Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Republicans do believe it but most Americans know God did not Create America: part 9

The lie:  Most Americans Believe God Created America, Claims Mike Huckabee (Video): 

Our continued explanation of the truth about what and why Americans believe how America was made and by who: We are getting closer to the truth!

John Wesley, (1703-1791), the founder of the Methodist Religion,had always been a fervent Christian. When he was a fellow at Lincoln College, Oxford, he and his brother Charles started a society known as, The Holy Club.

 It was strong on method and discipline. so its members became known as Methodists. In 1735 John and Charles sailed to the colony of Georgia in America as missionaries. John however  returned to England disconsolate two years later.

 This was because he felt he needed converting himself. During the voyage home he was impressed by some missionaries of the Moravian sect. He was impressed with the fact that they avoided all doctrine. He was agreeable to the thought that religion was simply an affair of the heart.

John underwent a conversion experience during a Moravian meeting.His conversion convinced him that he had received a direct mission from God. He believed that he had to preach this new kind of Christianity throughout England.

 The experience of being born againwas crucial. It was absolutely necessary to experience God continually breathing on the human soul. Experiencing God would fill the Christian with a continual, thankful Love of God.

This was consciously felt. Ultimately this made it natural, and even necessary to love every child of God with kindness and gentleness.

Doctrines about God they felt, were useless and could be damaging.The psychological effect of Christ’s words on the believer was thebest proof of the truth of Religion. An emotional experience ofreligion was the only proof of genuine faith and hence of salvation.

But as we know today, this mysticism can be dangerous. Mystics have always expressed the perils of the spiritual paths and warned against hysteria; peace and tranquillity were the signs of true mysticism.

 This born again Christianity could produce frenzied behavior. We know that so well today!

James M Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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