Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bush cites ongoing Debate about George Washington's legacy, no longer concerned about his own, we're in trouble!

Bush cites ongoing debate about George Washington's Legacy: No longer concerned about his own, we're in trouble!First I want to say Happy 4th of July! I was not aware Washington's legacy was still being debated. Bush's will be debated for years if we are lucky.

However his destruction of our American and world order has already settled his Legacy as the worst President in History.In the past I am sure I am not the only one that being very disgusted and greatly disappointed with Bush's corruptive ineptitude as he blindly discards our societal and world order to replace it with his version of new order.

All along his perverted course he has always been outspoken as to his concern for his Legacy. That has always been mind blowing watching every detrimental move he has made. Anyway not anymore. I saw an interview last night that I cannot find and hope someone can help me. But he is no longer concerned about his legacy and it will speak for itself for many years into the future. As we see it everyday, It is speaking now and getting worse with every corruptive move.

He is just blindly focused on changing our order and is ignorant to reality thinking we will all thank him for this fiasco. He ignorantly said George Washington's Legacy was still being debated today so he is sure he will be debated for many years. George Washington's mat still be talked about but not debate. We know he did good for the country.

Bush's will be debated until eternity because of how destructful he was to Our America. There will be no question as to that. He will continue to ignore the entire world believing his legacy will in the end speak well of him. So he will stay the course as he proved by reprieving Libby and he will totally vindicate him. Hell where is his Presidential Citation, it was only a little treason.

That is very scary for us and the entire world. As we celebrate another 4th of July I am reminded that growing up in Salem, Massachusetts the 4th of July was always our favorite holiday and we celebrated at the Salem Willows. As I watch and listen daily to Bush's destruction and ignorance of our America and its order and do it with utter disdain I have to pray that we can survive Bush's next 4th and survive the mess he has made.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...

I doubt that Bush cares anything about hios legacy. After all Bush will be long gone, and he won't be able to make millions from a legacy.

In fact I wonder how much debate will really take place, after all he has destroyed then basics of the free world. What is to debate?

an average patriot said...

Odd for us to see it but he is very oncerned. It is not what the world or average Americans think that he is concerned about.
It is just what those that are part of his new idea of order think that he is concerned about. There will be much debate as those people will always love him and those of us that love the America he is destroying will always hate him.