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Pakistanis Tied to 2007 Border Ambush on a group of American military officers and finally admittedly back to 2001 as we knew

Reinforcing her reputation for issuing sharp rebukes, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar struck a defiant note in a war of words against the United States when she described the dangerous Haqqani network terror group as the “blue-eyed boy” of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.
Her comments, made to a news channel here in New York City on the margins of the recent United Nations General Assembly, came in the wake of an unprecedented exchange between the two countries following allegations that the Haqqani network was “a veritable arm of” the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence.

Pakistanis Tied to 2007 Border Ambush on: A group of American military officers and Afghan officials had just finished a five-hour meeting with their Pakistani hosts in a village schoolhouse settling a border dispute when they were ambushed — by the Pakistanis.

An American major was killed and three American officers were wounded, along with their Afghan interpreter, in what fresh accounts from the Afghan and American officers who were there reveal was a complex, calculated assault by a nominal ally. The Pakistanis opened fire on the Americans, who returned fire before escaping in a blood-soaked Black Hawk helicopter. The attack, in Teri Mangal on May 14, 2007, was kept quiet by Washington, which for much of a decade has seemed to play down or ignore signals that Pakistan would pursue its own interests, or even sometimes behave as an enemy.

We have known of this complicity with the ISI and sadly the CIA from day one. Finally it is coming out in the open but who knows how this will pan out? The US deserved or not always comes out on the short end of the stick.

I am fed up with the charade of Tora Bora and everything Pakistan and 9/11! I first wrote this seven years ago! Remember September 23, 2006
9/11 Press For Truth: Very Best accurate movie exposing 9/11 cover up!

As you know having read my past posts, I believe that 9/11 was allowed to happen and for a reason. I had never seen the facts that would back it up until I saw 9/11 pres for truth. This 911 movie, press for truth has got to be the very best movie exposing the 9/11 cover up. Bush, Rice, Cheney, everyone of them said over and over that there was no forewarning that terrorists were going to strike and that planes could be used as missiles to bring down buildings. Bull!

The movie documents factually that we heard in 1995 that planes may be used but never concerned ourselves about it. We received multiple warnings prior to 9/11 that terrorists were around, planes would be used, and the towers were coming down.

That really amazed me primarily because I have never seen the whole story together or backed up, I recommend everyone to see this and spread it around. Surprising to me was that prior to 9/11 one of the hijackers backed out and turned himself in, telling authorities what was going to happen. He was given 2 lie detector tests that he passed with ease. I don't recall who in the Administration said it. But they were told to let him go and send him back to London.

Once it did occur we attacked Afghanistan of course. As you remember, Bin laden and many of the leadership were trapped in Tora Bora right where the Haqqani's still are today. In the past I have said Bin Laden was allowed to escape so bush could use him to keep fervor up and Afghani's were credited with being responsible for his escape. Then I watched this Movie and find out that it was us. We knew there were four ways out and only guarded three. We gave them a way out.Remember! We designed and funded building Tora Bora for the Mujaheddin fighting Russia.

Not only that but I vaguely remember hearing about a 1,000 car caravan but it was never mentioned that we were bombing the area around it but allowed the 1,000 car caravan carrying the Bin Laden entourage to escape into Pakistan and at night, come on. Pakistan's ISI was watching you can bet.

Now this part really irks me and I for one never heard anything about it and still don't. As far as I am concerned Pakistan is no friend of America's and will partner with India and turn on us when the time comes. We also heard over and over how Bush would track down any Al Qaeda finances and try anyone involved. He made a big deal out of the fact that someone outed the fact that we were checking out electronic transfers etc. Something he himself announced.

*Now I watch this movie and find out that the head of the Pakistani ISI transferred $100,000 to Muhammad Atta just prior to the 9/11 attacks. This gets worse. Primarily because not only do we have records of this financing as well as pictures but we ignored it and supposedly are in cahoots with them. What happened to anyone caught aiding, abetting, or financing terrorism being hunted down?

To make it worse, the joke of a sideshow they called the 9/11 commission hearings was an obvious farce. Then I have to see this movie! We knew Rice and others were lying and Bush and Cheney were allowed to hold hands and lie together (take that any way you want). I think I vaguely remember hearing this but like everything else it was dismissed as insignificant. Anyway, the guy who ran Bush's election campaign if I remember correctly, is the one running the commission hearings.

He was the one who decided what was significant and what wasn't as well as what questions could be asked. What the hell is that? This entire thing was stacked against the truth and the facts getting out. I don't know if it is too late to do anything about it but it is our duty as Americans to hold these liars accountable. We owe it to the victims. We owe it to our children. We owe it to our history and we owe it to ourselves.

Please take the time and watch this. 911 - Press for Truth (full movie)

Sadly the ISI has been complicit with the Haqqana's, Mullah Omar and other anti Afghanistan and anti American extremists from the beginning. The CIA was complicit with the ISI. The killing of 7 CIA agents by a suicide bomber changed this for the CIA. However you are not going to get the ISI to "switch sides" They have had a relationship with the Haqqani's since they were helping them fight the Russians.

Anyway you look at it we are viewed as temporary and the violent convoluted backstabbing tribal relationships will always be a way of life in the border area especially. We can only be very concerned how this is going to turn out between NATO, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. It won't be translucent or good!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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