Saturday, July 21, 2007

The war against Islam that isn't, because of Iran and Pakistan is about to get out of control!

Those of you that follow my posts know that I believe unequivocally that Bush diverted from the so called war on terror to attack Iraq not to free them of Saddam but in order to get the American military back in the middle east and nothing is going to get in his way as you bear witness. Going after Iran was only one of the original plans. Bush is pursuing a new middle east order as part of his new world order. It is all about to come crashing down on us.
We have a lot to be concerned about around the world and much of it due to Bush's new order instigation. Put this all together as a whole picture and you see what is about to happen and it will not be prevented or controlled.
We think of the obvious such as China gearing up militarily to become the next super power and they may be already. we take into account the fact that Russia and China now routinely hold joint military and Naval exercises supposedly in order to counter terrorism. We watch as Bush and Putin go tit for tat in their threats. Bush to put the WW3, new world order provoking missile shields in Chezhoslovakia and Poland, and Putin raising the Iron Curtain, rearming, dropping arms treaties, and retargeting missiles. We watch as Chavez and the other 135 non-aligned Nations join with Iran and call for "Death to America" in particular Bush.
As we watch helplessly as Bush gleefully war mongers around the world creating what he thinks will be his new world order, Bushco is overlooking some serious unmentioned repercussions that are preparing to be added to the volatile mix we all watch and I just mentioned.
Knowing that I have been saying for years now that when all is said and done Bush will have his new world order war but it will not turn out as anyone thinks or can imagine. I keep saying it will be us, the Brits, ans Israel, against the rest of the world.
I have done more than a few stories detailing Documented action by Pakistan long before 9/11 including its funding of Muhamad Atta and others involved in the 9/11 attacks and too much more. Knowing the very shady history of Pakistan's involvement with 9/11, later Tora Bora, and terrorism proliferation and what is happening today in the madrassas and a call for Jihad against Musharaff, I remembered it is getting worse but we had this discussion almost a year ago on 9/23. Under the title, 9/11 Press For Truth: Very Best accurate movie exposing 9/11 cover up!
We knew how important Pakistan was in keeping Afghanistan supplied with fighters when they were fighting the Russians. We knew for whatever reason that it would be impossible to tame that area. Bush is threatening so called Islamists on every front possible as he tries to prosecute his new order.
Amidst calls for a Jihad against Musharaff,s Government by Al-Zawahiri we have Musharaff laughingly saying he will clean up the Madrassas and the extremists. President Pervez Musharaff vowed to wipe out extremism from Pakistan, saying in a defiant address to the nation that the raid on Islamabad's Red Mosque was necessary to save the country. That was done for Bush and it will only serve to bring about the same conditions his intervention in Iraq has brought to Iraqi's and soon the entire middle east.
Military ruler Musharaff, still being called a key ally in the US-led "war on terror," also said he would beef up security forces along the border with Afghanistan, where Taliban militants are active, giving the troops extra tanks and guns. The televised address came amid fears of a possible Islamist backlash following the raid on the mosque this week that killed 11 soldiers and 75 people inside the complex, mainly militants.
Now that the Judge whose incarceration by Musharraf has just been ordered released he is being hailed as a hero and The flags of Pakistan's rival political parties waved, for once, in unison. Members of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party, of Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League, of conservative Jammat Islamia and fundamentalist Jamiat Ulema Islam, were out in full force, as were thousands of ordinary Pakistanis. Rauf Naizi, a 33-year-old farmer, had been waiting hours for the Chief Justice to pass through Haripur, the halfway point on Chaudhry's route.
"The government rents crowds for their rallies, but we are not getting money or food to be here," he said. "We come just to pay tribute to the Chief Justice, because he stood up against the army generals." Musharraf has united the fragile Nation of Pakistan against him at a very critical time for us.,8599,1628168,00.html?xid=feed-cnn-topics
Knowing Bush believes Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Bush are both in Pakistan and that at least Congress is getting frustrated at not having captured Bin Laden and ridiculously they doubled his and Al-Zawarihi's bounty to $50 million. I first have to laugh! They know that money means nothing to those people, only bringing us down and nothing is going to change that. Also I wouldn't doubt if Bush knows where they are and is waiting to use his "capture" at the end of his election.
Also Taliban military commander Mansour Dadullah, in an interview broadcast on ABC News' "World News With Charles Gibson," said the London attacks were "not enough" and that bigger attacks were coming. "You will, God willing, be witness to more attacks," he told a Pakistani journalist in an interview conducted just four days ago.
Just last month, Dadullah presided over what was termed a terror training camp graduation ceremony in Pakistan, supposedly dispatching attack teams to the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany. In this new interview, Dadullah talked about the ease with which he and his men operate inside Pakistan. "We have many friends," he said. "It is very easy for us to go in and out of the tribal areas. It is no problem." Of course Pakistan continues to deny they have safe haven as you can be sure they do.
Knowing the situation in Pakistan is getting more tenuous and that terrorists do have safe haven there I am getting increasingly concerned that Bush will, forced or not, openly send our military in there and worsen things all around. No way you say! Then I remembered we have had his warning before that he indeed would.
We had this discussion too last September. It was titled Bush threatened to bomb Pakistan after 9/11 would send troops in if he knew where Bin Laden was? He will get us in deeper somehow!
Bush has vowed to follow terrorists wherever he deems necessary and has proven a propensity to do so even if he has to create the situation. I am increasingly concerned that Pakistan will soon become yet another front in the so called war on terror for us. I thought Iran would be his next misstep but what do you think about that?
This is getting lengthy but just one more note. I recieved an Email from an Indian Politician about 2 years ago that somehow got deleted and I wish I still had it. Anyway with what I just said in mind he said that when all is said and done Iran would unite with Pakistan to repel the infidel invaders, us.
Anyway you look at it pakistan is exploding and it will not be good for us. At the same time Bush is in the middle east and it is preparing to explode and deepen our commitment exponentially we may have no choice but to get overwhelmed in the Pakistan Afghanistan region. and remember there are nukes to worry about in what is increasingly developing into a Islamist controlled nation. Bush must be pretty happy with all these wars at his disposal. What a mess!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...

Worfeus who comments regularly on Lydia's blog has been saying for 2 years that Pakistan will be the main trouble.

Pakistan has always hated the U.S, they just love the money Bush throws their way.

Bin Laden lives in Pakistan, enjoys a 70% approval from the people, and will soon take over the thrust of Pakistan, including their nukes.

an average patriot said...

I knew I saw that from him on Lydia's site but I didn't find it again with a quick check. I have been saying it for years now once I found out they were funding the 9/11 attackers and it gets even worse than all the links I supplied.
I have been focusing like everyone else on Iran but events of late have me refocussed on Pakistan. I just commented on kos to someone who yesterday did not see Islamists as getting control of Pakistani nukes.
Last night he said if they do then Bush will attack and it will be bloody. I have to laugh!
Of course they will get their hands on those nukes. Once they do Bush will have to attack and with him working on Iran at the same time and Russia and China thrown into the mix against us this will be a lot worse than just bloody.
As I was saying, people at kos get mad at me for talking like I do and amongst many other things call me a tin foil hat. Sadly we are right on and all those wishful thinking naysayers are going to drag us all down with them.
Mike had quite a respnse to my Manifesto and I have to respond at length later but it is obvious how this will all end up and we somehow have to wake up our so called leaders and quickly because we are running out of time.

David Ben-Ariel said...

Globalist stooge Bush betrays US for EU