Tuesday, November 07, 2006

John Conyers: Think about this as You go to the Polls and Monitor the Results!

Remember the dangers of Republican control as you go to the polls and let no one forget!

A President Hand-picked by Katherine Harris and the Supreme Court
Misleading a Nation into War.

Outing an undercover CIA operative.

Sign up to volunteer today and help get all our supporters to the polls.It isn't too late!

Forward this email to friends committed to a Democratic victory.

Smearing a Vietnam Veteran Senator who lost his limbs in combat.

No bid contracts.


Another Presidential Election Decided by Unanswered Irregularties.

Terri Schiavo.

New Orleans.

Jack Abramoff.


Releasing nuclear secrets on the web.

Abuse of Power.

There is much more as you know!

What is the Bush Administration going to do next? The only way to restore checks and balances is by electing a Democratic Congress. Here is what you can do to help:

First, Vote.

Second, make sure everyone in your family and your friends vote. Call them now.

Third, if you can, help us on our final drive to Get Out the Vote. To volunteer to help out today on election day, you can e-mail smalls@dccc.org, or go to the DCCC volunteer site.

You can also contact your local Democratic Campaign to see how you can help on election day. Karl Rove just dismissed Democratic GOTV efforts as "sporadic and episodic" -- lets prove him wrong on election day.

Fourth, if you experience or see any irregularities, immediately call 1-888-DEM-VOTE (1-888-336-8683). You can also call this number to obtain information on poll locations. We're not going to sit by and let anyone steal our votes this time.

Finally, lets check out the returns together. Tomorrow on my web site I will post information on how you can get breaking news on the election returns.

Thank you for your support. And please vote.

Your Friend,

John Conyers, Jr

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Messenger said...

A good post

an average patriot said...

Thanks! I will be back with something better after last night. Hold on!

an average patriot said...

Here you go Messenger!
It's a new Dawn It's a New Day, congress and America today, the Senate, tomorrow the world!
It's a new Dawn It's a New Day (NINA). Man, I don't have to tell you! Today is the first day since the advent of nightmare Bush, that I have felt positive about the future of America. Bush "the decider" who ran as " the uniter" but proved to be "the divider" ( DUD) Hmmm!
For our own good and the good of the country we must do what bushco could not do and remain Humble. I am so proud of Republicans for recognizing we must come together and take back our America.
I have been calling for us to take both Houses for at least a year now. Not a popular stance then but it is now a real possibility. As of this writing we have taken back Congress as we all know. With two more seats needed in the Senate and the very close races in Montana and Virginia still being counted. You know this will be contested regardless and go to court.

With that said we must be the Uniter's, bring America together, stay morally clean, and prove Tom Delay wrong, he is calling our Success a one term fluke but he is wrong!
The country and the world need us now! We will still have difficulty changing Bush's world "mis" policies but we will do our best for now.
We can though now start taking back "our America" and get back to doing what is right for "we the people", the average American and our America.

Again, I am so proud that and happy that the people have come together and spoken at a time when the Government couldn't. If you have read my posts in the past you know I have frequently said that the damage is done.and it has been around the world.
However, we can now start putting our America back together now. Let us move forward now together. Tomorrow the World, God bless America!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma