Friday, November 17, 2006

McCain Calls for a return to Common Sense values, Forget it! We own them now We are the new right!

On the heels of devastating GOP losses, Sen. John McCain said "no defeat is permanent" as he called for the Republican Party to return to its common-sense conservatism and implicitly cast himself as the one who can lead the party's rebirth. Forget it that role has become ours and there will be no return for them this time. They lost it!
"We lost our principles and our majority. And there is no way to recover our majority without recovering our principles first," the Arizona Republican said Thursday in the first of two speeches that could set the tone for a potential presidential campaign. Ha I told you they lost it and only we can lose it they can not take it!

On the same day he launched a presidential exploratory committee, McCain said voters felt that Republicans valued their incumbency over their beliefs on such conservative standards as limited and efficient government and he urged a return to those tenets. That's right buddy you have become wrong and we are the new right you had your chance and blew it big time!

"Americans had elected us to change government, and they rejected us because they believed government had changed us," the four-term senator said. "We must spend the next two years reacquainting the public and ourselves with the reason we came to office in the first place: to serve a cause greater than our self-interest."

Actually the power went to their heads and they were like little kids in a candy shop. They have shown they can not be trusted and will childishly lie and say anything to get their corruptive hands in power. The gig is up! Listening to Bay Buchanon and the rest of them trying to create an issue over Pelosi wanting Murtha and all the resulting childishness it is obvious they haven't and will not change. Bush and rove's have ruined the party for a long time if not forever.

They can forget about a return to common sense values that has become ours to keep and ours to lose. I have said many times as I am sure others have that today the right is wrong and the left is right. We have become the new right! The party of conservative, Progressive, Common Sensed values! It is for us to hold on to and only we can let it go. Republicans can never take it back unless we let them.

I am praying that our leaders realize how critical it is for them to stay moral and come through on the positive things we have been hearing. they are focused on taking back control of Government, society, and our America. Stay on target and we can never lose after the horrible example Republicans have displayed under Bush and Rove's tutelage!

In closing I just want to say that speaking of horrible examples Yesterday from Vietnam Bush said there were lessons to be learned from the divisive Vietnam war as he has refused to learn anything at all from that and has repeated every mistake and then some. Also knowing his unworthy actions during Vietnam I have to wonder what he was really thinking as he passed Truc Bach lake, where John McCain now a Republican senator from Arizona, was captured after parachuting from his damaged warplane. McCain spent more than five years as a prisoner of war.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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