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Republicans do believe it but most Americans know God did not Create America: part 3

The lie:  Most Americans Believe God Created America, Claims Mike Huckabee (Video): 

Our continued explanation of the truth about what and why Americans believe how America was made and by who:

French Physicist Blaise Pascal, (1623-1662), was brutally honest with himself. Unlike many of his contemporaries he was convinced that there was no way to prove that God existed.

 Pascal was the first person in this new enlightened environment, to concede that belief in God could only be a matter of personal choice. By making the decision to surrender to God, the faithful feel themselves transformed. They become faithful, honest, humble, grateful, and full of good.

 Somehow the Christian finds that life has acquired new meaning and significance, having created a faith and having found God in the face of hopelessness and despair. God is a reality because he works. Faith is not intellectual certainty but an experience that brings with it amoral enlightenment.

Mathematician Rene’ Descartes, (1596-1650), had far more confidence in man’s ability to discover God. Descartes felt that reason alone could persuade humanity to accept the truths of religion and morality. He also saw this as the foundation of society.

Descartes used the principles of mathematics to prove God’s existence. Unlike other philosophers and believers in one God, he believed there was no design in nature. He believed that the cosmos was completely Godless. In fact, the universe was completely chaotic,and revealed no sign of intelligent planning.

Descartes found evidence of God in human consciousness. He felt that we could not be certain of anything in the external world. He absolutely believed that we could be certain of our own inner experience.

 From the very beginning religion had helped man relate to the world and to find their role in it. The deification of natural forces as had been done by earlier man expressed the wonder and awe which has always been a part of man’s response to his hostile world.

 Therefore he believed that a sense of mystery was to be avoided at all costs. This was because to him it represented a primitive state of mind that civilized man had outgrown.

I think this is very interesting. Descartes would explain clouds,wind, lightening, and all other natural phenomena, so as to remove any cause for marvel. He said, this leads me to hope that if I explain the nature of clouds, in such a way that we will be better off.

 He felt that people would no longer have cause to wonder at anything that can be seen of them. He felt they would no longer be mystified by anything that descends from them. 

We could then believe that it is possible to find the causes of everything on and above the earth. Descartes was always careful to stay within the rulings of the Roman Catholic Church.

 He saw himself as an orthodox Christian. He saw no contradiction between faith and reason. He argued that there was a system that would enable humanity to reach all truth. Nothing was beyond their grasp. 

All that was necessary in any discipline was to apply the method. He believed it would then be possible to piece together a reliable body of knowledge. This would then dispel all confusion or ignorance.

 He saw as a problem as I do, that Beliefs in God had now been contained within a human system of thought. He believed that this was done purposely by organized religion.

James M Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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