Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Yesterday's Ignorance: One example why we must all participate in 9/15 Washington Impeachment Rally!

I have to agree with Joe Wilson's assesment of Bush's ignorant pardon of Scooted I mean Scooter. President Bush's decision to commute I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's prison sentence proves that "this administration is corrupt to the core," said Ambassador Joseph Wilson, the former diplomat whose wife was at the center of the CIA leak investigation that sparked the Libby case. In denouncing the Bush administration, Wilson told NPR, "I would only hope that Americans now realize, with this subversion of our system of justice and the rule of law in this country, just exactly how corrupt they are."
That is not what I want to discuss today though! This mockery of our Justice system and our rules and laws shows once again that Bush, Cheney, and their New Order lying Cronies are above our law and order as they ceaselessly continue to persue their new version of societal and world order.
That is just the latest in a long line of examples why I hope the following letter from Ramsey Clark regarding the March in Washington DC calling for the Impeachment of Bush and Cheney will motivate those that can participate in any capacity will do so. The march is set to coincide with General Petraeus's report on the surge on September 15th. The surge is a failure as expected and I would not doubt if the report is delayed in order to rain on our parade by design.
Mr. Clark requested that those of us that receive his message spread it around as much as possible. This is the best method for me to do that so here you go:

Dear james,
I am writing to you with the hope that you will help us organize and promote the September 15th March in Washington DC. Thousands of Americans from around the country will join together to demand the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and insist on the immediate end to the war in Iraq. September 15th is the date General David Petraeus is mandated to make a report to Congress on the progress of the so-called surge. The eyes of the national and international media will be focused on Washington DC at that time. Time is short.
The question is whether we have the will to act. President Bush has said ...”the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude.” Feeling unappreciated he has questioned “...whether or not there is a gratitude level that’s significant enough in Iraq.” Let us count the acts of the Bush Administration for which the Iraqi people should be grateful.
US violence has brought death to hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s and physical injury to millions.
—Hundreds of billions of dollars in property destruction caused by U.S. aggression will take decades after peace to rebuild.
—2.2 million Iraqi’s, nearly one in ten, have fled their country to foreign exile, refugee camps and a doubtful future while at least 2 million more have fled their homes and communities to furtive lives of quiet desperation, to inadequate housing within Iraqi, without jobs or schools.
—3/4's of the people do not have safe drinking water.
—Iraqi’s internationally acclaimed and free health care system is a shambles.
—Since Shock and Awe began in March 2003 infant mortality in Iraq has increased radically to the highest death rate of all nations.
—Iraq is the most unstable country in the world.
—The sight and sound of violent death has created a pervasive state of constant devastating fear.
For this Iraq should be grateful?
It must be clear to every informed and thinking person that President Bush has no concern for human suffering, truth, freedom, democracy, peace, justice, human rights, or the Constitution of the United States. His words and acts are designed only to increase his personal power and achieve his personal agenda and that of those who share his goals and hatred.
To this end, he will destroy relations with Russia by placing missile defense systems on its border inside Poland and in the Czech Republic, he will impose Wolfowitz on the World Bank, and he will retain Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General.
President Bush intends for a major American military force to remain in Iraq for the foreseeable future even if it destroys that country utterly and turns the whole world that cares about justice against the United States. Look only at the $600 million dollar U.S. Embassy built in the heart of Baghdad and nearing completion. He sees withdrawal from Iraq as the loss of control of its oil followed by Saudi Arabia and the Emirates with their oil and the expansion of Iranian influence.
President Bush seeks regime change in Iran and Syria and the perpetuation of repressive dictatorships in Egypt, Pakistan and elsewhere in the region. There is a high risk he will order an attack on Iran. Having achieved regime change of the fairly elected government of Palestine, he seeks permanent isolation and decimation of Gaza and tightening control of the West Bank through funding and arming of a minority faction there, ending the hope for a viable, free and independent Palestine.
He plans to expand his war against Islam that will involve the U.S. in a losing military conflict on Muslim soil for years to come with unforeseeable, but devastating costs and consequences.
To continue these policies he will further diminish the freedom, privacy and civil liberties of the American people and expand the domination of wealth and militarism over the economy and body politic of our country.
He has committed the most serious crimes against humanity from wars of aggression and threats of more to political corruption and the corruption of justice at home unprecedented in our history.
Impeachment now is imperative. If, We the People fail to force accountability for these crimes this fall, President Bush will have a free ride with impunity through the Presidential election year of 2008, when the Constitutional duty to impeach will succumb to political pressure, to the end of his second term in January 2009.
The impeachment of Bush, Cheney and the other civil officers of the United States is not merely the best way to bring our troops home from Iraq and prevent new aggressions, it is the sure way and the only way. President Bush, who assaults nations in the name of democracy has proclaimed himself the one man “decider” for the fate of our country and its victims. For him, democracy is an election controlled by wealth every four years and dictatorship in between.
If we fail, the world will see that the American people are powerless to effectively oppose Bush policies that have angered and embittered billions of people, making enemies of most nations, or worse, that the American people support Bush policies. How else could such lawless and destructive policies be tolerated?
We do have the will to act and by working together we can make the difference. Please act now, as if the future of the country depends on it.
We can succeed but only with the help of you and thousands of other people. It is essential that we raise hundreds of thousands of dollars right now. Please make a donation today. you can make an online donation or send a check.
We can organize, arouse public opinion and raise funds over the summer to bring a massive turnout on September 15 in Washington DC demanding Impeachment and an end to the war. If you want to be listed as an endorser and supporter of the September 15th demonstration, you can do so below.
We will work in key Congressional Districts, constituents to their Representative, to insure action on Impeachment. We will involve people in every walk of life, working together to stop the runaway lawlessness of the Bush Administration before we are so inextricably intertwined in aggression, war, occupation and alienation that it will take decades before we can pursue policies that serve humanity, rejecting militarism, domination and exploitation.
We need to know how receptive the American people are to an all out effort in this moment of maximum moral and political crisis to personal commitment to participation in a six month campaign to impeach Bush/Cheney, et al.
Are you? Let us know now whether you will join this campaign. Let us know how you can organize support, enlisting others, staging demonstrations across the nation, raising and contributing funds for massive T.V., newspaper, computer and direct telephone and mail campaigns.
I hope you will join us and make this effort a priority so we can persevere in common cause.
Sincerely,Ramsey Clark
--please forward widely to your friends, family and email lists--
He supplied links but I don't expect those links to work so here is the web site if you would like to contact them. Thank You! ImpeachBush@VoteToImpeach.org and here is the web site for information. www.votetoimpeach.org

