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Republicans do believe it but most Americans know God did not Create America: part 12, The End?

                                     Conclusion: God created America?
The lie:  Most Americans Believe God Created America, Claims Mike Huckabee (Video): 

Our continued explanation of the truth about what and why Americans believe how America was made and by who:

From the outset I must say my intention of going through the period of the enlightenment was to show us exactly what the mood and level of morality was during the era of the founding of our country.

It absolutely backs up what we found in book one. However I am very surprised to find that it was the Colonists of the lower classes who led the way in the revolution.

They had experienced the enlightenment and its revival of morality and were driven to see the birth of a righteous nation. It was their religious fervour that actually took the first steps toward revolution.

The awakening itself made people feel that the process of redemption as described in the Bible had already begun. God, the people felt, was completely and firmly committed to the revolution.

Edwards gave the Trinity a political interpretation. The Son “was the deity generated by Gods understanding, and thus the blueprint for the new Commonwealth. The spirit, “the deity subsisting in act”,was the force that would accomplish this master plan in time.

In the new world of America, God would thus be able to contemplate his own actions on earth. The society would express the Excellencies of God himself. The New England would be a shining city on the hill. It would be a light unto the Gentiles.

  It would shine with a reflection of the glory of God upon it which shall be attractive and ravishing to all. The God of Jonathan Edwards would be incarnated in the Commonwealth, and Christ was seen as being embodied in a good society.

Other Calvinists were on the vanguard of progress. They introduced chemistry into the curriculum of America. Timothy Dwight, Edward’s grandson, saw scientific knowledge as a prelude to the final perfection of humanity.

In some respects the Calvinists were more adventurous in their thinking than the Liberals. The liberals were opposed their revivalism and preferred simple faith to the speculative, perplexing notions that disturbed them in the preachings of revivalists like Edwards.

*Edwards seems to be responsible for people thinking God created America. Well now you know the process of the people learning about God and what his role was in America's creation.

Born again Christians were given a God who was politicized and told that he created it for them. Born again Christians took the lead in fighting the British during the Revolution. However God did not found America we the people did.

James m joiner
Gardner, Ma

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