Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Who might have poisoned Yasser Arafat? We did

Who killed Arafat? Abbas suggests it was rival Dahlan:   An angry Dahlan hit back on his Facebook page, saying Abbas's speech was full of "lies ... stupidity and ignorance of the Palestinian reality." He added that he would also "unveil the lies" surrounding the death of Arafat, calling it "the most important and most dangerous issue of our modern history."Perhaps seeking to exacerbate tensions between the two, Abbas said Dahlan had known of an Israeli plot to kill Hamas chief armed commander Salah Shehada. The assassination attempt failed, Abbas said.

 Who Might Have Poisoned Yasser Arafat?:  Although Arafat had many enemies in the Palestinian camp (and was notably unpopular with many Arab leaders), speculation about a culprit has naturally centered on Israel. the Israeli government should remember that it was the official policy of several past Israeli leaders to try to kill Arafat, who was the head of a terrorist organization that had murdered many Israeli civilians.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly why Sharon -- who was, of course, prime minister when Arafat died -- would have wanted the Palestinian leader dead at the particular moment he died. 

 *We knew all this and about the polonium use 4 years ago and no, Israel did not do it we did.

2009: Cheney's assassination squads are not new news and I am sure were over used!

The CIA is in the business of deceit and that they lie should be of surprise to no one. They have a long history of it The fact of Cheney's assassin squads within the CIA are old news. Cheney's assassination squads

Once again I reiterate it is sick that Cheney and his daughter have the time and audacity to lie about everything Bush did and have been working diligently to "rewrite History" First while I was listening to all this crap in the past I heard something that we all thought to be true but I personally never heard of. Cheney's assassination squads! "Under President Bush’s authority, they had been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list executing them and leaving.

Once again there was no oversight and these assassination squads answered only to Cheney the real decider not Bush who wanted to be able to say he knew nothing about it! I wonder how many people they killed around the world to get out of their way? Remember Yasir Arafat, who died of a mysterious illness at a time when Cheney's office was talking about finding someone among the Palestinians to replace him. Oh man I'm telling you

There is no way in hell this plan was never implemented as we are told and Congress is stupid enough to believe. You can bet it was and besides Arafat you have to wonder how many leaders and enemies of Cheney's plan he really had killed. As we said numerous times powers were given under Bush to be abused and were. Supposedly eliminating Al Qaeda was the goal but you know it was the elimination of everyone in Cheney's way that was the real goal.

The so called "plan" was for the CIA to "tag" Al Qaeda then follow them to destroy the cell. You know this is just another power that was abused to follow Cheney's not so well hidden agenda. Like illegal wire tapping I am sure it was used against anyone thought a threat to the Cheney Bush agenda. I have to laugh! I keep hearing the question asked as to who gave Cheney the authority to tell the CIA not to tell Congress what they were doing.

The Decider gave Cheney the right to do whatever he wanted so he could say he was not involved in this runaway Government. Targeted assassinations, you know damn well they happened. I remember many convenient deaths and "suicides" including the guy they blamed the Anthrax attacks on. Here are just 20 that were in Bush and Cheney's way

I guarantee these squads were over used and right here on Americans too. I am hearing Democrats saying that what Cheney did for Bush may be illegal. Wrong! I am afraid it was very legal. Thanks to 9/11 and then the farce of the Anthrax attacks the Patriot Act was passed so Bush could prosecute his plan for new "dis"order. Bush thus Cheney had the power now to abuse and do whatever they wanted to supposedly keep us safe.

For any other Presidential team that may be fine but not in the hands of Bush/Cheney. Give them a right and it was made a wrong in the destructive treasonous hands of Bush and Cheney who ran roughshod with their secret Government! They do not have to tell the truth and you do not have to know the truth. I remember when Bush passed the farce of a freedom of information Act. It was a joke because only the decider could decide what we and Congress had the right to know.

In closing: The truth will never be known! Yeah, protect the people let the CIA do their job. I do not believe the CIA's job is to protect the people but to protect the Administration in control. Don't they by the nature of the beast operate illegally? Cheney and Bush used the excuse of going after Al Qaeda to go after anyone they though their enemy not ours. It was not the Power they had it was the fools having the power to abuse them!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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