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holly said...

Hey Patriot, I was reading your article and didn't realize all those figures you had listed.It is worse than I thought and real depressing

an average patriot said...

Holly, trust me, it is a lot worse than that. That is just what Ramsey is saying as a Democratic official. That is only one tiny piece of the middle east explosin still just starting that Bush purposely guaranteed. but please don't get depressed. You just relax and enjoy. Your worrying like the concern of millions will not matter. Bush is going to do what he wants and the rest of us be damned. Have a nice 4th!

Larry said...

Great post Jim:

Is The United States An Empire?

Definition of an Empire:

A nation-state that dominates other nation-states and exhibits one or more of the following characteristics:

1) Exploits resources from the lands it dominates

2) Consumes large quantities of resources in amounts that are disproportionate to the size of its population relative to those of other nations

3) Maintain a large military that enforces its policies when more subtle measures fail

4) Spreads its language, literature, art, and various aspects of its culture throughout its sphere of influence

5) Taxes not just its own citizens, but also people in other countries

6) Imposes its own currency on the lands under its control

Once the North American Union comes to being, number 6 will be fulfilled, and the list complete.

Larry said...


In case you missed Keith Olbermann and his "Special Commentt" tonight:

We of this time–and our leaders in Congress, of both parties–must now live up to those standards which echo through our history: Pressure, negotiate, impeach–get you, Mr. Bush, and Mr. Cheney, two men who are now perilous to our Democracy, away from its helm.

For you, Mr. Bush, and for Mr. Cheney, there is a lesser task. You need merely achieve a very low threshold indeed. Display just that iota of patriotism which Richard Nixon showed, on August 9th, 1974.


And give us someone–anyone–about whom all of us might yet be able to quote John Wayne, and say, “I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my president, and I hope he does a good job.”

an average patriot said...

Thanks! That is a good listing you have there. Under that guise we are an Empire. Sadly I have to say because of little Bush, a failing Empire.
That was well put because as we know number 6 is coming, you are right saying the Empire scenario will be fulfilled. I have read in some of the links I have sent you that there is nothing concrete as to what to do about the monetary system. However, that said you know Bush and his handlers already have their druthers. OMG our poor kids. What have we let happen on our watch?
If I can squeeze it in before we go to celebrate the 4th I am looking to do a story in regards to that and how many more we will have thanks to Bush? That, I want to do in conjunction with the stupid legacy interview I saw of his yesterday. Very scary!

an average patriot said...

Another great comment! That is exactly what should happen and I have written on it a few times. That however would be the right thing to do and as usual, the right thing will not get done.
We must continue to get rid of these idiots who could care less what they have done to our America and the world as they forge ahead with their versions of a new order.
I wrote a long time ago and have said it many times that we are still waiting for our shining light to lead us out of the dark tunnel Bush has created.
To me only one person is supremely outfitted to do that and it is Al Gore. I will continue to push for him and believe when all is said and done he will run and be our next President because he knows we need him and now.

Mike said...

Amazing article Patriot........Right on the money, I couldnt agree more, i'm going to have to check out some of your books......I really like and agree with your writing.

Powerful stuff!

an average patriot said...

Thanks Mike, I appreciate that.The books are on PDF and are a chronicle of the reality of Bush's lies from day one. You can look at the first effort by clicking on it. It will take you to some sample pages at the publishers. There are some pamphlets for free you may agree with and literally thousands on line. I don't want to sell anything. My goal is to wake us all up before it is too late and I have to make a difference. Two of my 4 sons are in this and the others want to go. This mess that Bush has gleefully created is to be left for our children to pay and our grandchildren to inherit. This happened on my watch and I am embaressed and disgusted.

Mike said...

Thanks Patriot, i'll check them out this weekend, if you dont mind I would like to use them for a future article?

your absolutely right, we need to make a difference before its too late.........i shudder to think of the future of the next generation if these evil megalomaniacs are allowed to remain in power unchecked!

an average patriot said...

Of course I care, I'm honored. I have many updates but I do not have the knowledge to put them on my web site. I am hoping that someone with some knowledge who cares about what the average American feels about all this will want to get involved.
My 7th book which got great revues but I ended up not publishing is the one I thought was the best. I got too busy trying to keep up with Bush's accelerated damage as he is running out of time. I do have a copyright agreement on my Blog that allows anyone to use the material as long as they keep the spirit of it and note where it came from.
I have seen it in a few languages and I think it's cool. I just want to get the word out and help the situation. Some from Germany and Britain commend what I am doing saying I represent America well and to keep up the good work.