Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We're reduced to Worthless Political games, media jokes and critical Iraq issues ignored!

We accomplish more as we sleep: We're reduced to Worthless Political games while the media jokes and critical Iraq issues are ignored!
As we listened to the Partisan bickering over an Iraq withdrawal we have been reduced to playing Republican games. In this instance it is the Political theater of a Senate sleep over. The vote of course failed and is being called a defeat for the Democrats but it is not. It is a defeat for America and our troops.
Meanwhile some very important Issues to our troops and their care is being ignored and swept under the rug. As I was researching news sources to talk about what was happening or "not happening" in the Senate I discovered the usual biased coverage. While CNN took this seriously Fox accused Democrats of playing games. Meanwhile nothing is going to get accomplished and I had to go to other sources and stories to get the serious news on this that is glossed over, ignored, and not mentioned to us.
The CNN story did show that as we know, that all night session was absolutely worthless as everyone interviewed insisted on holding their Partisan course while ignoring the real issues at hand.
It is sickening to hear the childish senseless banter to Protect Bush and his mess while our troops are in real danger, being ill cared for, and their equipment needs go unmet and underfunded by Bush.
Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut did say that he would introduce an amendment to the defense authorization bill that would cut funding for combat missions in Iraq and he would use the billions in savings to rebuild the nation's military. that of course is something else that may be needed but will never happen. Millions of dollars a week are being squandered in Iraq . While our nation's military is calling out for additional resources to repair the damage caused by the administration's policies Dodd said.
Dodd said the National Guard has requested $38 billion from Congress to replace vehicles, aircraft, equipment and personal gear that were transferred to Iraq, and that shortfall remains unfunded in the current defense authorization bill.
"It means that we are short of equipment to respond to natural and man-made disasters here at home, short of equipment for training, short of equipment to maintain the standard of maintenance rotation for equipment currently in the field ... short of equipment to protect the American people," he said.
How can we ignore those issues and make a joke out of the very important issue of troop withdrawal? I was disappointed to see that the Washington Post also treated the all night debate as a joke instead of treating our situation seriously. Amidst all these wasted Partisan arguments on withdrawing our troops I did run into an important story that is unfolding at least under my radar and on the Washington Post. Maybe things will get done right, there now.
Anyway the secretary of veterans affairs, resigned yesterday and said he would leave his post by Oct. 1, ending a tenure marked by the largest data breach in the federal government's history and sharp criticism of the care given to injured veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
He has done such a great job of mismanaging the Department of Veterans affairs that I am sure he too will be given a medal.
I'm sure you remember that The agency has faced considerable criticism for its treatment of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as they move from the military healthcare system to VA's, and for its chronically slow processing of disability claims by injured or sick veterans from all eras. Critics complain about lost paperwork, a shortage of VA caseworkers, a caseload of 400,000 pending disability claims and long waits for initial appointments in the VA healthcare system.
The criticism grew louder this year when The Washington Post revealed decrepit conditions and poor outpatient treatment of wounded troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, though that facility is run by the Pentagon, not VA.
Yet Nicholson said he was not asked to step down. He said It is a good time -- if there ever is a good time -- to leave the VA. There were no frustrations causing me to think about resigning.
Sadly, I can believe that as like Bush, his whole MisAdministration, and the bias Media, they all think they are doing a great job and they are but for them. Someone has to start doing the right thing for our soldiers in Iraq and get them home while treating them right if they are wounded. All this back slapping and game playing must stop or our soldiers situations everywhere are going to continue to degrade and get much worse.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...

Good post, coupled with Pace's feeble mention that there will be a larger buildup after the "surge" continues to fail.

The Republicans, no matter what their words of political cover are, will never go against Bush, and frankly neither will many so-called Democrats.

Larry said...

"The art of leadership... consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention."

Adolph Hitler

Does this remind you of anyone?

an average patriot said...

Thanks Larry
You're right! I have heard rumours of another build up and it is sad because you know they will do it and Iraq will not be saved period.
It is sickening to see the Republicans block any efforts to help the troops and the incurable mess in Iraq and the middle east just so Bush can continue to warmonger as he tries to progress his new order.
Everything all over the world wil get a hell of a lot worse even after he is gone because what he has set in motion can not be controlled and is just starting.

an average patriot said...

It is sickening isn't it? Knowing the Nazi ties with the Bush family it is just one more thing we all know but like everything else it will be denied. I just hate it.
Bush practices the Politics of division in order to create an issue where there was none and dividing the people to get his way.
You probably read it before on my stuff but Bush practices his Rove's taught 3D Politics to get his way. That's (Deceptive, deceitful, divisive, Politics)

Mike said...

Another great post Patriot, i'm so sick and tired of the games and political maneuvering. I want REAL action and results not rhetoric.

I'd love to read your Manefesto Patriot, i'm very interested in seeing it, could you either have Larry get it to me or have him exchange e-mails for us......because i'm reluctant to post it on the internet because we've had serious issues with trolls.

Larry said...


Just found this on Newsvine:

By Elizabeth Miller - The real reason behind President Bush's push for immigration reform, says author Jerome R. Corsi, is to unite the United States, Mexico and Canada by erasing borders and creating a "North American Union."

