Friday, July 13, 2007

Best chance for Democrats to undo Bush's MisAgenda in 2008 is for Failed McCain to back failed Giuliani, then...

The Best Chance for Democrats to undo Bush's MisAgenda in 2008 is for Failed McCain to back Giuliani! Democrats will get elected and get rid of "bush's Two Americas" talked about at the NAACP meeting wher Dems shined.
McCain's campaign was a failure before it even start. The sooner he realizes he has only wasted time and money the sooner he can put it into another failed enterprise like defending sure loser Giuliani. Just an hour before he had to go to the floor of the Senate to defend President Bush's Iraq policy against a growing Republican rebellion McCain the onetime front-runner for the GOP nomination accepted the resignation of his top two campaign staffers, manager Terry Nelson and chief strategist John Weaver. And almost as soon as he wrapped up his Iraq speech, he was besieged with rumors that another top adviser was bolting, and tried his best to refute growing speculation that his once promising campaign is all but finished.
Nelson arrived a year ago; a veteran of the Bush 2004 campaign, his presence was the most concrete example that McCain 2008 was intended to be a sequel to the incumbent President's successful reelection run four years ago. Nelson's resignation, say aides, came after a fraught 10 days of debate in the wake of the campaign's second quarter fundraising results, which showed an astonishing "burn rate" that left the campaign with just over $2 million cash on hand, after raising just $11.2 million. As you know and McCain is yet to figure out, his attempt to follow in Bush's little foot steps and to a fault was his demise before he even attempted to run. Bush chose to ignore "we the people" and we are powerless to stop him. We are not going to allow this to happen again. I only hope that once McCain does pull out that he puts his little clout behind another failure, Giuliani. I said over a year ago that when all is said and done for the Republicans, Mitt Romney will get the nomination and then we will defeat that lying loser too. Only then can we focus on the plans to recover our America and its societal balance. We have been hearing calls for Bush to address the widening gap between the haves and the have nots, "the rich and the poor" and we know Bush widened this gap on purpose in creating his "new idea" of our Societal order so there is no way he is going to reverse that anymore than he is going to reverse is stance in Iraq or anywhere else around the world in his also failed endeavor for new middle east and world order. I was pleased this morning to see that today at the NAACP meeting Dems vowed to bridge the increasing rich-poor divide that Bush purposely created for his new societal order. The NAACP cheered eight Democratic presidential contenders plus a lone GOP hopeful; Obama got loudest applause. Nine of the 10 Republican presidential hopefuls took a pass at attending the Detroit convention. Some in the audience said their absence was a snub, and disrespectful and I have to agree and hope it is one more death knell to the future of the Republican Party. "The NAACP is a nonpartisan organization but President Bush and the Republican Party have continuously disrespected this organization," said Ruthie Stevenson of Mount Clemens, president of the Macomb Chapter of the NAACP. "It's totally disrespectful only one Republican came." Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo was the only GOP candidate to show up. The average American realizes the dangers in the Republican party and I believe will no longer desire to suffer under their rule. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards said there are public schools and health care systems for the affluent and different systems for everybody else."Doing something about the two Americas is the cause of my life," Edwards said. "We need a movement, brothers and sisters." There are two Americas, ours and Bush's. We need to get ours back and make it one for all. I was happy to see the Republicans show their continued contempt for the NAACP and a desire to go back to our successful societal order. It will be the undoing of the Republican Party and a guarantee of a Democratic President in 2008.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...

McCain was interviewed today and said his csampaign was struggling because he was for Bush's immigration bill.

McCain has licked on Bush's ears since he gutted him in the 2000 primaries, and his constant embrace of Bush and his war was his undoing.

Guiliani will fall from all his mob ties and the aftermath of those.

Larry said...

If you didn't see Bill Moyers show on PBS tonight you should catch the rerun this week.

He had two people on talking about impeaching Bush and Cheney, and how Bush has taken so much power to the presidency, that anyone following him will only become more out of control, no matter which party they come from.

I totally agree. That is why the Democrats will never return our rights that Bush stripped us of.

Larry said...

You can either link to the PBS Bill Moyers Interview, or read the transcript from here:

Blue Herald

an average patriot said...

Just a note on the NAACP!
I don't have a thought on what the NAACP is worth but that
meeting did give Republicans a chance to highlight their ignorance to "our America" and the plight of average Americans and they did.

an average patriot said...

You are all right. As usual you have the right take on the situation. I saw McCain laughing about the immigration Bill messing him over.
That is only a small part of it. As you point out, he stupidly thinks Bush was elected twice and is doing the right thing even though we the people know he has purposely been a total failure to us and "our America"
He still blindly backs every misstep Bush made and promises more of the same. I am happy to see that even Republicans see we cannot survive much more of this so called success.
You know I agree with you on Giuliani too. It is funny, I write daily on dkos and commenters there are frequently out of touch and dead wrong on their "take" You get it though!
It is not hubris as someone pointed out and that, that attitude will sink us again. It is knowing that their own party will keep them out.

an average patriot said...

I didn't catch that on Moyers but I will try to find it. I am part of the Impeach Bush and Cheney movement but I will guarantee you they will escape accountablity there too.
Bush especially as a result of the allowed to happen attack on 9/11 was given too much power to abuse and misuse as was his plan and he has.
I have been trying to keep abreast of developing events reigning in some of Bush's powers. Any right in his hands will be made a wrong. I want to see all the extra powers he and Cheney were given removed and hopefully before a Democrat gets in.
Like you, I can not see them decreasing their own power willingly either. Power to people like them makes them blibd drunk.

an average patriot said...

Thanks again. I will check that link out next. First I have to tell you, I have been in touch with Euro Yank routinely of late.
He agrees 100% with what I write and my "opinions"
I too agree with his but I think his way of communicating with all the videos is a bit too busy at least for me. I am trying to get a collaboration going with him or someone so we can get things out more efficiently and somehow stop talking amongst ourselves and get into a position where we can make a real difference because our future depends on it.

an average patriot said...

I just read what moyers said and you know from your own experience that, that is entirely right. it is a lot more than that though. Our laws are for us to adhere to and for Bush to ignore which he has done from the beginning and will not change now, period.
Bush and Cheney by their own routine admission are above the law and they will remain so in their endeavor for new societal, middle east, and world order. The only way to stop them is to get rid of them and as I said, I see them beating that too. Their arrogance is debilitating. This is sickening!

two crows said...

hey, AP--
I think you're right on.
Bush has felt above the law at least since his teens when he drove drunk and used cocaine. his daddy bailed him out of one failed business after another. his current behavior is simply the logical extension of his behavior over at least the last 40 to 50 years.

my only hope for his not setting himself as permanent dictator is his ongoing failure to complete anything he starts. he already seems to be showing job-fatigue. from what I've been reading [I don't bother to listen to his speeches], I think he's getting tired and just wants this job to be over so he can retire to his ranch and clear
I'll bet this is the longest he's ever held a job.

an average patriot said...

Two crows
Coming from you that means something! Yes, Bush has failed throughout his life and Daddy has bailed him out and lied for him. Bush has alwayus been a cheerleader and succeeded in nothing so the Neocons get him elected to push through this misagenda.
You know he is going to try and make his position as permanent as he can and any way he can. This is the longest job he's had and Daddy had something to do with getting hi this too fail at too.
WHAT STINKS IS THE ENTIRE WORLD WILL PAY and Bush will retire to brag about his great successes tarnished only by the interference of Democrats. This guy is a mad man.