Thursday, April 12, 2007

145,000 soldiers Extended in Iraq! As the world expects Bush to attack soon, what's this mean for Iran?

"These soldiers have paid the price for this policy for four years. Now they are being given an additional burden to bear, and it will be a cause of concern for the soldiers and even more so for the families," said retired Gen. William Nash.
The stress on the Army has been compounded by the surge of additional forces President Bush announced in January, a surge Iraq commander David Petraeus wants to extend. Senior officials tell ABC News there is now consensus at the Pentagon and the White House that Petraeus is right. The surge needs to be extended, until at least the end of the year.
Defense officials say extending the surge is simply impossible to do without extending the tours of those troops already there, or dramatically cutting the time soldiers spend back home. The Army is proposing an across-the-board extension in part because it is considered to be fairer than imposing piecemeal extensions on individual units. It will also erase uncertainty: Soldiers will know ahead of time how long they'll be in Iraq.

First I have to ask what happened to we will know if it will succeed or not in 6 months? Also I have not heard from my son yet. Can someone tell me how this extension will affect Air Force EOD assigned to the Army and has already been extended in his tour to Afghanistan once?
Anyway 2 months after the crackdown in Baghdad we seem to have accomplished nothing at all beyond spreading the violence throughout the countryside. There are more civilians being killed and American troops. There were 10 killed when a car bomb blew up on a bridge.
To me this issue is that after all this time in Iraq we cannot even secure the Green Zone and that area has multiple blockades and 6 checkpoints to clear. I heard an MP say Baghdad was more secure because armed men were no longer riding around brandishing weapons. I don't consider this success. All you have to do to kill is become a bodyguard as in this case. As we have said since the beginning, this is not going to work regardless and all hell will eventually break out around the world once we are out of Iraq.
Regardless of what we are being told about extending 145,000 to 160,000 troops in Iraq being to maintain troop strength knowing that events with Iran are continuing to build and Bush will soon find his excuse to stress the military even further and attack Iran as he wants to.
With all the forces in the Gulf the only way I can wildly imagine this as being success for Bush is if those troops and their equipment have been extended for 3 months to have them around when he does come up with the excuse to attack Iran. You really have to wonder? Because this just smacks of another lie and facade. What do you think?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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