Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wrong war Georgie: Bush's comparing Iraq to America's 1776 should have been to America's Civil War!

Wrong War: Bush's Comparing Iraq to America's 1776 should have been to America's civil war a thousand fold or worse!
Yesterday of course was the 4th of July. I was lucky enough to enjoy the day without seeing or hearing Bush. Then this morning I was unfortunate enough to catch his 4th of July speech where he was comparing what Iraq was going through as a result of his attack, to 1776.
The Fourth of July speech delivered by George W. Bush Wednesday amounted to an inadvertent self-exposure. Addressing a military audience in West Virginia, the president invoked the example of the American Revolution, when ordinary farmers "dropped pitchforks and took up muskets to fight" for their independence, "taking on the most powerful empire in the world."
It apparently did not occur to Bush, or his White House speechwriters, that any reference to the Revolutionary War was more than problematic for an imperialist power waging a brutal colonial war. It would suggest a parallel between today's insurgents in Iraq and the ragtag colonials of 1776 who waged guerrilla warfare against the British monarchy, then "the most powerful empire in the world."
His idiocy knows no bounds. It is like 1776 for us but today we are fighting an enemy within. It is like 1776 to Iraqi's as every day citizens are picking up arms to repel the all powerful invader, us. Other than in that regard the idiot had the wrong war! The War in Iraq between Iraqi factions can be accurately and more Historically compared to America's Civil War. Bush is an Idiot!
Then I was out running errands today and I heard him ignorantly chastising the Democratic Congress for doing what he is doing. I guess I must have been caught up covering his other created crises because I missed the other day where he chastised Congress for misspending the peoples money and then threatening another veto if he didn't get his way. House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer today flouted President Bush's threat to veto spending bills for being too costly, and he chided Republicans for criticizing the fiscal restraint of the Democrat-led Congress.
House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer today flouted President Bush's threat to veto spending bills for being too costly, and he chided Republicans for criticizing the fiscal restraint of the Democrat-led Congress.
"They don't have anything else to say. They have a failed administration, a failed Congress preceding this Congress," the Maryland Democrat said. "The American public turned them out."
I think we can all agree with Hoyer but what can we do about it? The hypocrisy is obvious, sickening, and legendary. Knowing the gross over spending that has occurred since the inception of this misadministration, the trillions in debt he has put off paying until he is out of office on the shoulders of those fighting his wars if they survive, and the insistence of no over sight so the corruption can go on unchecked, the ignorant, two faced, audacity, just doesn't stop and is getting increasingly debilitating.
How much more of this ignorant, obvious, two faced garbage do we have to take?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...

Good observation of the musical monkey and his ongoing self tribute.

Only in Bush'a America can a war go so wrong, that the musical monkey says its right.

Only in Bush's America would the economy be on verge of total collapse, and the musical monkey wants more for the rich.

Only in Bush's America would the Democratically controlled Congress be so spineless to stop funding the deaths in Iraq, and impeach the musical monkey in charge.

This isn't the America I used to know.

an average patriot said...

Thanks! Of course you are entirely right! You have to remember though. To our minds and in our America Bush is dead wrong.
With that said, remember the Doctrine of Destruction and Bush's new order. In his America and world, everything is perfect and going as planned. With that in mind I contacted Euroyank about New World order as you suggested but when he replied and said he would like to talk he failed to give me his E I believe.
Do you by any chance know how to reach him? I am very interested as you know, in talking to anyone who is interested.

Larry said...
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Larry said...


Thge link I gave you yesterday was the second page of his blog. Here is the first page with videos and updated links you might be interested in.

To email him, go on this link, scroll down looking on the right hand sife of the screen and you will eventually find something that says his profile-then email me.

Click on email me and there is a page you leave your message to send him.

That is the only way I could see to email him.

He has links to others of like mind as us and much information that is updated.

New World Order

an average patriot said...

Larry You're all right!
I have looked through his site enough to know he is exceptional. I found the site to be a bit confusing and way beyond my meager abilities.
I did manage to find a place where I could send him a message saying I was blown away to find the first person that had every horrible detail on what is happening today other than me. I told him about my Manifesto to the World and how blow by blow we agreed but I had it all put together right to the end and a bit more detailed.
He was interested and sent me his E mail.
I was impressed with his response.
I will give you top billing as I continue researching you and read your complete work ... in the meantime this brings to mind the following thoughts which I am currently researching ....
journey into madness - book
Welcome to the machine - book
propaganda - book by bernaise
(beginning of consumerism and used by goebels to brainwash the German people)
generation of wipers
(the manipulation of perception to carry out their social agenda ie (chipping the children))
behold a pale horse - book by william cooper
I am waiting but I think we have a keeper. I will keep you abreast. Jim