That is the theme of Mr. Corsi's new book, "The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada," which says the Bush administration's "globalist agenda" is leading to a merger of the countries through the implementation of policies and laws to open trade barriers and renovate the highway systems in anticipation of increased travel within the new megastate.

Mr. Corsi said a growing number of Americans think the North American Union is being forced onto Americans. Government officials say the idea is no more than an unjustified conspiracy theory spread through the Internet.

Mr. Corsi said the impetus of the plan was the creation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, announced by leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada at Waco, Texas, in 2005.

The White House-led partnership is a trilateral effort to increase security and enhance prosperity through greater cooperation and information sharing, according to the SPP's Web site (

The SPP is not a treaty or agreement, but the Web site calls it a dialogue among the countries and their leaders.

The Commerce Department coordinates the prosperity component, and the Homeland Security Department coordinates the security component, added shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks. The State Department ensures the two are consistent with foreign policy.

Mr. Corsi also is a co-author of the 2004 bestseller "Unfit For Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry." He said he is considering running as the Constitution Party's 2008 presidential candidate.

Americans, he said, should not believe the official stance of the SPP. He calls the partnership unconstitutional.

"The SPP was really a way we would progressively open borders between the U.S. and Canada and the U.S. and Mexico," Mr. Corsi said.

Commerce Department spokesman Richard Mills said, "The SPP is merely a mechanism for the three countries to coordinate and try to reduce red tape and work on issues, whether it's border issues, security or health security."

Mr. Corsi said the North American Union is being implemented quietly, just as the European Union was created and implemented in 1957.

"If you look at how the European Union was created, there was a group of elite who decided nationalism had been the cause of the two world wars, and they claimed their goal was of a regional government," Mr. Corsi said.

The SPP does not involve any such plan, Mr. Mills said.

"The comparison to the European Union is ridiculous. The European Union is an economic union in which the member states have ceded sovereignty," Mr. Mills said. "That is exactly not what the SPP is about. The U.S. is a sovereign country, Canada is a sovereign country and Mexico is a sovereign country."

Mr. Corsi has an ally in Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr., Virginia Republican, who introduced a House resolution in January expressing opposition to entry into a North American Union.

Mr. Goode's resolution also condemns the construction of a superhighway stretching from the Mexican border to the Canadian border in order to integrate the three countries" transportation systems.

In his book, Mr. Corsi says this superhighway will stretch four football fields wide from Laredo, Texas, to the Canadian border near Duluth, Minn., and will allow containers from "the Far East and China to access the lucrative American market from Mexico."

Bill Stockton, associate director of the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University, said Mexico and the United States are working together to improve transportation.

"The two countries do attempt to collaborate in their planning. There's no point in having such a disconnect with the border because of the high levels of trade between the two countries, especially freight," Mr. Stockton said. "In some ways, the whole point of [the North American Free Trade Agreement, ratified in 1993] was to maximize commerce between the entities."

Mr. Stockton said the plans do not include a superhighway from Mexico to Canada.

"Good transportation between the U.S. and Mexico makes just as much sense as planning between Texas and Oklahoma," Mr. Stockton said. "I don't think you can lead from trade corridors to political unions."

Francisco Conde, director of special projects and communications for North America"s SuperCorridor Coalition Inc., a nonprofit that advocates highway improvement, said, "There is no plan by any state government ... to do anything of the sort. That person, Jerome Corsi, is a completely unreliable source of information on any level."

Mr. Conde said bloggers have been spreading the rumor, but "the Internet doesn't require people to be held accountable for facts."

"You can't deny the working groups are doing it," Mr. Corsi countered. "You can deny the interpretation of it, but they're doing it."

Larry said...


I got that article on Newsvine, but it originated from the Right Wing Washington Times.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Mike
You can just Email me yours if you want. Mine is It is also on my main page. I will ask Larry if he will exchange Emails for us if that is what you want.
I would love to have your input on the manifesto and disseminate it if you want. Guaranteed it is right on! Speaking of that, my story today wil include an E I got today from World can't wait.
It says what many of us have known for years now. It is a small part of the Manifesto. Anyway it was reported in Canada but not here that Cheney is pushing Bush to attack Iran before he gets out of office. Look at my story. I will post it soon.

an average patriot said...

You know I agree. I did 2 good stories on this. One focussing on the Highway. Many Texans are up in arms. Some called me a tin foil hat but I Guarantee that it will happen.
Many were mad because I used Corsi. I don't care about the source it is the truth I want and I don't care where I find it. I will get the links too my stories and the follow up. Hold on!

an average patriot said...

I hope you can cut and paste this.This is from 6/20

an average patriot said...

This is the follow up from 7/1
Russia Building Venezuela Refineries, China building Mexican Ports, North American Union, What about the myriad of problems in our own backyard?

an average patriot said...

You know Larry
I don't pay much attention to right or left wing. I just want the truth. I didn't know the Posts Political leanings but I could have guessed
It's funny, the basis of this Post was styories from the Post. I just straightened them out which is what I always do.
By the way, Mike asked if you could exchange E's for us. Mine is on my main page as I told him but it is
Tell me what you think of the NAU posts I sent you if you would!