understood all too well just how easy it is to foster and influence peoples' lesser emotions. Following 9/11 these men helped magnify society's collective fear and used it to nurture an unthinking anger-driven desire for misplaced vengeance. They tweaked a nation's fear, fed a nation's anger, and used it to attack Iraq ... a country and people that did absolutely nothing to the United States. It was an abhorrent act made possible through the Bush administration's understanding of just how simple it is to manipulate people who are under the influence of their most primitive emotions.

According to memos written and distributed by Rumsfeld, when public opinion toward the Iraq War first began to decline, he had ordered his people to, "Make the American people realize they are surrounded in the world by violent extremists." He wasn't interested in knowing how to convince the American people that the war was a just cause. Rumsfeld's first response to the people losing faith in the war cause, was to prey upon their fear. Why? Because it is an easy thing to do ... it is easy to call upon peoples' dark nature.

Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity ... their entire reason for being is to actively encourage us to indulge in our most instinct-driven characteristics. They tell us that affirmative action isn't an attempt at overcoming the persistent and lingering inequality caused by more than 400 years of slavery. They say affirmative action is giving "special treatment" to black people at the expense of hardworking white folks. They tell us that not allowing gays and lesbians their human right to marry isn't bigotry and oppression. They say it is to "strengthen" the marriages of "Christians" and to "defend" the "sanctity" of heterosexual marriage. They tell us that we should be afraid of the Iranian people and that it is okay for us to kill them because they aren't human, they're ... they're "Islamao-fascists."

The people responsible for Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Hannity know that it is easy to make people indulge in their lesser nature. It doesn't require any effort on behalf of the listener or viewer. People can sit passively and be told what it is that they should fear, why they should be angry, how others are out to get them, and be convinced that someone is waging a war against all that they hold dear. And, too, the people responsible for Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Hannity know that humans functioning under their most primitive emotions, and humans who are made to feel as though they are under unrelenting siege tend to become irrational reactionaries ... people easily manipulated.

Being angry, spiteful, vengeful, vindictive, uncaring, and hateful is easy. Trying to understand and to feel for others is difficult and takes effort. Trying to secure healthcare for our neighbors and their children is difficult and takes effort. Trying to reach out to a Somali-American woman wearing a hijab can be scary and requires effort. Trying to make-up for past wrongs so that the future can be confronted with honor and dignity requires self-sacrifice and effort. Trying to contain our collective anger after someone kills our loved ones, "turning the other cheek" and refusing to react violently -- refusing to lower ourselves to hatred's level -- takes grace and maximum effort. Trying to abstain from torturing those we feel harmed us isn't easy. None of it is easy, but it is right and doing right ensures and strengthens our collective humanity.

Doing the right thing, being a good and decent human being, and nurturing the best part of our common humanity are not easy things to practice ... but they are necessary for our survival. Let us all endeavor to overcome those who prey upon our lesser nature and in so doing, renew our commitment to one another ... American to American and American to all the world's citizens.

I doubt this will ever happen.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Gryphen!
We are on the same page. It is very frustating because the wake up is not wide spread enough and too late. This developing mess has now snowballed beyond any control and the chief warmonger did it but can stupidly say I told you so and appear forced to fight for his new world order.
I have been trying to wake people up for years to no avail. It is too bad because my sons are in this.

an average patriot said...

Very good Larry
I am sure I told you before but I taught my sons to do the right thing. I thought that was just normal and the right thing to do. It is not hard for me but unavoidable though never in my favor.
Not until I researched Thomas Jefferson did I realize that I was different and why. Most people have different principles and doing the right thing is what is right for them. Jefferson said to save your breath as you will never get them to see the truth!

mirth said...

There is evidence to believe this is why we are in the mideast and why, perhaps for generations to come, we will stay in the mideast:

an average patriot said...

Before I read your link i will say we will be in the middle east for generations atleast. Even if we leave and I don't see it we will be fighting Bush's created forever war. Bankruptcy is supposed to bring our demise but who knows.

an average patriot said...

mirth I just checked out you link. That is right and why we attacked Iraq to get into the middle east to help them with the new middle east order.
Right from the start Israel has said they want to give themselves a safety buffer zone but it will all fail as the entire middle east will blow until the entire world is embroiled.