Friday, July 06, 2007

As soon as I heard Libby paid his fine my thought was we will pay him for committing treason!

The payment, of $250,400, which included a "special assessment" of costs, was paid by a cashier’s check dated July 2. A spokeswoman for Mr. Libby, Barbara Comstock, said he paid the fine out of his own pocket. I wouldn't believe that either but that is not what I wanted to discuss.
I knew these fools would have the last laugh! My immediate thought first went to the fact that we would have to reimburse him when Bush gives him his pardon and he will. I thought a refund would be automatic then I found out that Technically he can get it but it won't be easy. Once a convicted criminal pays a fine, the treasury can't issue a refund even if that person is later exonerated. For Libby to get back his 250 Gs, Congress would need to pass a law to make the funds available. Or it's possible that President Bush could issue a customized presidential pardon that specifies a refund.
I couldn't in my wildest dreams see Congress passing a law making those funds available but I can absolutely see Bush issuing a customized presidential pardon that specifies a refund. My first thought in that regard was OMG Bush is going to make us pay interest lost during the time the money was in the Feds hands and we will in effect have paid Libby to commit treason against us, America, and our Constitution. I wouldn't doubt that at all. One final slap in the face.
I was thinking about that then I realized that after years of investigation and the long trial we already spent untold millions only to have him released and that we already paid. When I say we I mean average Americans because Bush gives the rich their tax contributions back. Then I started thinking about the tremendous cost of all this and realized the monetary cost will pale to the irreparable damage to the Constitution and our rule of law in the future.
The damage to the future of America is incalculable and it will carry on forever I am afraid. The damage to our system of Government that relies heavily on integrity is damaged forever and the standard of do whatever you want to get what you want with no concern for the law has been set right from the top and it will filter all through society. You have to wonder about our future and realize that Bush has done a lot more damage than just the obvious.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...

Good article. I would guess that even though Libby is wealthy, that a corporate fatcat gave his small change to pay Libby's way.

Bush will no doubt try one of those signing statements if possible to repay Libby.

Either way, we have already paid millions like you say, to protect Bush and Cheney from their own prosecution.

Larry said...


I found this blog today. Check it out.

New World Order

an average patriot said...

I know it is denied and we will never hear the truth but I would expect the fine was paid fromn his $5 million defense fund.
You can bet that the Bush ignorance will go right to the last day and he will have special write ins (provisions) in Libby's pardon and they will once again have the last laugh.

an average patriot said...

A new world order site. Sounds right up my alley. I am sure I will find that we agree on quite a bit so thanks, I will check that site in a moment.
I have to say that as you read the end of My Manifesto to the World that I carry the terrible reality and turnout at the end a lot farther than anyone else.
As you watch events as they have already occurred and are unfolding I have been right on and I am afraid I will be right to the end.

an average patriot said...

I just Emailed Euroyank, the site you gave me. I want to delve into his work more and I want him to read my Manifesto so I E'd him hoping he would get back to me. Could be an interesting connection so thanks. Jim

Holly said...

Hey Patriot you give me too much to read I was trying to understand your other material and now you have this link about the New World order that I do not understand but it sounds dreadful

an average patriot said...

Hi Holly
Did I send you a link to my Manifesto to the World? I don't think I did because I would require your Email.
That link you are talking about I think is to an American in Germany I am trying to converse with. He wants to talk and he wants to look at the Manifesto but he failed to give me an E.
Anyway you are entirely right! There is nothing good in this plan for new world order for average Americans. Relax and stay in touch!