Friday, March 14, 2014

Republicans do believe it but most Americans know God did not Create America: part 4

The lie:  Most Americans Believe God Created America, Claims Mike Huckabee (Video): 

Our continued explanation of the truth about what and why Americans believe how America was made and by who:

The English Physicist, Isaac Newton, (1642-1727), also reduced God to his own mechanical system. He was as anxious as Descartes to rid Christianity of mysticism. Newton began with an attempt to explain the physical universe. He believed that God was an essential part of the system. To Newton, nature was entirely passive and God was the sole source of action.

During the 18th century Christians started to apply the new scientific principles to the Christian faith. When all was said and done they came up with the same solutions as Newton. Radical theologians were anxious to get back to basics. They wanted to purge Christianity of its mysticism.

 They also wanted to establish a new rational Religion. After all, rationality was the measure of all true Religion. There is a religion of natureand reason written in the heart of every one of us since creation.This is so all mankind must judge the truth and validity of any kindof religion whatsoever. Thus, revelation was unnecessary since thetruth can be found through our own rational inquiries.

Others went even further in applying this new objectivity to the New Testament itself. They even attempted a critical biography of Jesus himself. The question of the humanity of Christ was no longer a mystical matter. Thus as with Aristotle he believed God was simply a continuation of the natural physical order.

Newton was inclined to describe the relationship between thevarious celestial and terrestrial bodies in mathematical terms. Hedid this so as to create a coherent and comprehensive system.

 The notion of gravitational force which as we know, Newton introduced,drew the component parts of this system together. Unlike his contemporaries, Pascal, and Descartes, Newton was absolutely convinced that he had proof of Gods existence.

Why didn’t the internal gravities of the various celestial bodies pull them all together into one huge mass? Because they had been carefully disposed throughout space with perfect distance between them in order to facilitate life on this planet he believed there had to be Devine intervention. He felt that it was not to be explained by natural cause. He was forced to admit there had to be a God involved.

He believed that while gravity might have put the planets into motion that it could not have been done correctly without God’s help. He believed that without Devine power it could never put them into such a motion as they have around the sun;

therefore he was inclined to assign this system to a greater intelligent being. If for example, the earth revolved on its axis at only 100 MPH instead of its 1000 MPH, night would be ten times longer and the planet would be too cold to sustain life. He also knew that the daytime heat would shrivel vegetation.

James M Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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