Sunday, October 02, 2011

China is embroiled in territorial disputes with Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and now India: Don't worry? Hmphh!

India, China in Standoff Over Oil: India is being pulled into a complex and increasingly tense territorial dispute in the South China Sea, with China repeatedly warning ONGC, the Indian state oil company, that its joint exploration plans with Vietnam amount to a violation of Chinese sovereignty.
The Indian government responded to the latest Chinese warnings Thursday by repeating its pledge to continue exploring for energy in the South China Sea, where China is embroiled in territorial disputes with Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei.

Philippine President Again Warns China on Maritime Claims: Mr. Aquino said his government is ready to acquire more weapons and to press its claims to territory in the Spratly Islands chain to a United Nations' tribunal. His remarks were seen as aimed at China, though he did not mention that country in his address. Beijing claims sovereignty over the Spratly's and their surrounding waters. But the Philippines and Vietnam, as well as several other countries, hold competing claims in the potentially mineral-rich region and several recent confrontations involving Chinese patrol boats have sparked international concerns. Aquino means he is prepared to instigate action that will antagonize China to act thereby making the US defend the Philippine's once again.

Philippines' Aquino says 140 firms eying energy, gas projects: The Southeast Asian country expects to award early next year contracts for oil and gas exploration requiring total investment of at least $7.5 billion as it aims to lessen its dependence on imported fuel. Oh that will help? Want to bet they end up working for China?

ASEAN Chief says the world is watching the West Philippine sea: Asia must find ways to resolve its territorial disputes if it wants to play a more central role in world affairs, Association of Southeast Asian Nations chief Surin Pitsuwanz said Wednesday. Flash points such as the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) need to be settled to give the international community confidence that Asia can “manage its own affairs” and continue to attract trade and investment, he said.

US senators warn Beijing on S China Sea: “We are concerned that a series of naval incidents in recent months has raised tensions in the region,” said John Kerry, the Democratic chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, and John McCainz, the former Republican presidential candidate. “If appropriate steps are not taken to calm the situation, future incidents could escalate, jeopardizing the vital national interests of the United States.”

ASEAN Ministers Urged to Pursue Early Agreement on China Sea: Southeast Asian foreign ministers were urged to speed up talks with China on a binding code of conduct for the South China Sea at the start of their annual gathering in Bali. It was noted it has been nine years since ASEAN and China agreed in principle to negotiate a binding agreement to settle disputes caused by overlapping territorial claims in the oil- and gas-rich waterway and things "do not necessarily have to be this slow." Tensions over the sea have spiked in recent months as nations step up oil exploration, especially near the Spratly islands which are claimed in whole or part by six governments.

The Chinese vice foreign minister warned the United States to stay out of the increasingly tense territorial disputes and maritime conflicts in the South China Sea, which has some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and is believed to be rich in oil and natural gas reserves: All or parts of the sea are claimed by China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei.

In response Vietnam to hold joint naval drill with US Still no date given but I disagree with the notion that it will promote relations. Most definitely not with China!

Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan have all voiced concerns or made formal complaints over Chinese nautical movements.

We must maintain as much of the old world balance and order as we can to maintain a balance as we try to move progressively and successfully through the 21st century! I know of China and Japan's past, I know of the still ongoing Island disputes, the disagreement over natural gas and oil in another area of the East China Sea, I also remember that with China's economic clout rising she took the number 3 seat on the world bank and we talk constantly that China is taking the leading role in Asia and Asia relations.

Being in a superior position puts one in a unique position of power and that power must be handled gracefully, with humility, responsibly, and not abused. That is something I taught all my sons and America under Bush did a lousy job of handling.

I am a little worried that China too is getting a little too heavy handed and abusive with her new position of power and beginning to take what she wants instead of being content with what she has which is what I constantly lecture has to be the case if we are to have a future. The time when man and the planet could handle war and colonialism is over, period or else!

We are Taiwan's, the Philippines, and Japan's protectors and now Vietnam's. Vietnam is no real threat to China so what is up here? As China flex's their military muscles in the area we are not supposed to worry. Just what are we supposed to think they are going to do with their advanced weaponry, missiles, stealth aircraft, aircraft carriers and the like.

Their threats are going to become more ominous until they cannot be ignored and it is too late. We have been here before. The world was not supposed to worry as Hitler built his arsenal and we know how that turned out. If peace is truly the goal then try something unique and share the wealth. We need peace to succeed as a world into the 21st century not more and never ending war.

It is time for lets make a deal. I do not understand why whatever is there for resources is not shares by all Asian countries. All that is needed is to work out the apportionment. It is a very provocative move for the Philippines to be ratcheting this up and saying they are ready to award contracts to those interests in the energy field. From day one with China's military antagonizing It gets much worse some have been telling me not to worry. I wonder what they think now?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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