Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a new Dawn It's a New Day, congress and America today, tomorrow the Senate and the world!

It's a new Dawn It's a New Day (NINA). Man, I don't have to tell you! Today is the first day since the advent of nightmare Bush, that I have felt positive about the future of America. Bush "the decider" who ran as " the uniter" but proved to be "the divider" ( DUD) Hmmm!
For our own good and the good of the country we must do what bushco could not do and remain Humble. I am so proud of Republicans for recognizing we must come together and take back our America.
I have been calling for us to take both Houses for at least a year now. Not a popular stance then but it is now a real possibility. As of this writing we have taken back Congress as we all know. With two more seats needed in the Senate and the very close races in Montana and Virginia still being counted. You know this will be contested regardless and go to court.

With that said we must be the Uniter's, bring America together, stay morally clean, and prove Tom Delay wrong, he is calling our Success a one term fluke but he is wrong!
The country and the world need us now! We will still have difficulty changing Bush's world "mis" policies but we will do our best for now.
We can though now start taking back "our America" and get back to doing what is right for "we the people", the average American and our America.

Again, I am so proud that and happy that the people have come together and spoken at a time when the Government couldn't. If you have read my posts in the past you know I have frequently said that the damage is done.and it has been around the world.
However, we can now start putting our America back together now. Let us move forward now together. Tomorrow the World, God bless America!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Sherri said...

I'm excited about the elections too. Can we begin to hope now that we will start to see real changes in our government's policies? I was so happy to hear John Conyers taking a position in the House. I was so impressed by the hearings he held earlier when he tried to stand up and get investigations going over the deceptions about the war. Will we start to see in Congress investigations over all the cover ups and corruption? There is no telling what would be revealed. No telling what we have been doing in Iraq. What type of weapons are we using, what effects they are having on civilians, what effects are they having on our own soldiers?

The truth needs to come out about our government's role in providing Israel with dangerous weapons and experimental weapons and weapons containing uranium. We know Israel uses them against civilian populations in Lebanon and Gaza and the West Bank.

DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosive) is a new experimental type of explosive that has a very small but effective blast radius. The explosive casing is made of carbon fibre which disintegrates upon detonation (vs. the shrapnel which results from the fragmentation of a metal casing). The explosive fill is mixed with a very dense powder of a heavy metal tungsten alloy (HMTA) such as cobalt and nickel or iron. The HMTA powder forms a micro-shrapnel which is very lethal at close range, but loses inertia very quickly due to air resistance. The downward facing direction of the blast means that survivors close to the lethal zone may have their legs amputated (slicing through bone and soft tissue) and can susequently contract cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma)from the HMTA micro-shrapnel imbedded in their body tissue. The carcinogenic effects of heavy metal tungsten alloy (HMTA) have been studied by the U.S. Armed Forces since at least 2000 (along with depleted uranium (DU). These alloys were found to cause neoplastic transformations of human osteoblast cells. A more recent US Department of health study in 2005 found that HMTA shrapnel rapidly induces rhabdomyosarcomas in rats.

French national newspaper Le Monde reported the story of DIME-type bombs being used in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army, Tsahal, against Palestinian targets during July/August 2006. The investigation was performed by analyzing samples of metals found in the victim's bodies and examining the unusual wounds.
Graphic photos of victims in Gaza were taken. (4 pages of photos of injuries in Gaza; there is also an article, search by leaving "_foto.asp" out of the search ),1-0@2-3218,36-822672,0.html,,1924524,00.htmlt

11/5/06 and IMEMC article Dr. Juma Al-Sakka reported use of shells inflicting unreparable damage in human bodies, leaving wounded with no hopes of healing. Medical teams obtained parts of weapons, phrase appears "experimental weapons, made in the USA." Components of the weapons include internationally prohibited incendiary material that inflicts fourth degree burns on the human body that leads to death or leaves traces that cannot be treated. The Director of Emergency Department in Palestinian Health Ministry, Dr. Hasanien has affirmed most of Palestinian fatalities in the Gaza Strp in the five day siege of Gaza were killed with these internationally barred weapons.

November 8, 2006 Reuters
Israeli tank shells attacked at least 7 residences in Beit Hanoun, Gaza, killing 18 civilians, killing people as they slept. 13 members of one family were killed, and the dead included seven children and four women. 54 people were wounded. "It is the saddest scene and images I have ever seen. We saw legs, we saw heads we saw hands scattered in the street," 22 year old Attaf Hamad, a witness, told Reuters. Pools of blood lay in the streets of Beit Hanoun. Pieces of flesh and the small sandals of children.

This is what American weapons are doing to civilians in Gaza. What can I do to try to get people here in the United States to look into these issues? Do you have any ideas? Any help is apprerciated. Thanks, Sherri

an average patriot said...

Yes I have ideas! We are a step further from having multiple inequities investigated here in the United states.
As for Bush's underhandedness around the world. We are very close to a majority in the senate. right now it is 50, 49 in favor of Dems.
Virginia is being contested of course because that would give us a majority and start a lot of investigations. Bush will do anything to prevent that so I am expecting something underhanded to come out of this.
One of the many investigations I am sure will be into Bush's blind support for and financial and weaponry support of Israel.
Thanks for educating me on those DIME weapons they sound ghastly and I wouldn't remotely doubt if they come from us clandestinely but I am sure the truth will never come out fully in lot of instances.
You are quite knowledgable about these weapons and the horror inflicted on Gaza's civilians. I have to think you have family over there. If so I hope they are safe.
As for what you can do to educate Americans! I do not know if you Blog on dkos but that can be a very good forum. Most there seem to be sympathetic to the Palistinian plight. I have posted on it many times myself. They, like me do not like the blind support of Israel.
Bush and them are allies in prosecuting a new middle east order in which they both agree on but it will not happen.
also under my links on my blogspot you will find access to Congress, all our Senators, Representatives, newspapers and periodicals, etc.You seem to have the desire and I will try to help. I just wish I could be sure you got these. You mean well,Take care! Jim

PS: Before I forget, thanks for the links I will check them out!

Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf said...

The great respect that I have for your leadership, Mr. President, in this little understood, unfamiliar war, the first war of the 21st century -- it is not well-known, it was not well-understood, it is complex for people to comprehend. And I know, with certainty, that over time the contributions you've made will be recorded by history.

an average patriot said...

I am not sure who I am talking to right now but!
In the past I have done posts on the fact that he will go down in History as the President who brought down America and the President who destroyed world order. That is to say the least!
And I noticed atleast that you are one of the writers from Sozadee I know you are being facetious about Bush's contributions.
Bush's contributions are being recorded right now. We will not have to wait for History. None of them will be good as he will go down as the worse President in the History of America.