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China demands removal of Japan’s forces from Spratley Island Group: Not that fast


 Philippines drops food to troops after China "blockade""We confirmed there was an air drop of food to our troops," Defence Department spokesman Peter Paul Galvez said. He said the air drop was "via airplane," but did not say when it occurred nor give further details. The incident took place at Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratly island group, which is around 200 kilometres (125 miles) from the western Philippine island of Palawan and which Manila insists is part of its continental shelf.

The shoal is more than 1,000 kilometres from Hainan island, the closest Chinese landmass, but China claims nearly all of the South China Sea based on what it says are historical records. A tiny unit of Filipino marines live on the BRP Sierra Madre, a decrepit, beached former World-War-II US navy transport ship that was transferred to the Philippine navy and run aground on the shoal in the 1990s.
China has long demanded the Philippines pull out the vessel and the marines.

China's time of bullying and gaming the system is indeed coming to an end, or war?

*2011: The rhetorical missiles fired by a state-owned Chinese newspaper late last month landed squarely on the shores of this westernmost province and a few dozen kilometers from the coral reefs and scrub-covered islets claimed by China, the Philippines and a number of other nations.

“If these countries don’t want to change their ways with China, they will need to prepare for the sound of cannons,” wrote the unapologetically nationalistic Global Times, referring to the 750 islands and spits of land in the South China Sea, known as the Spratly Islands, which are also contested by Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. The sea has substantial oil and gas reserves that, if fully developed, could someday rival those of Kuwait. Also at stake are rich fishing grounds that by some estimates supply about a tenth of the world’s commercial seafood.

US and Australia Seal Expanded Military Ties: The United States will have an increased and constant military presence on the continent’s north side, symbolizing America’s renewed security interests in the Pacific Rim. The first deployment of 200 to 250 Marines will begin next year, they said, and the United States will increase its air and naval movements in an area about 500 miles from Indonesia. 

While the deployment is small compared to the scale of American forces long based in the North Pacific in Japan and South Korea, it looms larger as a symbol that the United States — encouraged by Australia and southeast Asian nations — will act as a check on a rising and assertive China. On a parallel track, the United States and other Pacific Rim nations are negotiating for a free-trade bloc that does not include China.

China Might Have Over-Reached Itself: There are times when seemingly unrelated anecdotes are more revealing than reams of data. This just might be one of those times, when it comes to U.S. relations with China, China's economic future, and the geopolitics of Chinese economic expansion. After reading that I have to believe that China's time of gaming the system is indeed coming to an end.

"China welcomes the official entry of Russia and the United States into the EAS this year," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Weimin said at a daily press briefing.

Whenever I discuss what China is doing militarily and politically as she bullies her way to take Asia for her own along with the number one position of "The" worlds super power the standard response of course is what about the United States? After 10 years of explaining the planets and our fragility here, in books, and in many other places including to our worthless Senators and President Bush to no avail the tenuous situation should be obvious to anyone after reading the above link about China overreaching herself especially in Asia.

The issue is not "what about the US" but rather that we must accommodate others today And like it or not be happy with what you have been dealt as a hand or we will have no future. Do you remember Remember US-China ties 'to shape 21st century'

Also three years ago: The US and China will never be the same but share the same big boat hit by huge waves They better wake up and stop making waves. China has Asia and the world in fear so in fear they are looking towards their old vanguard the US to keep China contained allowing the status quo balance to compete and flourish.

China has failed the test of having immense power and being smart enough not to use it to take what she wants but to be humble and simply keep order. Yes, again in the past the US has too but as we keep saying this is a new world and we must cooperate and survive as we are to move successfully through the 21st century.

 James Joiner
Gardner Ma

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