Tuesday, April 03, 2007

5 Carrier Groups at the Persian Gulf, watch out Iran!

5 Carrier Groups at the Gulf, 2 Brigades returning to Iraq early, Iran better walk a little softer for everyone's sake! Bush is almost set to strike!
Like you I have been following with nervous interest events in the Gulf. I started putting a lot together last night after finding out the Nimitz was on its way to the Gulf supposedly to relieve the Eisenhower but?
Think about this and tell me what you think. With all that is happening this is too tempting for Bush to let this opportunity go! After reading the following article a lot now makes sense but Iran better tread softer. Put this all together and you will agree. First Iran's capture of the 15 Brit's is being called cunning and a smokescreen. So far it has worked but they better pay attention to what is unfolding around them.
Britain and the U.S. also have a smokescreen going at the same time. I heard last night that the Iranian taken captive in Iraq was released. I now understand there are negotiations under way to have the 5 Revolutionary guards that were captured in Iraq, freed.
Reading the article at the link really makes me realize how tenuous the situation is for both sides and how much is at stake.
I was going to give my view of all the events unfolding and what they mean. The situation is far more critical and jigsawed than I could do justice to by reciting it so I am going to let you read it yourself. http://www.cbsnews.com/...
Knowing the Nimitz is on its way to the Gulf and The United States already has two aircraft carriers in the neighborhood — the Nimitz — to which the French recently added one of their own. The USS Nimitz battle group sets sail for the Gulf from San Diego next week; and the USS Ronald Reagan is in the South China Sea and can be added to the strike force at a moments notice.
The opening move of the endgame will be signaled when the Pentagon announces the forward deployment of about 20 strategic bombers — B-1s, B-2s, and B-52s — to Diego Garcia just a few hundred miles south of the Persian Gulf. My bet is that this will happen when Iran expels the IAEA inspectors if that happens.
With four aircraft-carrier battle groups, several hundred carrier-based strike fighters, and 20 strategic bombers just minutes or hours from Iran, the United States will have assembled everything it needs to cripple the regime and wipe out the most important elements of its nuclear program.
Iran needs to know that this is the only alternative to complying with the Security Council resolutions. Otherwise, in a few years, Iran could be holding all of us hostage. This is a very high stakes game being played out here and there is yet another little element that was just announced.
The Army announced Monday that it will send the headquarters brigade of the 4th Infantry Division back to Iraq in August, nine months after the Fort Hood, Texas, brigade returned from its last yearlong deployment.
The 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 10th Mountain Division, from Fort Drum, NY, which completed its last Iraq deployment in August, will return to Iraq in June after just 10 1/2 months at home, Army officials said. These brigades will be part of the 7,000 troops going to Iraq in coming months to bolster the U.S. presence to 20 brigades, the Pentagon reported. A brigade consists of about 3,000 troops.
The Army tries to allow troops to remain home for at least 12 months between deployments "to properly organize, retrain and re-equip forces, as well as allow soldiers and their families well-deserved rest," the Department of the Army said Monday. Only one other large unit, the 3rd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division, from Fort Benning, Ga., which deployed to Iraq this year after only 10 1/2 months at home, has spent less than one year between deployments since the war began. http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/04/03/MNGFEP0B7T1.DTL
I know shortening these troops time off and deploying them early will be called necessary and of course part of the surge. Most people here realize now what the surge in Iraq is for. With all that is happening right now in the Persian Gulf and the obvious surge of Naval forces around Iran this high stakes game of chicken appears to be coming to a head and quick.
Can anyone tell me how long it takes a carrier to get to the Persian Gulf? As you may agee these smokescreens will soon show what they have been hiding and no one will like it. Please tell me what you think!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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