Monday, October 17, 2011

In pictures: Wall Street austerity and economic protests go global:

In pictures: Worldwide protests

Wall Street sit-in protest goes global: Protesters worldwide geared up for a cry of rage on Saturday against bankers, financiers and politicians they accuse of ruining global economies and condemning millions to poverty and hardship through greed.
Galvanized by the past month's Occupy Wall Street movement, the global protest began on a sunny spring day in New Zealand and is due to ripple round the world to Alaska via Frankfurt, London, Washington and New York.

Many Europeans spent Saturday showing solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, by answering the call for a day of protests against economic injustice and government cuts. In the European Union’s capital Brussels, around 7,000 people demonstrated against austerity measures and corporate greed. Some of them were outside a branch of Dexia, the Belgian-French financial institution that recently received a four billion euro bailout.

Protesters also gathered in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol plaza, a site significant for Spain’s Indignados, whose aims were also being supported through worldwide protests on Saturday. At the height of the Indignado campaign, the plaza was a campsite for demonstrators calling for the government to deal with unemployment and stop welfare cuts.

Of course the US is taking credit for starting this but as we know it was the Arab spring countries. It is however right that the US pick up the gauntlet and lead the way.

we the average citizens of every country regardless of ethnicity are fighting for the same thing. We are all fighting because we are being lied to , controlled, we have no jobs, no food, we have no future. In Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain they are being stepped on and killed.

They are protesting in Europe for the same reasons. The entire world is feeling the pinch even China who has been taking measures against its citizens for months. China as you can surmise is starting to hurt because its biggest customers the EU and the US are in trouble. I warned years ago for countries to stop wishing for the US demise because today we are all intertwined, the leader goes down we all go down.

What is happening in Europe and the Arab spring countries will happen here. The weak always feel the hurt first and we have been pretty weak over the last ten years because of our grotesque governing in the first place. Average citizens of the world have hit the breaking point. The Wall street protests have spread to Boston and around the country with promises to get results.

We are all peeved. As our plight worsens at the hands of our grossly inadequate bickering mis-government even in the US the breaking point in many instances has been hit. The worlds Governments and the worlds citizens will pay the price. Anarchy is our future.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

This is Big Money v Democracy, Dictatorship v Freedom, and yes, class warfare with Aristocrats v the People.

The elites have all the power of wealth, police and the military.

When enough of the police and military wake up, things may happen.

an average patriot said...

Jeezuz Dave those with the money and power don't care about this, you just have to wonder how desperate people will get and how far they will go.