Saturday, October 15, 2011

There is only one way to end a decade of fighting in Afghanistan. Return the hard-line Islamists to power.

Afghans protest in run-up to war anniversary : Hundreds of Afghans have marched through Kabul on the eve of the 10-year anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, condemning the US as occupiers and demanding the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops with placards and banners accusing the US of "massacring" civilians while denouncing President Hamid Karzai as a puppet subservient to Washington.

"Occupation - atrocities - brutality," read one sign held aloft by two women. "No to occupation" said another placard, as a US flag was set on fire. Another banner featured a caricature of Karzai as a glove puppet holding a pen and signing a document entitled "promises to the USA".

Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil, a former right hand man to the reclusive, one-eyed leader of the Taliban, believes there is only one way to end a decade of fighting in Afghanistan. Return the hard-line Islamists to power. Foreign troops are starting to head home anyway, he argues, and the Taliban are tough enough to keep on fighting for years. "The only way to finish the fight against the Taliban is to bring them to power and get foreigners out,"

You know I have said from day one that if we are to not defeat but bring the Taliban to their knees to convince them to come to the table to talk peace we must eliminate the Haqqani's. We are closing in on them with recent captures and deaths of high ranking Haqqani clan members. If we have forces in place to eliminate all top Taliban interests as we have said now is the time to let that be known so we can discuss the Taliban coming back to power and our leaving.

As we have said numerous times the Taliban and the Haqqani's are indigenous to the area and we are not going to get rid of them. I do not understand why we are trying to unless staying there for decades is our real goal as has been reported. Secret US and Afghanistan Talks Could See Troops Stay for Decades

Russia, China and India of course are very concerned about a 'strategic partnership' in which Americans would remain after 2014. That is putting it mildly for me. It would be catastrophic.

If removing Al Qaeda was really our goal we have done that. It is time for us to go home and watch the country with our drones if we are concerned about negative future developments that could affect the US or western interests. Our troops have served magnificently. They have done what was asked of them. It is time to get them home where they are increasingly needed. They can deploy from their home base the US if needed.

The world is changing and on the fast track. We better respond to it and quickly or we are in serious trouble. That is another conversation but in this "small" instance we must get out and leave Afghanistan to its own demise. I suspect the corrupt Karzai will go down immediately but I do believe the Taliban has the strength and the connections in Pakistan and throughout Asia to take care of themselves and Afghanistan as long as we get the hell out.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Well Jim, that's pretty much in alignment with my desire's for this Afghan crap ... and Good Morning! No, I shit you not, I am fed up with this stuff, but at the same time find humour out of the bullshit we get fed, as far as how some "suck it up". I heard folk's that (bless their heart's though) actually believe were there to save women and homosexual's from oppression, I shit you not! At least you know who is who in this mess and have solution's/ idea's! On the other hand I wonder at time's since were broke and the Chinese are the largest holder's of our debt, and since this is going to support mining from China and their affiliate's ... isnt this mainly about China's/ corporate allies business in there? Of course China, Russia and other's would be concerned with our stay there, including the high dollar rent- a- mercenaries we have to foot the bill for too ... if you have someone country dumb and willing enough to do the yard work and security for you, what's to motivate you to think otherwise? A local Guy once told me the Chinese arent in there in combat, cause there combat forces arent up to parr like our's, my response was ... I dont care, that's not our problemo. I also wonder if the money it cost's us since were so called "broke" is mainly borrowed money from China and other's? I did a posting not long back, pretty sure it was part of my "Jumping for Joy in AMERICA" series though ... about the so called "Afghan Drawdown" that was announced by our President not long back ... I was thinking and chuckling over it, thinking ... " yeah, drawdown my ass" ... and thinking "How?", however the President and other's claimed we will be all out in another year or two ... which I believe about as much as when they told us we'll be out of Iraq after Saddam is captured, etc, etc ... and being these trying financial time's to me is the most nauseating part. Nothing against the Afghan folk's for me ... it's not my gig or business what they do though ... show me where me and my familia and other American's benefit from this beside's defense contract job's, Frankly ... I dont see any myself.

Took 3 grandson's to the Texas State Fair last night, this thing is huge and get's 3 million or more folk's annually, they got a huge ferris wheel (similar to the one in London) that is absolutely awesome to go up on at night, the light's of Central Dallas and Fair Park/ Cotton Bowl area is quite a view. But it's not too cool if your a calorie counter or such ... food and beer galore! Fixin to have to run off out of town in a bit and take care of some thing's right quick, a typical saturday duty ... Later Jim ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Oe more thing here ... as awful mas this may sound to some, I totally agree with letting the hardline Islamist's regaining power, folk's will accept and choose and/ or fight off themselves what they want or dont want, that's just the nature of thing's Jim. I dont expect them to all want to be like us either.

an average patriot said...

RC like you I do not care what they say China is a boarder country and benefiting so they should be there period. Man if we don't get the hell out of there while the going is good we are going to join the graveyard of Nations.

an average patriot said...

I am sure you had a ball at the fair! Anyway you know the Taliban are indigenous they belong in Afghanistan not us.

Can you believe now we sent troops to a few countries in Africa "only as advisers" That is how we started in Nam, WTF is wrong with us? What the hell is next? WTF?

Demeur said...

Well got to fight them terrrorist. Because the next thing you know they'll be under your bed. ;-)

an average patriot said...

From what I can see though I am a proud American and 3 of my sons are career military, depending on what country you are from we seem to have terrorist on all sides of the issue.