Tuesday, November 21, 2006

With Go Big Go Long Go Home all Wrong: Syria, Iran, Iraq Talks Not Good!

In light of the fact that the Pentagons proposals do not even mention the right take on the Bush created Iraq breakdown I have to think it has purposely been ignored and omitted since it is a Democratic idea. more Later!
With that said you tell me your thoughts but to me Iraq, Syria, and Iran, holding talks during a weeklong summit in Iran is tantamount to giving Bush a way out and showing a willingness to divvy up Iraq.
It seems to me that asking Iran and Syria to help in Iraq is most definitely going to do what Bush keeps saying he would not allow to happen and that is a division of Iraq into 3 sections. Shiite with the Iranian's. Syria with the Sunni's, and the poor Kurds stuck between Turkey, Iran, and the mess Bush has created in Iraq.

This division Bush knew, was a likely result of attacking Iraq and destabilizing the middle east but he ignored it to attack Iraq in order to prosecute his and Israel's new middle east order.
With Politicians in both party's the Pentagon, the Generals, former Diplomats, all calling for a rapid policy shift in Iraq, this sacrificing of Iraq' autonomy seems to be the beginning of the problems Bush has created for the middle east and it will get worse from here.
This is not true though! I have been waiting for us to get back into power so we could make the right changes to the mess Bush has created in Iraq. however, at this point it is looking like Bush is trying to establish his so called way out of Iraq before Democrats get into power in January. So I am now thinking we have to try and hold Bush off until January when we can do the right thing.
He has again set us up to look stupid for his political gain but what we have been hearing about the Pentagon Panels Iraq options (go big go long go home)are all wrong and missing the most viable option of all.
It seems like now Bush wants to hurry to action before Democrats can get into a position to attempt to push through their correct option of a slow, strategic, withdrawal to me while leaving behind military advisors and we would evaluate the situation from that point.
Fucking Bush is setting us up again!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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