Monday, November 27, 2006

The Popes visit to Turkey will only serve to further middle east chaos, Is that the real Goal?

More than 20,000 Muslims in Istanbul on Sunday staged the biggest protest so far against Pope Benedict's trip to Turkey as Islamic opposition to this week's controversial visit gathered momentum. It will get a lot worse believe me!
Benedict, due to begin his first official visit to a Muslim country next Tuesday, angered many Muslims in September with a speech they took as an insult to Islam. Youths wearing headbands with Islamic scripts, beating drums and waving Turkish red and white flags chanted "Allah Akbar" (God is greatest) in the peaceful rally. Isn't that also the Popes message?
"I cannot remain silent when the Prophet Mohammed is insulted. I love him more than myself," said one demonstrator.He said Roman Catholic cardinals chose this pope last year
"Because he is against Islam and are concerned Islam is spreading in Europe."I have to admit that I too was taken aback by some of the Popes statements as they seemed designed to purposely cause controversy.

Some of the strongest words came from Turkey, possibly putting in jeopardy Benedict’s scheduled visit there Tuesday . Muslim leaders in Pakistan, Morocco and Kuwait, in addition to some in Germany and France, also criticized the pope’s remarks. The speech began with what he conceded were “brusque” words about Islam: He quoted a 14th Century Byzantine emperor as saying, “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” I have to ask why he said that in the first place unless his intention was to cause division?
The four-day visit is billed as an opportunity to heal wounds with the Muslim world after the pope quoted a Byzantine emperor saying Islam was violent and irrational. He has said he did not share that view. This visit alone is going to add fuel to the fire. What is he really thinking?

A visit to Istanbul's famous Blue Mosque was added to the pope's itinerary at the last minute, a move seen as an attempt at further reconciliation with the Muslim world. again I ask what the hell is he thinking? What are his real intentions? Is he in cahoots with Bush? This will only serve to worsen the situation in Iraq and the entire middle est! they have to know that! This will step up further the middle east breakdown.

His predecessor, Pope John Paul II, made the first visit by a pontiff to a mosque during a trip to Damascus in 2001. Pope John Paul paid the last papal visit to Turkey in 1979 but he was a different man with a different message. Pope Benedict is no Pope Paul!.

Muslims don't want the pope in their lands. Look at the suffering which they spread in Palestine, Iraq and Chechnya. I link this to Christianity," said a 28-year-old architect.

Before becoming pope, Benedict annoyed Turks by speaking out against Turkey's bid to join the European Union, saying it did not belong there because of its religion and culture. How the hell can he not expect total chaos when he goes there? When he visits that Mosque all hell is going to break loose. they will not allow this.

Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, who will be absent during the pope's visit, played down the controversy."We hope this visit will help eliminate misunderstandings between Muslims and Christians," Gul told a news conference.

His message will be very important and Turkey plans tight security measures for the pope. will also visit the site where the Virgin Mary is believed to have lived and died near Izmir on the Aegean coast.

I have to laugh! The Prime Minister plays down the controversy says he also will not be around for the Popes visit. I wouldn't be either. I have to mention that I awoke this morning to hear that he will see the Pope at the Airport before he ducks out. Big of him!
I must say I am finally hearing the right thing about Iraq. We have been there longer than WW2 lasted and we should pull out now not later.,CST-EDT-REF26.article

Of course this is true but it can not happen soon enough to avoid the backlash from the Popes visit to Turkey. It has to be designed to further middle east chaos. What other possible outcome could they possibly expect.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Etzel Pangloss said...

I do hope that he doesn't want to be a martyr..

an average patriot said...

You really have to wonder. I got a lot of feedback on the other place I posted this and I have to believe that nothing good will come of this.
He seems to be right up there with Bush, not realizing what is happening today or realizing the repercussions of their actions.
At least as they want us to believe. Just wait until he tries to step foot in the Blue Mosque. It will not be good as he is no John Paul! His motives really stymie me and I have to question them.