Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The real reason Bush is in the middle East and why sides will take shape the way they will!

I have written about this many times but lets talk about Iran again first! It is even more critical than you outlined. First the world believes that long range Bombers and refueling tankers being stationed at Diego Garcia will be the signal of animpending attack on Iran.
Myself, I don't know, I think we have already seen those signs! Bush already has additional air support set up in Central Asia. Also there is more air and naval power than you realize, ready for this. I have posted on all of this numerous times.
Remember, the French have the Carrier Charles DeGaulle right at the mouth of the gulf and the U.S. has another carrier in the South China Sea that can instantly be sent into action in one capacity or the other. Here is the most recent story on what Russia says about Bush's impending attack on Iran.
Many of you agree with this but here are researched facts and the links follow. Please take the time to look at them when you have the chance. Tell me what you think about this. the war in the ME is about controlling the oil supply so they can fabricate a false Peak Oil scenario.
When the price of oil skyrockets and there is no other viable Cost-effective alternative for mass energy production, nuclear energy will be sold to the public as "the green solution." That is a hell of a Green solution in the long run! However The people will be in such a dire economic situation they will not offer much resistance.
Then the NWO people (who are basically Americans or western Europeans) will be in full control of the only source of energy through their "Global Nuclear Energy Partnership" that requires participatingNations to receive and send their fuel to the US, Uk, France etc. Because of 911, and through their control of the International Atomic agency, they "must" prevent "rogue" nations from enriching their ownUranium. And who is a "rogue" nation? Any nation that refuses to give up control of their nuclear energy program by sending and receiving their fuel which would make them completely dependent on one of the G5countries (mainly the US, Uk and France) for their energy needs.
Oil can be found deep within the earth's mantle as a renewable resource but only the US, Uk, France and Russia have the technology to extract it. Russia was going along with their plan to cut off the oil supply and shift towards nuclear until the US decided to place it's missile shield in Poland. At that point they realized the western countries were planning to cut them out of the deal. This is why the US didn't accept when Russia offered to take in Iran's spent fuel as a way of preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons from the Highly enriched uranium.
This explains the alliance between Russia, China and the ME Nations and they much to what the mindless Bush thinks, will unite against us. Remember too that France is outside the Gulf and you can be sure they will act and now you know why! Attacking Iran will only be the beginning of an out of control worsening situation around the world.
These Links are in order as to what is really happening in the middle east, why, and the reason the sides will develop as they will! I decided to put together several links for you to read. If you can, put them all up in separate tabs and read straight through all of them. At the end, you should be able to see the REAL reason behind thewar in the Middle East and why global warming is being blamed on carbon emissions.










James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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