Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wired For Sound I have An Opinion and now I'm Talking! nothing is as it Seems!

I understand Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel a Christian and critic of was shot and killed many Palestinians believe Syrian hands were all over it though Syria denies it. I believe the Palestinian's are right! He was the 5th anti Syrian killed.
In response Lebanon's Prime minister said they will not be intimidated but I believe they will be.
I also heard that an ex Soviet spy has been poisoned but is so far still alive. Though denied involvement by Russia I do believe they were behind it!
I heard Pelosi say that she would extend her hand to Republicans in accomplishing their agenda of relieving of the middle class that has been squeezed. IMHO there will be no cooperation in this effort only a fight!
I also heard India and China are to be partners in Mutual Growth.

In a joint Declaration they express there is room for both of them to grow. With both of them competing for the same shrinking energy source as they seek to grow and vying for the same market this is another no go.
I hear that Ministers from China, the EU, India, Japan, the ROK, Russia, and the United States, have signed a deal to harness the nuclear power source that powers the sun. This power source if attainable will be the source of future conflicts.
I hear Syria and Iraq are to restore Diplomatic ties after 25 years. this will only serve to break apart Iraq and Iran will also do their share.
The United States is urging Sudan to agree to the UN peacekeeping force but again, that will not happen!
A GOP fundraiser is sentenced to 18 years for embezzlement is deserving of my thanks for giving us Ohio but I do think he deserves a longer sentence.
My Governor, Massachusetts ® Mitt Romney has been lobbying in the streets against same sex marriage. He should be fired as his role as Governor is too enforce the publics will not dictate it ir take sides in demonstrations.
On the same note I hear that Israel's high court now recognizes same sex marriage. I find it odd but believe it is right!
I also heard that Senator Clinton leads the pack of Democratic candidates for President as Kerry slips. It makes me thing is that as good as we can do because she doesn't stand a chance in hell and would only serve to rally Republicans and what about Obama or ?
I also don't understand why Poland has the right to say the EU and Russian cooperation pact can go through if their demands are met? Can someone help me with that?
Then I hear Kofi Annan sees U.S. trapped in Iraq. Man is he brilliant, that must be why he is UN Secretary General.
Lastly, the Selective Service says they are ready if asked to implement the Draft. I just have to say that in light of the precarious position Bush has us in I am not particularly comfortable with the fact that they say they can implement it in 9 months. If there is an emergency that sounds a bit scary to me. What do you think about all of this?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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