Monday, April 30, 2007

A Recent U.S. Report gives Blame to Iraqi's for Bush's Guaranteed Failures!

While we continuously listen to the lies and propaganda that Bush has had many successes in Iraq and now that his surge is succeeding We already know but are now hearing that many of Bush's declared successes are in fact failures. Low and behold it all boils down to Security fears. What a surprise! What happened to his successful surge?

Isn't that Bush's fault? If he had stayed in Afghanistan as he should have instead of diverting from the war on terror to attack Iraq so he could start implementing his new middle east order, Iraq may still have a Dictator but they would have security, electricity, water, fuel, and a lot more than they have now or will have in the future.

Bush cannot and will not bring stability back to Iraq. Despite the political rhetoric it will get a lot worse and then spread throughout the entire middle east. We will never be able to bring services anywhere close to the level they were at when Saddam was in power. It is laughable to think that anyone thought they would be better post Saddam.

The Congressional investigation into reconstruction in Iraq found that six out of eight projects the Bush administration claimed to be a success were falling apart, throwing doubts over the long-term viability of much of the $30 billion program. I have to tell you, the entire program, the surge, Democracy, everything, was guaranteed lost from the get go. What ever is built will be destroyed.

The report which was published today looked at hospital projects that at last count their was one capable of operating at all and that great success McCain was bragging about, the increasingly secure Baghdad Airport. It does not matter how much money or effort we put into Iraq. Iraqi's as a whole do not want Bush's new Iraqi order they want their own version.

Each sect is only concerned with looking out for their own interest and future and as we are told to ignore everyday because it is not "the reality on the ground" reality is much worse! The inspectors found serious plumbing and electrical failures due to looting, equipment lying idle to me primarily because people are scared to death to venture out into the reality Bush has created for them.

 U.S.Report blames Iraqi's for Reconstruction failure

From the Political system to the oil Industry, Hospitals, electricity, plumbing, security, everything, It will not be turned around and will only get a lot worse before it spreads throughout the entire middle east. Bush however will continue to waste American dollars and lives until he finds the excuse to further his new order chaos throughout the middle east.

You really have to ask yourself why? I know many of you feel it is all about the oil and I tend to agree with you but what about the resultant turmoil the natives are in and like it or not we will have to deal with? When are we going to stop playing the fools with Bush?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma
http://anaverageamericanpatriot.blogspot.comOf course U.S. Wasted Billions of Dollars on Iraqi Reconstruction

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