Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Republicans do believe it but most Americans know God did not Create America: part 8

The lie:  Most Americans Believe God Created America, Claims Mike Huckabee (Video): 

Our continued explanation of the truth about what and why Americans believe how America was made and by who:

Kant argued against the idea of a wise and omnipotent creator. Hefelt this could undermine scientific research. He thought it wouldlead to a lazy reliance on a god who fills in the gaps of ourknowledge.

It could also be a source of unnecessary mystification. He believed this would lead to bitter disputes such as those that have scarred the history of the churches.

Kant was not an atheist. His contemporaries described him as a devout man. He was believed to be profoundly aware of mans capacity for evil. This made the idea of God critical to him. Kant argued that in order for man to lead a moral life men, and women, needed a Governor.

 One who would reward virtue with happiness. I must agree with this in the majority of cases.However there are some of us are moral enough to govern ourselves.

In his perspective, God was simply tacked on to the ethical system as an afterthought. The center of religion was no longer the mystery of God, but man himself. God has become a strategy that enables us to function more efficiently and morally. He is no longer the center for all being.

It would not be long before some would take his ideal one step further. They would find it necessary to dispense with God altogether. Kant had been one of the first people in the west to doubt the validity of church traditions. He believed that they in fact proved nothing.

 They would never appear quite so convincing again. That was liberating to many Christians. They firmly believed that God had closed one path to faith only to open another.

A new type of religious devotion emerged alongside the rationalism of enlightenment; it was often referred to as the religion of the heart. This was because it was centered in the heart not the head.

* It urged people to abandon external proofs, and authorities. It urged people to discover the God that was in the heart of everyone. In steps the influence of God on the founding of the United States.

James M Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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