Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bush never fails to Disappoint and Disgust us, Yesterdays Presidential Address was worse than ever!
I absolutely hate listening to or seeing Bush. However with the ignorance he spews forth every day it is absolutely imperative that we summon the strength and listen to it so we can get out the truth. Yesterday during his weekly radio address he showed that as he gets more desperate to follow his ill course he showed he is getting more ignorant and arrogant by the day. He said the Nation's strong economy is the result of the hard work of the American people and pro-growth policies in Washington. He still refuses to admit there are two economies so he can continue his plan for new societal order. His economy is doing great. The average American's is getting increasingly worse as he helps the upper level of society and makes it increasingly harder for average Americans to survive on a level they are accustomed.
Bush actually bragged that his mis Administration delivered the largest tax relief since Ronald Reagan was in the White House. I don't know about you but I didn't see any of that money.
He said his tax relief has left $1.1 trillion in the hands of citizens like you to save, and spend, and invest as you see fit. Well, you know citizens like you is not you and I. He is not addressing average Americans he is addressing the affluent. It is so obvious what this guy is doing and he just flat out gets away with it.
He forgot to mention he gave the affluent back $1.1 trillion while he gave the average American trillions in debt to pay off after he leaves so his economy does appear great. He said we have overcome a stock market decline. I don't remember that only that it is climbing precipitously and artificially higher and it will crash. That recession he talked about overcoming is getting worse by the day for many Americans as their lifestyle increasingly recede due to his successful economy.
He also bragged about surviving the demands of the war on terror. I don't know what the percentage of his corruption and demands from his war in Iraq figure in that but I bet it is the majority of it. Then Bush got to the ignorant point of his undeserved bragging.
He said that next week, his misAdministration will release a report called the Mid-Session Review, which will provide us with an update on our Nation's progress in meeting the goal of a balanced budget. Yhep not balancing the Budget will be our fault too. As I remember, his plan calls for a balanced Budget on someone else's watch in 2012.
He took time before he got to the ignorant low blow and said that we know from experience that when we pursue policies of low taxes and spending restraint, the economy grows, tax revenues go up, and the deficit goes down. I don't know about that but I only see spending abuse by him but on what he wants and it seems counter to common sense if you ask me. That whole statement makes no sense to me.
Then he got to his ignorant aim! He said Democratic leaders in Congress want to take our country down a different track. Yes, we do, the right track and like he is right now with his pointed lying rhetoric he will continue to derail those efforts so he can continue down the wrong road.
He said we are working to bring back the failed tax-and-spend policies of the past. If that is what they call Clinton's policy I thought it worked rather well myself. I don't remember hearing any complaints. He went on to say the Democrats' budget plan proposes $205 billion in additional domestic spending over the next five years and includes the largest tax increase in history. I have to hope the majority of those increases are necessary to "our America" and not Bush's and that is why he does not agree with them. He said no nation has ever taxed and spent its way to prosperity. I don't know about that but I don't believe you can give the wealthy back their taxes and incur trillions in debt and call that success with a straight face. Of course once again he threatened a veto if we took the right road for "our America" and not his.
He went on to accuse the Democrats of holding up 12 important must pass Bills. Again they must be important to his new idea of America and not the one we all grew up in and want back.
He called his moment a test. Under our Constitution, Congress holds the power of the purse. Democratic leaders are in control of Congress. I have to hope they handle the responsibility a lot better than the Republicans did. He tried to blame blocking his idiocy on Democrats being irresponsible. He said they set the schedule for when bills are considered. They determine when votes are held. That means they are being blocked for good reason so keep it up.
He said Democrats have a chance to prove they are for open and transparent government while as you know, him and Republicans showed they are for closed Government and hidden spending and agenda's. As they do, I will insist they restrain spending so we can keep our government running — while sustaining our growing economy and getting our budget into balance. He lastly said that by setting clear budget priorities and maintaining strong fiscal discipline, we can promote economic growth and bring our budget into balance.
If that is true then under his misAdministration how could we honestly have had a successful economy unless as many of us think, it is just another facade and the truth will hit us hard when Bush is gone and again Democrats will get the blame for his failures.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...

Excellent article. There are two economies and the second economy is is for what Bush views as those outcasts.

Wealth is America is taken from the poor and becoming poor, and given to the ultra elite with whom Bush views as the only real Americans.

an average patriot said...

You are entirely right of course and he has purposely widened the gap as part of his new societal order.
I have been hearing requests for something to be done about the widening gap but he has already done what he wanted and widened it on purpose. He will not reverse what he has done for new societal and world order. Nor will he stop.

two crows said...

hey, a p--
if memory serves, you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a 'help wanted' sign during the Clinton administration.
and, the stock market was bullish throughout the period.
this is the 'bleak economy' the dems want to take us back to.

I could do with some bleakness about now.

an average patriot said...

Hey two crows
Glad to hear from you. I agree. I am sick of seeing Clinton's success thrown in our faces as a failure. You are right, we could use some of that bleakness and failure and quick. We can't take much more of Bush's success.