Sunday, November 26, 2006

Analysts, Generals, Democrat's threats, No King can put Iraq together Again!

Top analysts, Generals, Democrats Threats, Saudi Arabia, Iran Intervention all worthless in stopping Iraq, and the middle east breakdown.It's too late!
It is too late! The only thing that would have prevented this was for Bush not to divert from the war in Afghanistan and destabilize the entire middle east by attacking Iraq but he did and nothing anyone says or does will prevent the breakdown he set in motion. it's too late!
I hear Lou Dobbs is going to have 3 top military advisors on his show tonight to see what to do next and how to quell this. Nothing will stop this now. It's too late.
Now the so called experts are concerned Iraq's neighbors might get involved. that along with Sectarian violence is just two of the realities the chief Idiot ignored.
Yesterday Cheney was in Saudi Arabia seeking King Abdullah's support saying he would be a major linchpin in events in Iraq and the middle east. No shit Dick Tracy!
With Iran and Syria actively supporting ruling Shiites along with Al Sadr threatening to pull out from the Government because of Bush. And now Cheney actively seeking support for Iraq from Sunni led Saudi Arabia, what the hell are these fools thinking? They are finishing the setup for a total breakdown that Bush set in motion. Bushco is proposing the final dissolution of Iraq. It will not be stopped. It is too late!
All the so called experts are wrong. Nothing will stop the breakdown Bush set into motion when he diverted from the so called war on terror and attacked Iraq to start his failed new middle east order. It is too late!
Everything the idiot ignored is coming to fruition and it will not be stopped. They are going to follow us home regardless. Start a managed withdrawal now and at least save American lives.
From 9/11 he has been following a plan. Fighting terrorism was not it. It was just the reason he needed to attack Iraq and start to implement his new middle east and world order. Please read the following and you will understand everything.
As you may remember, Bush was looking for something to happen that would put the country and the world behind what he already had plans to do. 9/11 gave him that something. He has been lying and misleading right from the beginning.
He had plans right from the beginning to establish a new societal, middle east, and world order. That is why it was important to him to whip up a media and public fury which of course, he has done.
He used the excuse of 9/11 to attack Iraq and unsettle the middle east guaranteeing the loss of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the entire middle east. If fighting terrorism was his goal he would have stayed in Afghanistan. He lied to our troops and us from the beginning. He did this so he could further his idea of a new middle east and world order. Of course lying all the while and whipping up as much support and frenzy as he could in the media and minds he controls until he can fully implement his plans..
At this point it behooves him to continue to ignore reality and continue to whip up a frenzy so he can continue staying the course in order to further prosecute his new middle east and world order.
We are all shamelessly being used so Bush can follow his plan for new order. I wrote this 3 years ago but it is more obvious today. Let me know what you think? I won't get any deeper but it gets worse from here.
I can't say it enough, It is too late! The longer we stay the more Americans die needlessly. Bush fucked up and we must bring our troops home to fight here or from here as needed in the future! Iraq ca not be saved, neither can the middle east. Leave tomorrow or 100 years from now the results would be the same and insurgents will follow us home. We must leave Iraq! None of the so called experts get it. Iraq and the middle east are lost thanks to Bush the child. It is too late!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


LittleBill said...

Really good article, AAP, and the more time that passes, the more right you are.

an average patriot said...

Glad to see you back! you are entirely right. I have a link to the fact that the slow experts are saying what should have been obvious from the get go and that is pull out now as it will only get worse.
Failure of the entire middle east was guarantteed when Bush diverted from the socalled war on terror to attack Iraq in order to destabilize the middle east to establish his and Israel's new order but it will fail.
My post today is about the facxt that the Popes visit to Turkey tomorrow will be chaos and onlly serve to further the breakdown between Islam, the west, and the middle east as a whole!