Monday, November 06, 2006

Tomorrows referendum on the future of the World! Let no one forget it!

Tomorrow can change the future for America and the world and don't let anyone forget it! This will be a short diary as I am basing it on Bush's successes in America for the average American as things continue to worsen for them, His successes in Iraq and the middle east as he continues to brag about Iraqi successes as things worsen for them, and his successes around the world as we race towards a chaos he calls success.
First I have to laugh because I searched the Internet last night for a list of his successes I could only find an attempt by a right winger that because of people responding in a "you have to be kidding" line, he gave up. I also came up with ZERO and total failure.
Listening to Bush brag about another success for the Iraqi people in the verdict of Saddam. Knowing as we expected that his past so called successes in Iraq served only to progress the total breakdown of Iraq, I.e. the supposed successful Democracy, elections, death of Zarqawi, capture of Saddam, etc. With Bush's created living hell on earth and an estimated 650,000 dead Iraqi's you have to ask, how much more success can they take? you realize that Saddam's hanging will only result in taking the breakdown of Iraq thus the entire middle east to the next level.
Looking at his successes with Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, N Korea, etc. you know the middle east thus the world can not survive any more of his success. Nor will they take much more as we have become their biggest threat.

This all brings me to tomorrow. With less than a day before we hit the polls and start to take back our America and our future, the future of the world. In light of all these so called successes and knowing that his Evangelical base has been subverted by another betrayal. I have to say at the end of the day tomorrow we are going to be a lot better off than most realize.
Despite Bush touring Red States to rally supporters I believe many of the fundamentalists once they get "behind the curtain" they too will vote reality as they have also been lied to and misused and abused, and will jump ship and help put an end to Bush's supposed new order.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Sherri said...

I wanted to let you know about what is happening in Gaza now, as everyone here is obssessed with elections. Israel is in its sixth day of a siege against Gaza, a siege waged against Hamas and militants and the civilian population of Gaza. Over 50 have died and over 200 wounded. The dead include unarmed women who were gunned down, children, and Red Cross personnel, gunned down while trying to carry the wounded to hospitals. In hospitals, it is being reported that the dead and wounded show signs of being attacked with unknown weapons, believed to be internationally barred weapons. Parts of the weapons have been retrieved and are imprinted, "experimental, made in the United States." Could they be "DIME" weapons, an experimental weapon manufactured in the United States that explodes on impact often hitting the abdomen area and sawing through bones, causing amputations in its targets. This was reportedly used in attacks in July and August. Stories appear abou this on RaiNews in Italy (along with graphic photos of injuries caused) and Haaretz and The Guardian. Or phosphorous weapons or weapons containing uranium? Reportedly, medical personnel cannot diagnose injuries with X-rays and thera are burns and medical personnel are unable to treat the wounded. I guess its all about arms manufacturers and profits. And the Palestinians are all terrorists, anyway. Right?There is no humanity or morality left.

an average patriot said...

I wish there was some way I could contact you and make sure you saw my response.
I will make sure you're concerns are seen by as many people as possible. I will post your letter tomorrow before I go to vote tomorrow.
It is imperative to many of us that we put an end to Bush's dictatorship and threat to the world.
I have never heard of dime weapons but nothing surprises me today. They sound horrible!
I have to agree that today it all seems to be about terrorism and warmongering and we must try to put this all to an end for the good of all of us. You take care and take it easy!