Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Israel on the road to self-destruction and it will happen

        Israel on the road to self-destruction:  THERE always comes a time for nations, as for individuals, when they encounter a moment of truth in their lives, a turning point that they have to turn with or be left by the wayside. One such moment will soon confront Israel.

Risk of boycotts rise if Israel Middle East peace efforts fail and they will

Netanyahu Criticizes Kerry Over Boycott Remarks:  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and some of his senior ministers on Sunday strongly criticized those who are threatening a boycott of Israel over its policies toward the Palestinians. Their remarks were a sharp retort to Secretary of State John Kerry, who warned a day earlier that the risk of boycotts would intensify should his current Middle East peace effort fail.

Benjamin Netanyahu declared he does not intend “to remove a single settlement” or uproot a single Jew for peace

Israel moving ahead with 558 settler homes in controversial east Jerusalem

Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes at 5-year high - aid groups

ambassador warns Israel of isolation

The real two State solution?

 Netanyahu's settlement comments anger Palestinians, Israelis: The demographic dynamic will make it impossible for Israel to remain Jewish and democratic, Kerry said, adding that “the status quo, my friends…will not last forever.”As for the Palestinians, they will be no closer to sovereignty or controlling their own fate and economy, said Kerry. If they do not achieve statehood now, “there is no guarantee” of another opportunity anytime soon, he said.


 “Some assert this may be the last shot…I don’t want to find out the hard way,” Kerry said. Increasingly, both parties seem to be digging in and entrenching themselves in toughening positions, while pointing an accusing finger at the other side for tripping up the talks. Meanwhile, also in Davos, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared he does not intend “to remove a single settlement” or uproot a single Jew.

Just recently: Israel announces plans for building 1,400 more illegal settlements:

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