Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why the "bungled" assassination plot by Iran is another lie in the lie we have lived since 9/11

5 reasons to be skeptical of allegations : Did an elite branch of Iran's military handpick a divorced, 56-year-old Iranian-American used-car salesman from Texas to hire a hit man from a Mexican drug cartel to assassinate the ambassador to Saudi Arabia by blowing up a bomb in a crowded restaurant in Washington? U.S. officials say they are certain the bizarre plot against Ambassador Adel Jubeir was real. But some analysts say they are not. They find it unlikely that the Iranian government, or legitimate factions within, would be involved in such a tangled plot.They cite five reasons why: We call this an act of war? Anyway:

I can cite more than that and I am right! Remember the so called anthrax attacks our Government perpetrated and at first tried to blame on terrorists before they had to settle for blaming it on a loyal scholarly scientist who conveniently "killed himself" before outside sources could question him? The anthrax attack lies Remember Congress would not pass the Patriot Act giving Bush the power to do what he wanted after 9/11? Right after that the so called Anthrax attacks scared them into giving Bush what he wanted!

Remember that farce they called truth commission hearings where Bush and Cheney were allowed to hold hands and pick the questions so they were not caught lying about 9/11, the anthrax attacks and our lead up to war. The lies involving 9/11

Remember the lead up to the lie of an illegal war on Iraq? I called it the 10 point plan as every single time the Government came up with an excuse to attack Iraq it was thwarted and the Bush regime changed their excuse 10 times until they found one the Congress fell for though we the people knew it was all a lie. Bush's 10 point plan used to attack Iraq

The Government has been doing the same thing as they strive to go to war with Iran to once again influence the direction of their Government, stop their nuclear program, and help Israel form a buffer zone. All this was only a small party of our original reason to attack Iraq so we could get our military back into the middle east.

Remember A clean Break and we Are purposely fighting the wrong wars

Read "we do not have clean hands in Afghanistan" and too much will make sense. Search here or look at our own Government's documented facts. The plan went back to 1996 and they only needed an idiot to push it through. Along came Bush and the stolen election. Cheney picked himself for vice President and the new middleast war drive began

Helping Israel form a buffer zone and going after Iran were only 2 of the goals and real reason for attacking Iraq. So now we have the war in Afghanistan being our longest in our history and the hell Bush created in Iraq spreading throughout the Middle East which any idiot knew would be the case from the get go. Now we are over extended with the army and the marines and we are told if war breaks out with North Korea we will use the navy and they are not over extended.

I beg to differ! Isn't that them defending the gulf? What about the tsunami? Haiti? They are needed in this Gulf disaster I would say. Anyway we should have focused immediately on North Korea and Iran now they are both threatening to erupt in what I long ago coined correctly so as Bush's forever war. It has taken on a life of its own and we will have no choice but to react.

I know we have armed our so called allies in the Middle East to fight Iran on the ground supposedly while our so called unextended navy can go after them from the Gulf. Remember the hundred years war? Enough said! Don't forget the worlds growing water wars and food wars. Look what we have let the oil companies in this corporatocracy do to our environment in the Gulf of Mexico compliments of Bush and Cheney, look at the worlds financial collapse compliments of Bush and Cheney, look at our on going wars compliments of Bush and Cheney I will stop but what a frigging mess we have coming.,

In closing: We are living a total lie today and sadly this only a small part of it. This so called joke called an assassination attempt by Iran's IRG using Mexican drug cartel's on US soil does not fit Iran's M.O. This charade however does fit ours as we look once again for a way to create a war while making ourselves appear to be the innocent victim. We have long been prepared to attack Iran from the gulf and only lacked the excuse. We may have it now! 4 1/2 years ago we had 5 aircraft carriers in the Gulf and I said war with Iran is coming There are no surprises here only that most do not see the totally controlled lie thy are living today!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


LadyJtalks said...

And how do you change it all? I've heard and read things you are saying here before and will probably see this for years to come. If no one believes it or don't know how to make any difference, How does it change?

Dave Dubya said...

We are the next Republican president away from war with Iran...and depression at home.