Monday, November 13, 2006

Bush ready to alter new world order plan as Israel prepared to strike Iran who will retaliate!

Amidst the soon to be announced Iraqi plan by the Baker Hamilton Bipartisan Iraqi study Group, we now have Bush beginning to see a little reality. However it is too late! changing the course now will change nothing and letting Syria and Iran help will further their cause and further the Iraq and middle east breakdown!
Reality is setting in on the White House. George W. Bush seems ready to abandon, or at least radically modify, his failed approach to the world. He is increasingly appearing to be willing to alter his plan for new middle east and world order.
There are several signs that the era of American unilateralism and militarism is coming to an end. The process has already begun, with indirect American participation in multi-party talks on Iran and North Korea, and Bush ruling out military retaliation against the latter.

The Republican rout in the mid-term election has speeded up the policy reversal.
As the next two stories reflect, it is out of his control and the violence has taken on a self perpetuating life of its own. The damage is done and will play its violent life out!

On the heels of Israel's recent murderous actions inside Palestine that were severely reprimanded by Arab States even if only for show and Bush's condoning of Israel's actions you really have to wonder why Israel's PM Olmert is flying to Washington at such an inopportune time to meet with Bush? He played down a senior Israeli official's suggestion that Israel is preparing for a military strike against Iran's nuclear program. But I wouldn't doubt it for a minute and Iran seems to take the threat seriously too as well they should. As I will discuss later!

Iran's response predictable and Justified to me!
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said Sunday that his country's Revolutionary Guards would strongly and immediately respond to any Israeli attack."If the Zionist regime commits such stupidity, the response by the Iranian military will be swift, strong and crushing," Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Hosseini said. "Iran will take no longer than a second to respond."
Israeli officials have commented recently that the country's military would consider bombing Iranian nuclear facilities to thwart what it has described as an Iranian nuclear weapons program. Iran says its plans aim to generate electricity.

In light of the fact that I have said in many posts now that coming to the rescue of Israel would be Bush's excuse to be forced to do what he has wanted all along and that is to attack Iran in order to further prosecute his new middle east order. The setup continues despite the elections. What is next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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