Friday, April 13, 2007

Driving down the East Coast to see a Son before he deploys, My thoughts Ruled by Climate Change!

I am really looking forward to seeing one of my sons in Charleston before he deploys. Then we will drive to Florida where another son is relocating to work at Cape Canaveral. I am also hoping to touch base with their brother that is due from Afghanistan on the 18th. I am feeling a bit apprehensive not being able to stay in touch with the news and you. I will try to write a story occasionally over the next 11 days.
However it is mind boggling to me that with all I have to think about, my thoughts are overwhelmingly of the ever rapidly changing climate. Having been an environmentalist all my life and knowing that the climate and the rapidity to which we must move is even more so than al Gore or concerned scientists realize.
It is normal here in New England or in the mid west to have winter weather in April but watching this occur it seems daily and to have it sustained is not normal. We have just had opening season games canceled and relocated to States where the games could be held.
Hurricanes and Tornadoes aside we seem to be experiencing record crop losses from California to Florida. Here in Western Massachusetts we just had another snowfall, again not unusual but the rapidity is not normal. Monday is the Boston Marathon and amazingly they are talking maybe having to cancel it due to an upcoming 4 day Noreaster. This is all not normal.
It does point me to this! I am sick of biased Right wingers who say look at this abnormally cold weather and you want to cry about Global warming and Climate change? They point to this month as possibly the coldest on record. Then you have those of us that know Al Gore is right and point at last year as being the warmest on record as proof that it is changing.
I know I say this frequently in many instances but I am sick of this back and forth childish banter from the Right just to get away with facing reality. As we hear of a worsening return of the Dust Bowl, warming climates across the board, and that states like Arizona and Nevada will experience severe water shortages as well as normally warm States like them and Florida getting unbearably warmer, I say stop the games and look at the big picture.
The climate like the stock market is not going to change in one direction or the other consistently over night. It is going to be a gradual increase and decrease until the direction becomes obvious. At that point it is too late. The stock market is in the end going to go down and the and the climate will in the end get warmer in our life time.
As I leave tonight ahead of the expected mid April Noreaster I am starting to feel like Sarah Connor on terminator. Remember as she was heading into the desert near the end of the movie she was looking at the ominous sky and wondering what she was going to see and what the future would bring?
I am starting to have those emotions. As I prepare to head down the East Coast to see my sons I am wondering what these States are going to be like in the future? Am I doing my son a favor by leaving him in Florida?
Anyway I will be flying home from Charleston to Boston on the 24th and I am looking forward to once again interact with you all. I have to laugh some of you might look forward to this break but not me. My opinion may not always be popular but is heart felt, unbiased, and honest as I see it. Until the 25th Regards!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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