Wednesday, April 25, 2007

While on vacation I realized we cannot take a break from this Misadministration!

Oh when will we ever Learn? Oh when will we ever Learn? Cho, defending Gonzales, Bush's Iraq plan, too much has transpired. There is no time for a vacation today! where is the truth? where have all the Flowers gone?
I am afraid I am ranting but this crap just gets worse. I am back from vacation! While on vacation I did find the time to write about Virginia Tech. As usual it was necessary because the obvious and the real issues were never mentioned and as of yet I have not heard them.
First I have to tell you, I was away from the news and accidently turned on Limbaugh who was blaming rich Republican hating Democrats for Cho’s actions. I wrote about the following but have heard it nowhere else.
Cho being a minority fit none of the norms for your typical mass murderer. He was a nut case and it was known. Knowing the Patriot Act gives the right to go after anyone thought of as a threat and Cho was, you have to wonder why was nothing done?. His instructor even threatened to quit if he was not removed plus the cops and the entire campus knew about him.
However, that alone is not the issue! You have to wonder who gave Cho the training to handle the weapons the way he did? I know the CIA recruits heavily at that school and those weapons were recently purchased and the serial numbers filed. Who was being covered if the purchases were above board with knowing he was going to kill himself.
Still bigger questions! I found it hard to believe that more than 2 hours transpired between the first 2 killings and the majority of them on the other side of the campus. Then it gets worse when you find out the CIA was right on hand and State, local, and campus police were ordered to stand down.
Meanwhile a killing of 2 turned into an opportunity to get televised, turned into a killing of 32, and Bush had another platform to highlight dangers to Americans which he did and you can bet it will be used to step on individual rights even more and it will be used to give him even more control over us.
I could care less what those on the left or the right say about this or anything else as you know. I only care about the truth and the facts. Again as usual we are not hearing them but are only hearing the asinine rhetoric spewed by special interests.
If helping America and doing the right thing for average Americans was the real issue and goal this childish nonsense we hear constantly would not be happening but it is and on both sides.
It is funny but "lie frequently and lie loud" was a Rove’s taught trait in his 3D Politics(decietful, deceptive, divisive, politics) that I always said the Democrats have to learn in order to compete with todays Republicans. I am hearing from some Republican friends that they say Dems are guilty of this. Well all I can say is they have learned well but I am afraid not well enough. They are still being downplayed by the masters of this childish game and to the demise of all of us.
I have a lot of catching up to do but listening to the Chief Child put down the Dems Iraq policy and saying it will lead to future danger to Americans and a loss in Iraq, both of which that idiot guaranteed from day one and it will not be avoided, then hearing Gonzales say 76 times that he could not remember and Bush saying he was more confident that ever in him, you have to wonder.
Even the most jaded must realize Bush is not on the level and the whole misadministration is up to no good. I mean come on! Evaluate everything with an unbiased mind only seeking the truth and you will see from beginning to end we are all living a lie! Oh when will we ever learn? And do something about it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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